Just Add Ice Orchid Implemented Inbound Marketing Strategies To End Up With 75% More Sales Orders

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iceAbout Just Add Ice Orchid:

Just Add Ice Orchid is one of the largest greenhouse in the Midwest. Just Add Ice Orchids flowers are grown in an eco friendly environment and are used to decor your home or work space. Its a family owned company in Oberlin, Ohio, which established in 1968 and was ranked recently as the top 10 greenhouse with a massive 105 acres of operating space. In addition to growing over 5 million orchids every year, company also produces other products like Anthuriums, Bonsai and money tree.

Business Objectives Of Just Add Ice Orchid:

Company was formerly known as “My easy orchid” and was doing business with steady sales. Company found their name and reach is away from the customers and for that they changed their marketing strategy and switched to Inbound marketing. Below were objectives for which company implemented inbound marketing technique.

  • Increase
  • brand awareness among the customers.
  • Rename company and spread its reach.
  • Create engagement opportunities between customer and company.
  • Grow social media channels for further engagement.
  • Drive demand generation.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By Just Add Ice Orchid:

Initially Just Add Ice Orchids main clients were the grocery stores and home improvement stores, because they were the sales point where the company was selling its product. However company sales were steady but was struggling to communicate and engage customer beyond promoting. Therefor their brand was highly unknown among the customers, who did not purchased the product. To fight with all these issues company adopted the following strategies:

  • By researching the home decor industries, company developed a strategic brand identity that communicated the beauty and easy maintenance of Just Add Ice Orchid.
  • With a new name, company launched their new website, which was design to help the users navigate easily. Website features large and beautiful images of products and optimized each webpage to include calls to action to capture leads.
  • A customized store locator was added to the website, so that customers could find stores near them.
  • Their marketing team produced a combination of videos, eBooks, guides and downloads to target potential customers who visit their website and capture those visitors as leads.
  • Company implemented new uses for social media channels, which includes sharing content and spreading overall engagement by holding contest.

Results Achieved By Just Add Ice Orchid:

With the new name and marketing technique, company saw their sales and social media followers increased. Following are the results achieved by Just Add Ice Orchid.

  • Just Add Ice Orchids sales grew 75% in just one year.
  • Company’s website experienced a 100% increase in visits from 2010 to 2012
  • In 2013 company released its consumer report and found, majority of Just Add Ice Orchids customer have two or more orchids.
  • Company also saw their growth in Facebook fan following, their Facebook page grew from a couple hundred likes to more than 26,000.


With the immense growth story of Just Add Ice Orchid, following are the learnings found.

  • For growth in sales you need to have something more than promotion, which holds the customer.
  • A nice and attractive name always helps to attract, which Just Ice Add Orchid did.
  • For spreading your brand awareness, social media channels are the best way to do that.

Sources: www.Googleimages.com

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  1. Mayank

    Nice Case study Rahul. The case demonstrates good integration of conventional marketing tactics and effective inbound marketing strategies. I think now-a-days good placement of CTA’s (call to action) tabs on the landing pages is increasingly becoming more and more important for getting more traction as evident from this case.


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