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Social Media Celebrity’s Views On Social Media At India Internet Day, 2014

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Another edition for India Internet Day launched by TiE Delhi – NCR where a group of internet players gathered and discussed on the strategies implemented respectively by them so as to give a shift to the internet industry.

The last and the one of the most interesting session was taken by a couple of Social Media Celebrities,

  • MC Sid Siddharth Sood, Video Jockey, is a rap artist and has been VJ with Channel [V].
  • Prashant Raj, Managing Partner & Director, TVF is not only a dedicated professional, but also considered to be one individual who is termed to be the backbone of The Viral Fever (TVF).
  • Ramesh Srivats, MD & CEO, TenTenTen Digital Products, an IITian and IIM student with clear focus on being an entrepreneur since his college days made him the CEO of one of the best companies in the industry today.
  • Shraddha Sharma, Singer, a teenage singer with passion for music made him the celebrity and India’s Justin Bieber.
  • Aditi Rajvanshi, Partner Manager, Online Partnerships, Google, with the focused vision of taking her company to a new heights helped her and her company to grow really well.

In the very last session, all the social media celebrities sat together and kept their views on how Social Media impacts their respective fields and industry. Some of the amazing statements were:

MC Sid Siddharth Sood, Video Jockey

  • Rap is the mix of rhythm and poetry.
  • I don’t necessarily want everybody to know me.
  • Social Media helps me in connecting with future audience.
  • Its interesting to know that in India when we talk about content, people feel like that it should be funny and it will become popular.
  • Honey Singh inspires me!

Prashant Raj, Managing Partner & Director, TVF

  • The most abused term in Indian context is Content is King!
  • Two months later we created a video called Rowdy which was created on the video Roadies!
  • We have Rock Star team and we have caliber to understand the pulse of audience.
  • If we 15 people in our team and if all of them like video we upload it, else we don’t.
  • Its a team of 20 people with 12 IIT graduates so if we all fail its fail of data.
  • We are inspired by the best creators of the world.
  • We have cracked the toughest medium and that is online.

Ramesh Srivats, MD & CEO, TenTenTen Digital Product

  • What I do on twitter or facebook is utter waste of time on me.
  • I do twitter or facebook for fun.
  • I do twitter because it works for me.

Shraddha Sharma, Singer

  • I used to cry when judges from music events used to reject me.
  • I have actually seen a lot of diverse audience in my twitter followers, one are who really appreciate and others are who suggests and third types of audience are the one who abuse my mother, sisters and family.

Therefore, in short it was one of the most refreshing sessions which gave the real picture of social celebrities and impact of social media in their professions.

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