Just Add Ice Orchids – Sales Grew 75% Using Inbound Marketing

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Just Add Ice Orchids are decor for the home or work space. Just Add Ice Orchids are grown in an environment-friendly fashion, using highly efficient growing techniques, water conservation and a sustainable heat source. These are grown and supplied by Green Circle Growers, one of the largest greenhouse operations in the Midwest.

Green Circle Growers is a family-owned company in Oberlin, Ohio, established in 1968, with 105 acres of operating indoor growing space. In addition to growing Just Add Ice Orchids each year, Green Circle Growers also produces other products with high-value, easy-care characteristics, including Anthuriums, Bonsai and Money Trees.

Challenges Faced:

Just Add Ice Orchids was formerly known as My Easy Orchid, enjoyed steady sales to retailers such as grocery stores and home improvement stores, but struggled in creating brand awareness and connecting with people. They were not known to people who had not made any purchases from them earlier. They struggled to engage and communicate with people. People even had to face difficulty in locating them. And Just Add Ice Orchids never came out with solution for this which hit hard at their demand. Changes were needed to be done in their marketing strategy to create awareness and increase their conversion rate ultimately leading to high sales.

So to overcome all those limits, Just Add Ice Orchids took help of Kuno Creative agency to create awareness, increase their sales and put back everything falling out of the marketing funnel. (Kuno Creative is a HubSpot Diamond Partner and one of the world’s leading inbound marketing agencies.)

Strategies Adopted:

Kuno Creative helped Just Add Ice Orchids to identify all areas of improvement and overcome those using inbound marketing strategies as mentioned below.

Rename and rebrand – A thorough research of home décor and orchid was done. Based on these result agency suggested a new name – Just Add Ice Orchids. The new name communicated the beauty, simple care and easy maintenance of Green Circle Growers’ orchids. Just Add Ice Orchids brand encouraged an innovative watering method – that is adding of only three ice cubes per week, per plant. To serve the people and environment continuously in the best possible way, the brand planned to come up with new ideas regularly.

New Content – An entirely new website on the HubSpot platform was launched under the new name – Just Add Ice Orchids. The new website was easy to navigate, featured large images of Just Add Ice Orchids products and each web pages were optimized to capture leads by including call-to-action.

In order to increase brand awareness and brand advocacy among people content were created. This included watering reminders, blogs and orchid care guide. The agency content marketing team produced a combination of educational and entertaining – videos, eBooks, guides and downloads to target new potential consumers. The website tried to capture those people who visited their website and convert them as customers. The entire idea was to entertain and educate people, drive new leads and increase brand awareness. The agency also aligned sales and marketing teams and developed email marketing communications to educate and connect orchid consumers and drive brand advocacy.

Grow social media channels – To increase the social media presence of Just Add Ice Orchids, the agency came with strategies like sharing Orchid related contents. They also started Simply Beautiful Fan Photo contest campaign to increase people engagement. Branding was done through Facebook for wide reach and awareness.

Store locator – To help people find products closest to them store locator feature was added to Just Add Ice Orchids website. This feature helped people easily find a store with Just Add Ice Orchids products and purchase them.

store locator

Just Add Ice Orchids – Watering Your Orchid You tube video


As a result of applying Inbound marketing strategies Just Add Ice Orchids sales grew 75 percent in just one year. Just Add Ice Orchids were earlier focused on its products rather than retailers and customers requirement. But with Inbound marketing strategies application they were able to create brand awareness, reach out to mass and also increase their sales. Shifting their focus from their product to their buyers and consumers helped them to get high conversion rate.

Report indicated that Just Add Ice Orchids had grown their customer base and the website visits increased by 100%. And majority of these customers had two or more orchids – 55 percent had more than two orchids, and 20 percent have more than five orchids. Just Add Ice Orchids social media reach increased – “Likes” on their Facebook page grew from a couple hundred to more than 25,000. The Simply Beautiful Fan Photo contest helped to increase their Facebook “Likes” by more than 100%. Downloading of eBooks and guides attributed to a quality email-marketing list along with daily helpful social media engagement.


Application of inbound marketing strategy like Just Add Ice Orchids help website to give amazing result like increasing customer conversion rate. And use of web analytic tool will further help to keep check on the results. A large chunk of people are active user of social media and this is the best platform for companies to connect, engage and reach to mass easily and effectively.

Image & Video Credit: Google, Youtube

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