Journey of Subway in Digital Marketing World: Case Study

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About Subway

Subway, Fred DeLuca set out to fulfill his dream of becoming a medical doctor. Searching for a way to help pay for his education, a family friend suggested he open a submarine sandwich shop.With a loan of $1,000, the friend—Dr. Peter Buck—offered to become Fred’s business partner. Then, they set a goal of having 32 stores opened in 10 years.

Subway’s Explosive Growth through Digital World


Here are few reasons subway has become ubiquitous:-

  • Easy access:- By easy access I mean that nowadays finding a subway near your place is not a difficult task. They have so many branches at different places which makes it easily accessible.
  • Healthy perception:- We as customers always want something fresh and healthy and at the same time taste is very important. Subway has a variety of healthy subs at a reasonable price and is also a broader brand perception.
  • Ability to customize:- We as customers are all about making meals to our specifications. Subway has been all about customization from the beginning, adding to its popularity.

Present marketing strategy of subway

  • The marketing strategy adopted by subway provide to fresh food on consumer’s need requirements.
  • The fast food franchise healthier menu selections, low startup cost and consumer convenience.
  • Subway has also aligned with several social events and programs.
  • Subway value creation based on theories and concept related to marketing.
  • Subway positioning strategy based on targeting the young segment of the population.
Subway Planning  to spend a big team in digital world 
Subway is assembling a digital team of 150 full time employees over the next year, with coming from consulting company. The sand which chain still use to produce the content, while the digital team focus on technology development, digital strategy and consumer behavior. Subway taking a good look that loyalty means for consumer to integrate digital experience. Subway’s digital marketing plan focus on the customer’s experience on mobile program loyalty. Digital push subway ‘s market share are slipping. U.S sandwich sales share has 49.3% . Subway released a mobile app last year that is integrated Android,Apple,PayPal. Subway has started tracking its consumers eating and spending habits and made it to possible to place orders via online, phone, t.v, even they use voice (via its virtual assistant). They also compete with technology companies and financial institutions for talent, and engineer and data analysts might not naturally think of company as a place to further their carriers. Boosting the traffic through digital marketing.
  • lunch delivery.
  • sandwich delivery.
  • sandwich platters.
Email Marketing 

The SUBWAY® website, officially launches. The motion picture, “Happy Gilmore” features numerous scenes at a SUBWAY® restaurant. International expansion booms, with SUBWAY® restaurants arriving in Colombia, Denmark, Guatemala, Kuwait, Martinique, Nicaragua, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Social Media Marketing

Subway not only benefits from a large Facebook and Twitter audience but it also gets very high engagement scores. Subway fans and followers are very active. Subway’s social currency score is 712. Subway is known for it’s footlong sandwiches, subway connect with people and share positive stories.

                                                                             Subway’s Twitter fan following

                                                                                   Subway’s Facebook magic 

                                                                                     Subway’s Instagram hype 

Mobile Marketing


Tired of freestanding insert advertisements that just got thrown in the trash, Mike Lewkowicz, president of Subway franchisee group QSR Brands, was looking for a new, innovative way to bring customers into his 12 Buffalo, New York-area restaurants. “Your mobile is like your car keys and your wallet, you never leave home without it,” says Modiv Media CEO Bob Wesley. “Just like you’d call a friend on your mobile phone, Subway wanted to create a connection with their friends, which are their customers.”With about three or four text offers each month, that’s exactly what the Buffalo-area Subways are trying to do. For their part, customers seem to like the convenience. The advertisement clearly signifies to customers about its easy availability in google playstore, apple playstore.


Subway is the #1 Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchise in the world, while delivering fresh, delivering sandwiches and an exceptional experience. Subway is the healthy restaurant. Subway is my favourite because it gives me the opportunity to design my own sandwich according to my mood. They have used  three strategies that is email marketing, social marketing and mobile marketing to its best use and that is why Subway has evolved to be the big brand.

Image credits: Subway

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