Khan Academy Creating Social Media Revolution in Teaching

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World Class Education for anyone anywhereAbout the Company

Khan Academy, a new sensation in teaching using social media platform is a Non-Profit Organization. It started in the year 2006 by an educator “Salman Sal Khan” with the sole aim to provide free world class education for anyone and anywhere.This academy provides lectures to students in the form of You tube videos and also micro-lecture and other tools for teachers to enhance their skills.

Business Objective

Khan academy main motto is to provide a free, world class education for anyone, anywhere. It is an educational platform  meant not only for students but as well as parents and teachers to monitor their student performance. It offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside the classroom.

Khan academy

India relatively is a huge potential for this academy where many states lack good education system and certainly need a renaissance in the system. The education market in India is believed to be worth Rs. 5.9 trillion and the online education space is believed to touch $40 billion by 2017. With the growing internet and mobile phone penetration happening in the country, there are several start ups in this tutoring space like Simplilearn,Vedantu, Edurekha and many others.But with too many people trying to capture the market space to create USP among each would be very difficult in term of bringing innovation in their approach and with the ease capture their potential target. On 12th March, 2015 Mr. Sandeep, India Country manager at Khan Academy announced that learning through Khan Academy is also accessible in Hindi too. With the increasing number of schools and threshold limit in terms of strength of a class room, this academy is a boon for many a students and slowly teachers and parents do understand its importance. Not to forget this is a non-profit organization and with the increasing tution fees this certainly is blessing to many a students in India.

Free Education for anyone anywhere

Strategy Adopted by Khan Academy

It all started with Mr. Salman Khan, not the renowned Bollywood actor but an educator born to immigrants of India and Bangladesh in New Orleans, United States helped her niece Nadia in Maths who lived in other US state using phone and yahoo doodle as a shared notepad. He helped her daily for 30 minutes to an hour after his work. Soon he also gained popularity among Nadia’s brothers as well as family friends. He was reluctant to go further using You tube but soon  realized this media’s importance and within a span of time he gained popularity. A few videos later Khan Academy was born. Bill Gates found Sal’s videos when he wanted to tutor his own kinds and he became not only its fan but also one of its biggest fund supporters.

Results by Khan Academy

By the summer of 2011 it had over 2600 You tube video tutorials on topics ranging from Math to Physics , history as well as finance.It is supposed to be the largest school with more than 20 million people a month take 10,000 short courses in 36 languages on subjects like building web pages, practical electrical engineering and even constructing home made robots and the list keeps growing. It currently has 31 million registered students, one million registered teachers, 15 million site visits per month, users across 190 countries, 580 million lessons delivered and over four billion delivered platforms. Currently there are courses in Polish, English, Czech, Hindi, Malayalam, Chinise, Swahili, Russian, Indonesian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Xhosa, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali and many others. Many more Indian languages are soon meant to be their delivery platform.


With the years to come the You tube tutorials will be an important tutorial tool which will be used not only in education sector but also as a pioneer e-learning in the field of cooking, hair treatment, health related issues and others. Khan Academy has meant not to be just video trainer but they take this world class motto very seriously. Many tie ups such as in India with Tata trust, with others in Mexico and Brazil for providing world class standard education has helped many students to cope up with undue pressure that they carried everyday to school learning the things in orthodox manner. Any learner now can have access to these videos and understand at their own pace.

As per our country is concerned, it is currently fifth largest user base for Khan Academy. Since 2012, the videos have grown at 45 per cent year on year in India, and over 40% of the user base are from secondary school or college students. It is thus for any student best teacher 24hrs in its room teaching them whenever they want. From videos on You tube, the core of this academy learning experience has grown to be deep and interactive tutoring experience that uses machine learning to become a free, fun, personal tutor available 24/7.

Image Credits: Khan Academy

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