Keywords Analysis For An Effective Ecommerce SEO Campaign

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What are these Keywords & Why they are important ?

Keyword research one of the most valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing . Ranking for the unique keywords can make or break your website. Researching your market’s keyword requirement, will not only understand which terms and terminology to target with SEO, but also understand more about your customers. It’s not always about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the appropriate or relevant visitors.Keyword research you can predict deviations in demand,acknowledge to fluctuating market, source the products, services, visitors are searching actively. In the marketing history, there has never been such a low hindrance  to entry in finding out  the inclinations of consumers in practicality.

Keyword research informs  SEO-related task you do on your website. It’s impossible for you to optimize your product and category pages without keywords. So we can conclude that this activity is most important activity for your online stores. Find inaugural keywords that your customers search for and how to choose the best ones for your online store is key. Your site architecture and URLs plays a key role in taking the  keywords into account.

Most keyword research tutorials focus on information keywords are the keywords that visitors type into search engines to identify the helpful “how-to” content.These keywords have major place for an online business, most of your site’s keywords will be tailored over product pages.

Categories & Competitor Keywords Analysis :

Information keywords – These are keywords that people type into search engines to discover helpful  content.While these keywords have major place for an online business, the most of your site’s keywords  tailored over product pages. That means that you need to tackle keyword research with product-focused keywords in mind. Amazon also the biggest eCommerce site online, which makes it an absolute goldmine of product-focused keywords.  Log in to Amazon and enter a keyword that describes one of your products.

amazon suggest

Amazon suggests keywords  tend to be very targeted and they are  long tail keywords. Long tail keywords as mentioned below produces better results  than 2-3 word keywords, but normally  they tend to be less competitive too. Keyword Tool Dominator  scrapes Amazon’s search resolutions.


Finally It will display dozens of the below keywords.

keywordtooldominator results

Tool make this process significantly faster than doing it manually. It gives you much more keyword ideas than following  old-fashioned way. For example, when I considered  the keyword organic dog food, Amazon suggested  me  with  keyword ideas. The tool spit out  to 49 values.To keep things organized, you can save the keywords that make sense for you to a list.

keyword list

I find that many eCommerce site owners optimize their category pages over random keywords. They will be putting  some thought into what their customers might use to find products that appear under that category. But  keywords they use tend to be, less than the ideal which  is a huge mistake. Category pages might  not convert as well as product pages do, but they still generate sales. So this result makes sense to spend  some time in discovering stunning keywords within category pages.

When  you are competing against Amazon, hover over the mouse to  “Shop by Department”  at the top of the homepage. This will list out Amazon’s main categories.

amazon shop by department

These are all likely too broad for your site. So hover next to any that make sense so you can see that department’s subcategories:


You can also hit up Amazon’s “Full Store Directory”.

full store directory

This will display all of Amazon’s departments  which depicts  subcategories on a single page.

amazon directory

Now the time  to analyze deep through the list and find category focused keywords that would apt with what your online store sells. For example, your online store  sells healthy dog food then you’d click on Pet supplies.

example category keyword

Then click on “dogs”.

subcategory example

Then choose “food” from the list:

amazon subcategory

Amazon will show you the keywords they use to specify their dog food related categories in the left  sidebar:

amazon categories

These are all keywords to consider using for your dog food online store category pages. If your category is unique in some or other  way, make sure to incorporate  that unique feature in your category page as the keyword.  You can shift the Amazon category keyword of dry dog food to healthy dry dog foodas per your requirement. These keywords are less competing and more focused to what your target customer is looking for. Amazon is a good resource for finding keywords used within category page keywords.  This is the  only place you can find category page keywords that your customers looks for every day.That’s the reason I also suggest you take a look at the keywords that your industry competitors consider to specify their categories.

Analyzing the value of the Keywords :

How much is a keyword worth to your website? When you own an online shoe store, do you make more sales from visitors searching for “brown shoes” or “black boots”? The keywords visitors enters into search engines are usually available to the webmasters, and keyword research tools allow us to grab  this information. However, tools cannot show us directly how beneficial it is to receive traffic from those searches. To recognize the value of a keyword, we need to understand our own online store. Initially prepare some hypotheses, tests, and repeat the classic online store marketing formula.

Identify for the term /phrase in the major search engine. Purchase a sample campaign for the keyword  at Google Ad words. Collect the data and determine the exact value of each keyword.

Choose Keywords for E commerce Product and Category Pages

When you have a list of potential  Keywords in your hand and wondering about what to opt. Use this 4-step checklist to identify the best keywords for your eCommerce SEO campaign.

