KitKat Captured ICC Cricket Fever With Tweet Strategy

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Kitkat is one of the most successful products from Nestle in chocolate wafer category. It recently launched KitKat Senses Milk and KitKat Senses Dark in the premium chocolate segment. Indians love chocolate and the word “premium” therefore has a new meaning. As per Business Standard the chocolate category is poised at Rs 2000 crore and premium segment accounts for 10% of the overall market pie. This segment is steadily growing at a pace of 30-40%. As the segment grows chocolate manufacturers will love more and more customers having their product.

Kitkat senses

KitKat used ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 as a platform to promote its new offering KitKat Senses. India is a cricket crazy nation and youngsters connect with cricket is the best amongst all the sports in India. KitKat Senses used this connect to launch Kit Kat Senses commercial which was splashed during break in cricket matches and also digitally. KitKat India is very active on Social Media and other digital channels like YouTube. Kit Kat’s twitter account has a fan following of more than 6.6k and Facebook has a following of 248k friends.

The Kitkat Senses commercial starts with the reality faced by Young India. Youth in their 20’s and 30’s are surrounded by so many gadgets and connections that they have no peace of mind. The constant urge to stay connected, updated has robbed them of a peaceful life. They need to take a break from all the wires surrounded around them and Reconnect With Their Senses. And the perfect way to take a break is to try the rich taste of slow churned chocolate which is churned for over 12 hours which helps to #Reconnect With Your Own Senses. Have a break Have a Kit Kat.

Kitkat Senses the premium chocolate from Nestle is a perfect mix of crisp wafer coated and slow churned chocolate. The slow churned chocolate is made out of Cocoa mass from the finest beans blended with specially selected ingredients. The blend is then processed using a churning process that lasts 12 hours. At the end of it all what we get is a luxuriously rich and a smooth lasting product that melts in our mouth.


Kitkat Senses also launched campaigns through its twitter handle Kitkat India. What is most intriguing is that the slow churning process became the central theme of the campaign and KitKat India used it successfully on twitter to entice its audience. At the start of the ICC Cricket World Cup Kit Kat India launched #SlowIsBetter contest on Twitter and asked the cricket enthusiasts to participate by guessing the slowest ball to take a wicket in the match. Lucky winners would receive eshopping vouchers. This #SlowIsBetter contest was in Ind Vs Pak match

As the World Cup progressed India was all geared up for their match against South Africa. Kitkat India sent a #GameOn tweet to Kitkat South Africa and what followed was a series of funny tweets.

Kitkat India : @KitKatsa An epic battle awaits #GameOn

KitKatsa: @Kitkat India Sending you some crackers. Hope you enjoy them! #MaukaMauka #SAvsInd

Kitkat India: @KitKatsa Thanks guys. But we have sent some crackers of our own to Adelaide, they fire especially well when they see green #SAvsInd

Kitkat India: @KitKatsa Oooh Do we sense some sparks in the air? #SAvs Ind

KitKatsa: @KitKat India Not yet, but you will once the match ends #SAvs Ind #GameOn

KitKatIndia: @KitKatsa The ratio has finally changed and we get to utilize the crackers you sent! #IndvsSA

Kit Kat’s twitter handle also participated in a live commentary uploading funny animated creatives of the Kitkat bar during important moments of the match like a lbw, catch, out, win etc. Twitter users enjoyed the funny tweaky tweets and even shared it in great numbers. Kit Kat’s decision to indulge in a fun and animated visual engagement with Kitkat South Africa during the biggest cricket tournament created the necessary buzz and made twitter users to log in and be a part of the fun conversation.

Results Of The Campaign:

  • The campaign was received very well on twitter and YouTube.
  • YouTube got 1.2 million views
  • TVC commercial was also hugely popular.
  • People participated in twitter contest in huge numbers and there were lot of excitement and comments.
  • The real time commentary was funny and people liked it a lot.
  • Slow is Better theme integrated well with the product. People started associating KitKat Senses for its slow churning process resulting into delicious taste.
  • The overall integration of the campaign with #MaukaMauka gave a widespread reach to the campaign which resulted into more and more participation from the people.
  • Many users could associate themselves with the ad and “Reconnect With Your Senses” theme. They felt the really needed a break viz ‘They need a KitKat’

Thus KitKat India was amongst the 5 brands that rocked twitter during ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

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