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Is mobile responsive website good for SEO?

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We all are aware about the benefits of creating mobile-friendly websites and the impact that it can create for your business. However, this has become a hotly debatable question with some of the reasonable minds making reasonable arguments for their side of interest.

Today, in this post, we will understand the mindset of Google for mobile responsive websites and how can it impact your ranking.

Most of you might have heard that Google itself recommends utilizing mobile responsive design for your website. One of the off-site SEO benefit of a mobile responsive website is that it creates an ability to present only a single URL for a page rather than create a separate mobile URL. This helps Google to handle the overall SEO of your website and pages instead of splitting it up.

However, at the same time Google also states, “If responsive design is not the best option to serve your users, Google supports having your content being served using different HTML.”

Therefore, overall what we understand is that Google recommends responsive website, while quickly noting that even if you do not have a responsive design it would not impact your search ranking – if there is a better option for serving your audience.

So when should you not choose a mobile responsive website?

Now let me explain this using an example.

There are a large number of people that visit the website of Disney through their mobile devices wanting to play the games made available. However, the sad part is that the games cannot be played on small screens, which further disappoints a good number of users every month. So how is this going to impact the SEO?

The negative SEO impact of such a website is that for poor experience of the users, the number of mobile users for the website will reduce and further related keyword search on the web will impact Disney’s mobile SEO. Does that state Disney did a mistake creating a mobile friendly website for their users?

The answer for this question would be a simple ‘NO’ as this example only highlights one area of the site where the responsive design is not useful. However, at the same time going responsive created a positive impact on SEO strategy.

Moreover, if you are an e-commerce store, you would want to ensure that you have a mobile specific solution for browsing products as well as shopping carts.

Is a mobile friendly website good for SEO?

Yes, because it is good for users and gives you audience a better mobile experience than a non-responsive design.

Better Experience = Happy Users

This equation is similar for page engagement, sharing and linking, which equals better SEO.

However, the only question that you need to ask is whether in your specific case, your design is good from an SEO point of view or not.


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