J. K. Ansell Ltd (JKAL) Leveraged SEO To Increase Its Traffic By 40%

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About J. K. Ansell Ltd.

J. K. Ansell Ltd. (JKAL) are the manufacturers as well as marketers for the Brand KamaSutra condoms, which is India’s 2nd largest condom brand. It is a 50:50 joint venture between Raymond and Ansell International. The company offers a variety of products ranging from dotted to flavored condoms along with a range of lubricants.

The company is remembered for its launch campaign in 1991, featuring two of India’s top models of the time – Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson.

The company sells its products online via Ksontheweb.com portal.

J. K. Ansell Ltd.’s Business Objective

KamaSutra wanted to leverage its quality content present on the Ksontheweb.com and wanted a better results with the product searches via search engines. The client wanted to appear on some of the big web pages and this was not possible through one-word keywords as they are very competitive.

The Problem

The issue with the company revolved around the lower search engine rankings and therefore lower traffic on the website.

So KamaSutra decided to hire a group of digital professional consultants by the name of eBrandz. eBrandz studied the ksontheweb.com website and narrowed the issues as:

  1. The prime issue that the company faced with respect to the above problem was the way their website was structured. Most of the quality content was placed behind the password protected pages. These pages required one of other kind of  login to be done to access this data. Due to this reason the search engines were unable to access the content on these pages and hence unable to process and rate it for user searches.
  2. One of the other issues identified for the lower search engine rank was due to the fact that the website was using the “.ift” extension for most of it’s pages. This further resulted in these pages being inaccessible to the search engines.

Because of these issues the ksontheweb.com was unable to attract the relevant prospects and were unable to generate significant traffic through the search engines.

The solution

The digital consultants( Team eBrandz) explained the issue to the company and after talks most of the quality and relevant content was brought out from the password protection and stored in the public domain. This resulted in the data being available for the search engines to crawl. This made the relevant and quality data on the website available on the search engines and improved the search ranks.

For dealing with the 2nd issue, the consultants contacted some of the major search engines and told them about the issue of page extension “.ift” not being recognized. Many of the search engines replied back and made some technical process to include this page extension to their respective search engines.

Then after, the team eBrandz and the KS company jointly then started working and improving on the page titles and the meta tags backed up by a keyword research. The company expectations were to appear on some of the top search engines and thus a good mix of long and short tail keywords was used as the competition in short keywords was very high.


In the end there were a lot of positive results coming to the Kamasutra’s way. The monthly visitors were rising and so were the sales.

In the words of Mr. Vinayak Sukthankar, Director, Sales and Marketing, “We started seeing improvements in traffic and rankings in about 4 months. Our traffic has not only increased by 40 % but it has boosted our sales as well. Certain single keywords which we intended to target were listed on the 1st page of major search engines.”

The web pages were optimized and made search friendly along with relevant content of good quality placed in the public domain to attract more and more prospects and finally convert them into leads.

The whole process of SEO done for the Ksontheweb.com helped them not only to grow the top line but also reach more and more prospect customers. With the pages of the website optimized, KamSutra was able to leverage its already produce content and also helped them to gain a significant advantage from its competitors.

The google search ranks for some of the keywords were increased dramatically and again helped company to be more visible to its prospects.

Post SEO google search ranks

Post SEO google search ranks

search engine optimized kamasutra

Visitors after SEO

Here we can see the clear increase in sales along with most of the traffic coming from California.


The above statement clearly shows the impact made by doing a proper search engine optimization. The major learning we can take from the above case is rather than running for more quality content company analyzed the current content and back-tracked the problem to being more of a technical issue rather than a marketing  performance issue.

We can also see that how the use of a mix of keywords, Long-tail for lower competition and short tail for the higher search volume, they managed to improve their visitor rate quite significantly.

Image Credits: J. K. Ansell Ltd., Google

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