Keyword Strategy Allowed Norm Thompson To Target Right Customers

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download (6)About Norm Thompson

Norm Thompson founded in 1949 by Norman anchor Thompson Sr. Company head quarter is at Hillsboro, Oregon, USA and the distribution centers are in Irvine, Pennsylvania. Martin McClanan, is the president and CEO of the company. Currently, more than 500 employees are working with Norm Thompson and company’s yearly revenue is more than $85.6 million USD. The company operates through three different retail outlet stores. Two in Oregon and one in North Conway. They sell women’s accessories, men’s and women’s apparel to shoes, food, furniture, gift items, kitchenware and many other items. More than 80% of customers are women. It is one of the biggest eCommerce company in the USA. It sells products through a variety of websites, including,, and

Objective of Norm Thompson

Norm Thompson was well settled direct marketing and eCommerce company. The overall revenue of the company was good. Advent use of internet and fast digitization of business, creating tough competition for Norm Thompson. The Company has well designed websites, but their SEO practices and keyword strategies were a bit outdated. So the major challenge was to to improve keywords search, apply best SEO practices and design the content according to the customers insights. Norm Thompson decided to take help from swellpath to solve their problem and achieve targeted goals. Swellpath is the Google certified Digital analytics and advertising agency. It is famous for its customer centric approach to leveraging their data. Swell path has expertise in delivering advanced analytics consulting and paid management services to implement successful marketing strategies. In the case of Norm Thompson, Swellpath decided to apply customer centric and research based  approach while designing SEO strategies. They also targeted to improve content before the busy holiday shopping season.

Strategy Adopted by Norm Thompson

To design the SEO strategy Swellpath did the thorough research on customer behavior, their search pattern and keywords they used on all the three websites. They also studied current SEO practices, current and future site structure, current search pattern, stakeholder input and current available material. The SEO team of Swell Path performed keyword research for all the three websites, considering different types of customers on three different sites. As they observed that more than 80% customers are women. They tried to focus on women’s behavior on the website, their search pattern, timings and products categories they are looking for. As Norm Thompson has a number of products so  after detail research , the team developed a keyword strategy for all the main categories and subcategories. They designed it in such a way that customer could directly land on relevant page and could get the specific content information they were looking for. Initially, swell path created 50-60 keyword optimized custom meta descriptions for each site keeping coming holiday season in mind. They focused on to create customer centric and research based keyword strategy.

Result Achieved by Norm Thompson

With this new SEO strategy, it was easy for Norm Thompson to understand customers and target the content they were looking for a website. It was easy for customers as well to find out specific product info on a particular search. Category and subcategory based keywords helped customers to find product easily without wasting much time. The overall time required for sales cycle was reduced due to the fast access of  the website and relevant information. Customer centric approach and research based  keyword strategy helped Norm Thompson to build positive and trustworthy image among the customers. Swell path not only helped Norm Thompson to understand  their customers, but also helped them to design optimized content strategy. Under the guidance of Swell path it was easy for Norm Thompson to understand the use of keywords, location of keywords and content creation keeping customers in mind. It results in increase in organic web traffics, number of leads and total number of customers.

“SwellPath provided keyword research & strategy for three of our brands. With a listen-first approach, they learned our business, studied our competitors and used their sharp SEO knowledge to give us usable recommendations. It’s notable that any deliverable they provide is formatted in a usable and understandable way for even non-ecommerce departments.”

Seth Patterson, Senior eCommerce Program Specialist


With the advent use of internet online shopping is very common  among the people. Only having good brand products in different categories is just not enough in these days. Suppose you have good products, best offers, best services but don’t have well maintained website then there will be no use of all these things. How people come to know about you , your company, your products and offers and many more. They will simply search on a search engine if you are there, then bingo otherwise they will move on other sites. To build a strong customer database, to increase web traffic and organic search it is important to design an SEO strategy carefully. Make sure your keywords practices are designed keeping your target customers in mind. Well designed SEO helps you to find new customers, explore new market, create brand awareness through better rankings.

For any business whether it is small or big things does not remain same forever. It keeps changing. For example, Norm Thompson is a web bases online retail company having wide range of men’s and women’s accessories under different brands. Fashion is changing everyday . So if you want to stay in the market, you have to study latest trends and accordingly change our SEO practices and content. You should always keep in mind that the search engine industry is one of the fastest changing industries in the world. If you want to take benefits of SEO then you have to sync with the latest developments. Don’t forget that your competitors also applying SEO strategies, so if you ant stay ahead in the competition, it is important to focus on your customers, target customers, their requirements, latest trends, your competitors offer so that you can design target specific content and SEO strategy.

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