JustAnswer.com Accessed Google Analytics Premium For Customized Analytics Tracking Strategy

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just answer logoAbout JustAnswer.com

JustAnswer.com is an American website which answers visitors’ queries related to Law, Automobile repairs, Electrical appliances repairs, Healthcare, Veterinary queries, Computers and many more topics. Just Answer has a panel of experts and professionals in various fields and depending upon the nature of the query, the question is forwarded to respective experts who then resolve the query. The website seems to be quite popular with a new question being answered every 9 seconds.

just answer ld pg

Objective of the Project

The website JustAnswer.com has a lot of traffic. It comprises of both new and returning users. JustAnswer has a money refund policy if the user is not satisfied with the answer. The website is very interaction intensive as there is a lot of information exchange between visitors and experts. The website covers a lot of varied topics and has more than 1000 experts in their panel. A customer query may require additional or different paths till it is resolved. See the picture below.

how it works

Just Answer has built a complex fulfilment system for their business model. They needed a web analytics solution that tracked the original question submitted, the initial deposit of the customer and information on additional paths of interactions between users and the designated experts. The objective was to design and implement a tracking strategy with the ability to track the multiple elements and user paths presented to each visitor.

How the website works?

As seen above, a user selects a category and writes a question. In the next step, the user is asked to further qualify his question by asking more details via drop downs and text box. Further details such as level of details required and urgency are asked in the next step. Then the amount chargeable to answer the query is displayed. The user has to pay that amount on- line and then start his conversation with the expert. If the customer is not satisfied, the website refunds the money, else the call is closed.

Thus the key dimensions and events are question category, amount of advance paid, the outcome of the interaction- satisfied or not satisfied, closing of the query, refund etc. The conversion funnel is also important to determine the conversion flow and metrics.


JustAnswer partnered with Blast Analytics and Marketing to implement Google Analytics Premium on their website. Since the website has a lot of varied dimensions to track, Google Analytics Premium was an obvious choice as it offers 200 Custom dimensions and metrics as against only 20 offered by the Google Analytics standard version. With a complex fulfilment platform and requirement of significant custom measurements, a robust platform such as Google Analytics Premium was ideal.

Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics

Blast and JustAnswer created multiple Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics to understand user behaviour. This not only provided detailed insights into the various dimensions of user behaviour, but also ultimately shaped the user experience.

Dimensions were created and categorised at three levels:

  • Content (Hit Level) to understand the broad visitor interest
  • Question (Session Level) to understand deeper engagement areas and
  • Question Number (User Level) to understand customer retention and repeat visit value.

See the example below. A primary custom dimension ‘questionCategory’ classifies questions by different topics and then various metrics such as questions posted, answers viewed and answers accepted against the different topics are measured. Thus custom dimensions are used to good effect to get different levels of analyses.quest categoryCustom metrics were created to track on- page interactivity such as further details on the topic or level of details or urgency.

further csutom emtrics

further csutom metrics 2

These insights provide value to JustAnswer in deciding whether to provide extended user interface options or specific content at each of the visitor touch points. In case a user tries to the abandon a query, a real- time message pops up as shown below.


Goal Flow Reports

A Goal Flow Report shows the path taken by the traffic on your website till goal conversion. Since many users visit the website, but ultimately only a few convert to your goal. This values resemble a funnel- large at the entrance but tapering towards the exit. Goal Flow Reports show where the users abandoned or diverted from the path. this gives you powerful insights into user behaviour in the path of conversion and you can take corrective actions by analysing where the exits are more. In order to get the goal flow reports, you have to set up goals in Google Analytics. In this case, the primary goal would be customer satisfied with the answer received. The various micro- goals would be asking a question, paying the amount, interacting with experts etc. Thus how many visitors are dropping off at these micro- goals would be important data.


By using Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics to meet business reporting requirements, JustAnswer created key measurement points to enable detailed funnel reports, to measure key performance trends by questions, source and content and improved attribution modelling. Also custom dimensions were instrumental in creating the user experience.

They were now able to collect, process and report data for meaningful insights.

blast strategy


Google Analytics Premium with its large number of Custom Dimensions and Metrics helps analyse  complex website data.

Image Courtesies:

  • JustAnswer.com
  • Blast Analytics and Marketing
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