5 Tips To Know Your Keyword For Effective Adwords Campaign

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An AdWords campaign is usually composed of several ad groups. Each ad group serves different words or tex based on the type of keyword a user may type into search engine. When launching a new campaign on adwords, there are many things that keep running at the backend of our mind as a new user. The most smart way out of it will be to start with a checklist as a in order to make sure that things fall out on the right place as per the plan.

At a very first place one must know how people are going to search for their product or service on a search engine?

We all know, by typing in the related text or words to the search for related information within the search box. For example, in case a person wants to look for a detail on any location they will type the name of the said place, if looking for specific product they will give detail of the same like for information on any phone they might type-New phones, Apple phones, Mobile phones etc. These are the words or phrases that are referred to as the Keyword.

Keyword can be any word typed into a search engine by a user in order to initiate an online search. Advertisers strive to include as many keywords in their content as possible in order to maximize their potential visitors.

Keywords describes or relate to product or service that the advertiser choose to match the ads with the terms people are searching for. Selecting high quality, relevant keywords for your advertising campaign can help you reach the customers that you want, when you want. An AdWords campaign can only be successful if it’s based on the right keywords – keywords that are:

  • Specific to your target audience
  • Less costly to bid on than more general, highly competitive terms
  • Guaranteed to drive traffic to your site

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The correct choice of keywords directly impacts your Quality Score. Having close-knit ad groups that perform well in your PPC campaigns shows the search engines you’re in tune with what your customers want.
The well planned group of keywords can give desired results in terms of:

  • More clicks and traffic
  • Better conversion rates
  • A higher Quality Score
  • Better search results for less money.
  • More cost-effective ad spend

In order achieve the desired result from the Adwords campaign one must know few things that acts as a winner for when it come to the usage of the Keywords for a specific ads and ad groups within the Adwords campaign.

When visitor use Google or any other search engine, they type words into the search box to find the information on what they are looking for. The results that Google shows in return are based on those words that were relevant to the words in the search box. It is due to this reason only that when we target our ads to show up on the page, we have to bid on these keywords.

Therefore, to succeed at PPC, you need to make sure you’re bidding on the right keywords.
It becomes very important for an advertiser to know the keywords for an effective Adwords campaign. In order to achieve the same there are few tips, which an advertisers must always keep in mind when selecting keywords for the ad and various ad groups.

5 Tips To Know Your Keyword For Effective Adwords Campaign

5 tips to know your keywords that will help in creating a win-win situation for any campaign are:

  1. Always Check for ideas on effective keywords

    Having a long keyword list will many a times not give the desired position to the ad on the search result page as planned. At this point it becomes essential to narrow down the list with the most appropriate ones. This is the best time to rely on the service of Google.You can enter any keyword, and it will show you how often that keyword is searched for, and how much you’ll need to bid to have your ad displayed.You can also use the keyword planner to search for keyword ideas based on a product category, or even a website.

  2. Keyword should be Offer Specific

    As a business we must have many products or brands to offer. When creating a campaign within the Adwords, it is very essential to create new group for each and every product/service range on offer as this will help to group the relevant keywords effectively under each group that further will help to relate with the search made. Focusing on the single ad group will target potential customers more effectively and will help get less traffic which will cater better conversion rate.

  3. List out Relevant Keywords

    Before just going for with any set of keywords, it is often advisable to be in the shoes of the customer and think their way. Focus on the words that we feel we would search for if we were the customer looking for the similar product. Look for such keywords that are often searched for in the same product group and make a list of each one of it which will help to match with the search made. Listing relevant keywords will also help to further decide on the bid for the most used ones on the search engines that can help getting the desired space on the search result page.

  4. Go for the Right Keyword Choice

    After having made the list and checking the same with the Google, now its time to narrow the choices in order to hit the right group of the target customers. The choice of the keywords will depend on few factors such as:

    • Cost – How much we are willing to spend in order to get the keyword that are drawing attention of the customer more.
    • Reach – Choice of a keyword is majorly done in order to attain the desired reach. If the keywords are expensive but even then it fails to reach the target customer then it needs to be changed.
    • Relevance – Out here we need to ask our self again that will someone who needs my product or service will actually use the combination of keywords that I am choosing for my offer? Once we know the answer the choice of keyword will be easy and will lead to conversion too.
  5. Test

    As advertiser we always aim to choose such keyword that will lead to clicks and sales. The perfect way to check it to test how each keyword performs in actual time when the campaign starts running.Once the Adwords Campaign starts running, we can keep the actual track of

  • total clicks the keyword is getting
  • how well the keyword is acting as a driving force for the conversions

For those keywords, which show less performance rate, we can remove them and provide with the new set of keywords that are searched more for the similar category of product or service we are offering.
Adwords campaign stays effective only when we keep on analyzing the relevancy of the Keywords that are used to relate with the offerings of the product being advertised.

Like many forms of marketing, creating and maintaining an AdWords campaign isn’t something one can just set and forget about it. Every now and then the search preference of the visitors on the search engines keeps changing and so, in order to remain competitive we need to continuously analyse the keywords that are being searched often in relation to the product or service and must keep on updating along with.

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