Jumeirah Restaurants Got Over 26K Visits On Website During Jumeirah Restaurant Week’.

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About the company :

Jumeirah Restaurants Located in Dubai, part of  Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts are regarded as among the most luxurious and innovative in the world and have won numerous international travel and tourism awards. The company was founded in 1997 with the aim to become a hospitality industry leader through establishing a world-class portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts. Building on this success, in 2004 Jumeirah Group became a member of Dubai Holding – a collection of leading Dubai-based businesses and projects – in line with a new phase of growth and development for the Group.

Business Objective  :

Jumeirah restaurants offer a wide variety of choice from the luxury of the Burj Al Arab, to chic venues on the beach and The Palm and stunning views of Dubai from their city hotel restaurants.

Destinations and possibilities are endless in Dubai. There are restaurants in every nook and corner of the City. We could see a lot of promotions and offers everywhere be it outdoor advertising or print advertising .Regular customers and visitors are baffled and perplexed. At this juncture , Jumeirah Restaurants wanted to spread awareness , attract clients and also wanted to retain them, they consulted a Digital ad agency “DigitalNexa” to promote Jumeirah restaurants through social media as the target audience could be super  High net worth individuals spread across globe. DigitalNexa was thoughtful in creating the campaign based on price menu for price sensitive target brand.

The aim of the campaign was

1. To build awareness over multiple channels about the event,

2. To showcase menus and culinary options  available in participating restaurants &

3.To drive booking enquiries.

F&B Industry backdrop :

The UAE’s food and beverage industry faces the risk of buckling under the rapid pace of shop openings, warns a professional services consultancy.

Another 1,600 F&B outlets could open by 2019, according to a new report from KPMG.

“The sector is thriving at the moment and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future,” said Anurag Bajpai, the company’s head of F&B.

But some sectors, including the ubiquitous gourmet burger chains, are already overheating.

“There are now four times as many brands than before but the demand has not risen by the same rate, so we are bound to see some constriction in the sector or differentiation in the outlets. The opportunity is in the gaps in the market, such as Filipino cuisine, which is generally under-served,” he added

KPMG estimates the F&B sector will grow an average of 4 per cent annually over the next four years.

Despite the significant expansion of restaurants and cafes in recent years, under-represented niche markets still exist, the survey found.

The survey, based on 432 respondents that broadly mirrored the country’s demographics, revealed that two in three people ate out at least once a week.

Word of mouth reviews spread by social media emerged as a key reason people chose to dine in particular restaurants.

The cost of the establishment was sixth on the list of factors that people consider while choosing where to eat, with the cuisine, service, variety, location and ambience all ranked above the affordability of a particular restaurant.

Rapidly rising passenger growth through Dubai has also driven investment in new restaurant openings.

Elsewhere, Dubai again ranked as one of the top destinations for international travellers, according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index. Dubai came fourth this year, behind London, Bangkok and Paris.

According to the study, Dubai is expected to receive almost 14.3 million international visitors this year, an increase of 8 per cent since last year.

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Strategy adopted for Creative Execution by Jumeirah Restaurants :

The campaign was called “Jumeirah Restaurant Week”

This campaign happens for 10 days every year during summer. Dubai has extreme climatic conditions. Mercury soars between  May and September . Hence mostly people either stay indoors and tourists wait till summers are over . This is the time all businesses suffer including food & beverage industry.

The restaurants were grouped into four price tiers to offer customers a range of experiences, with set menus available at lunch and dinner. Culinary journeys at casual restaurants start at AED for three courses, premium casual restaurants are priced at AED 120, high-end restaurants offer three courses for AED 180, and three signature restaurants feature a special set menu at AED 370.


To meet the brief , agency  designed and delivered a bespoke website (mobile enabled). All social media campaigns including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, paid search and trip advisor drove traffic to the website and guided customers through the Jumeirah Restaurant Week experience and allowed them to request a booking online.

Facebook page infographics : (www.facebook.com/jumeirahrestaurantweek/)Jumeirah week

Results for Jumeirah Restaurant week campaign :

  • Total bookings at 1,606
  • New contact and database of 2,402 to build on
  • 26,793 visits to the JRW website
  • 103,386 view on the JRW website
  • 1.8 million Impressions for JRW ads
  • Facebook impression 874,000
  • Facebook engagement at 143% (industry standard (0.9%)
  • Twitter Impressions 106,100
  • Linkedin Impressions 32,747
  • Total Video views 13,670 (last 4 days of campaign)

Learning :

1. Dubai being a busy tourist destination, there are a wide range of options available for tourists be it a restaurant or cafe or a budget hotels. Tourists are confused . To clearly segment the target ,Jumeirah Restaurants adopted a well structured price menu.

2.Digital media marketing complements traditional marketing, The ads were shown in TV/Print. There is no way to measure results thru traditional way. The robust approach thru digital marketing in social media had helped Jumeirah to measure results , build successful campaign for brand awareness and also make online queries and enabled advance reservations as they also developed mobile friendly website.

Digital marketing is important for small businesses because it helps generate more leads and sell faster at a lower cost than traditional marketing and also helps to plan future marketing and ad campaigns with the data generated by digital marketing tools and platforms. If you reside in Dubai and are planning to build a career in Digital Marketing, getting enrolled in a Digital Marketing Course in Dubai is a smart choice.

Image Courtesy : www.jumeirah.com/en/restaurants/ &  www.digitalnexa.com/Case-Study

Data Courtesy  :  www.digitalnexa.com/Case-Study &  www.thenational.ae/business/retail/uaes-food-and-beverage-industry-expansion-may-be-too-hot-to-handle

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