Ixigo.com Used Social Media Marketing To Gain More Than 4 Lakh Visits Online

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Ixigo.com Used Social Media Marketing To Gain More Than 4 Lakh Visits Online

About Ixigo.com

Ixigo.com is a fast growing travel search engine company based in Gurgaon, India. This company was founded by Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar with a leading travel portal company, MakeMyTrip.com and SAIF Partners as the principle investors in the company. Ixigo.om is also a mobile travel application developer for Andriod.

As this is a travel search engine company, it does not do ticket booking and related activities instead this portal will redirect the user to the appropriate pages of the selected travel providers. Ixigo.com receive its major revenues from the companies that buy advertisement spaces and from the pay per click advertisements listed on the website. These two revenue models are incorporated through a tie up with prominent airlines and hotels in India.

Ixigo.com’s Business Objectives

Ixigo.com had launched this campaign with the following primary objectives on its agenda.

  • To attract Facebook followers’ attention toward the brand in a creative and pleasing manner.
  • To enhance brand awareness amongst the Facebook followers.
  • To drive more traffic to the company website.
  • To promote Ixigo.com’s flagship product, Trip Planner.

Ixigo.com Used Social Media Marketing To Gain More Than 4 Lakh Visits Online

Approach / Strategy adopted by Ixigo.com

This campaign was started on 17th July 2012 and ended on 31st July 2012.The company posted 30 screenshots of few most popular Bollywood numbers on the Facebook page.The Ixigo.com followers on Facebook were  asked to name the location shown on each Bollywood numbers and find a link to the travel guide pages on Ixigo.com site for the selected location. The entire campaign was organized in the following manner.

  • Each day, the company posted a screenshot of a popular Bollywood song along with a question.Users suppose to watch the screenshot and answer the accompanied question.
  • The questions asked were to name the location of the Bollywood screenshot and find the corresponding Trip Planner link guide to that place.
  • First three participants, who gave the correct answers, were declared as the winners of each screenshot.
  • At the end of the week, on each Friday, a Mega Winner was selected who won a surprise gift from Ixigo.com
  • Twitter platform was also used to attract more travelers towards the contest and the travel guide available on the ixigo website.
  • The campaign was active for two weeks and it drove a large number of audiences to the Ixigo Trip Planner web pages.

Results achieved by Ixigo.com

Ixigo.com had received good responses from its followers during the campaign. Some of the major achievements are highlighted below.

  • Received good engagements from followers and social media active members based in India.
  • Received a good interaction on Ixigo.com Facebook page with 100 comments and over 400 likes on each post.
  • Traffic on Ixigo.com went up to 4,12,822 during the campaign period.
  • The promotional activities on Twitter became viral and attracted more travelers toward the contest page and ixigo.com site.
  • Ixigo.com Facebook page received 11000 more fans during the campaign.

Ixigo.com Used Social Media Marketing To Gain More Than 4 Lakh Visits OnlineLearning

This campaign created a new milestone for similar kind of other contests. Ixigo.com received a considerable number of followers after this contest and that created a record. The results of this campaign shows that any social media campaign that filled with fun and enjoyment will attract more participants and followers. The basic idea is to make the whole campaign activity a very interesting to followers to make it successful and receive better  interactions from the followers and fans.



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