  1. Search Volume :

    Most important metric when evaluating a search term. If no one searches for that keyword, it doesn’t matter how well it converts. How competing Google’s first page happens to be even though 100 searches per month is lot. In others, 10,000 monthly visitors looking for that particular keyword is nothing. Spend time looking at the search volume for the keywords on your list. You will start to  understand of what establishes a high volume and low volume search term in your domain. To analyze the search volume for a given keyword, just drop it into the GKP. It will give you the results  in the Average  monthly searches column.

monthly search volume

Keywords are highly dependent on Seasonal Variations. Of course you are going get more searches for Christmas Sweater in       December than in June. There are other non-seasonal that have high and low throughout the year. Keyword organic dog food brands gets 2.5x more searches in October than November. It’s an important thing to note as you select keywords for your online store as these fluctuations can directly impact your bottom line.

   2.  Keyword-Product Fit :

Let’s say you find a keyword that gets tons of searches. You might be thinking you are the winner, but are you really the winner???  No you are not the winner that’s because the keyword may not fit well with what you are selling through online. If the keyword you opt is not relevant  compared to what you have for sale on your online store, you’ll have a tough time to convert anyone. To move ahead for  the next two stages in this process, justify that the keyword you’re considering fits like a shoe with what you sell. Let’s say your online store sells Japanese green tea bags, you notice a keyword matcha green tea powder.

example keyword

Even though you don’t sell green tea powder , you could be able to create a category page about  this and then convert those prospects to what you are selling online.This is totally possible. But it’s tricky to achieve. That’s why I suggest not expanding into other product categories until you’ve disabled the keywords that your target customers search for.Even though the keyword may get less searches, I suggest you choosing a keyword that’s much more targeted to your business, like “green tea online”.

low volume buy targeted keyword

You’ve got a list keywords that get a decent amount of searches  which fits well with your online products. It’s time to consider whether these searchers are likely to use their credit card and purchase what you sell.

   3. Commercial Intent :

Ranking  1 for a high-volume keyword that only special people search for? Less   awesome. So before you conclude on a keyword, take a second to observe  if people using that keyword are ballers that purchase or broke peeps that only browse. Fortunately, this is  very easy to do using the Google Keyword Planner.Firstly find out the keyword’s and their  Competition ratings.

keyword adwords competition

Competition  reports that number of  people bid on that particular keyword in Google Ad-words. In general, when most of the people are bidding on a keyword, there is  money to be made.When it comes to SEO for Online store, I suggest you to opt for medium and high competition keywords.Competition metric is a helpful way to determine whether people  searching for that particular keyword will convert. But the most important metric of all is Suggested bid. Suggested bid  a gauge of what people tend to spend on a single click in Google Ad words. When you are evaluating on a commercial intent, the higher the suggested bid, the better the results. Certainly, keywords with expensive suggested bids are also more competitive to rank for in Google search.

For now, check out the Suggested bid for the keywords on your list.

suggested bid

Consider how certain words and phrases that suggests I’m ready to buy! which  impacts the estimated bid. Diagram depicts that the keyword Japanese green tea has a recommend bid of $1.19.The reason behind this is many people searching for that particular keyword possibly aren’t ready to purchase. They might be looking up the definition or they might be interested about green tea’s health benefits. Also, an identical keyword  buy green tea online  has a suggested bid that’s 3 times higher compared to earlier.

suggested bid 2

On the other side, this keyword gets much fewer searches. This is the reason  it’s important to take all the 4 factors into account when evaluating keywords for online store to implement SEO.

    4. Competition :

Now we need to concentrate and understand how hard it will be to get displayed on  Google’s first page.This metric provides you the details  of how competitive a given  keyword is ranked for. You can analyze a keyword’s difficulty in SEMRush.

semrush keyword search

clicking on “Keyword Difficulty” in the sidebar

keyword difficultyAnd then looking at the  difficulty % column. The higher the value, the more competitive the keyword is  ranked for in an organic search.

difficulty score

Keyword Targeting and Page Optimization is the place where you evaluate Google’s first page to see if the pages in the top 10 are optimized about  particular keyword.When the pages are only semi-related to that particular keyword you can occasionally dominate them with a highly-targeted page.

If you search for bamboo cutting board with handle, you will understand that most of the first pages isn’t optimized about this specific search.

page not well optimized

Majority of the people  searching in Google are apparently  wondering  Where the  handle at? . So if you can  optimize one of your online category pages about the keyword bamboo cutting board with handle, you will have a good opportunity to plunge the competition. However, if you optimize your page  about a specific keyword, it still gives you an edge over pages that aren’t as well optimized.

I hope you have learned Keywords Analysis from Search Engine Optimization through this post Keywords Analysis For An Effective Ecommerce SEO Campaign. So rush to start implementing the same Keyword analysis for your online store.Improve your sales and revenue by generating more traffic.

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