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Know Schema Better To Boost Up SEO Performance

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Schema can help you boost up SEO performancerich snippet schema

Schema is a wonderful tool introduced by Google and Bing, way back in June 2011. The Schema tool can help webmasters and bloggers to markup HTML codes in such a manner that the major search engines can easily recognize. The schema can also be used for structuring data. Search engines use Schema to produce and display better search results with rich data and rich snippets. The rich structured data and rich snippets improve the user experience by making it easy for users to find the required web pages. The rich and structured data also helps in increasing the click through rate (CTR) quickly and with very less effort. However, even with the amazing results and benefits of Schema, the implementation of rich snippets is lacklustre and has received a mixed response from the online community of web developers and bloggers.

Google and other search engines were not using Schema in the beginning for rich snippets, but now the use of Schema has increased and Google has started preferring rich snippets more. Many large ecommerce websites like eBay and Amazon have been regularly using schema for their rich snippets.

Schema is not a language but a vocabulary of microdata and there are many other different languages which are doing the rich snippets like RDFa and microformats. For creating rich snippets, a mixture of vocabulary and languages can be used; however, Google is using the vocabulary and microdata language. Google prefers this, because they want to make the process simpler for webmasters and promote consistency across all search engines. Google has also advised the webmasters to avoid mixing up formats on a website or webpage, as this can confuse the Google parsers.

schema.orgSchema applications to boost your SEO Performance

Schema is here to stay and has a bright future. This is a good reason to start using schema as soon as possible to improve your SEO, increase your visibility and click through rate (CTR). The most underused schema application is for events which requires high visibility and has good ROI, but still it is not being used satisfactorily by websites. Schema helps you to define and describe the events in a proper manner and specify all the details. Google requires maximum information in order to give good exposure to the event that is being promoted. For Schema events you can provide information like date, time, venue, performers and profile of attendees, etc. The vocabulary for events schema is very comprehensive. There are various types of events for which, using Schema can boost SEO. These types are – sports events, conferences, music shows, festivals and food events, etc.

The employment market has been added as a new vocabulary in schema very recently. Therefore, even jobs can be displayed as rich snippets on search engine result pages. Moreover, Google has also introduced a search engine that searches for schema’s job snippets. It is a customized search engine for searching job postings. So now it will be easier for the target audience to find jobs on Google’s search engine results pages.

You can also use person Schema to display more information about people like celebrities, authors, well known personalities and socialites etc. Person Schema can be used to add a lot of details like education, work, social life, achievements and other things about the person. Furthermore, Person Schema can help build up the reputation, authorship and credibility of a person online. This makes it very easy for the target audience to find information about the person.

Google loves fresh, new content and live updates, so there is a schema vocabulary for the newspapers and media industry too. You can now refer a page or article from a hard copy of the newspaper and inform Google about the fresh content and its publishing date and time.

The major e-commerce websites are using every possible trick to increase their click through rate by using rich snippets; however, there are equal number of e-commerce websites which are missing the boat when it comes to using rich snippets for their products and promotional offers. The rich snippets for e-commerce websites help in attracting visitors and increasing the CTR because of the details available in the Schema snippets. Rich snippets for e-commerce websites, include the product name, description, price range and also rating by real users.

Schema for SEOschema seo

Use Schema microdata in the HTML code, enables search engine crawlers to crawl and understand the content of your websites effectively. This will help to increase the visibility of the website and also make it easier for search engines to understand what you want your audience to see. By using Schema your search engine ranking do not improve dramatically, but it simply improves the rich snippets such that your website is prominently displayed. Schema is not a quick fix solution, but rather it is a best practice to boost up your SEO performance. Try to use schema for maximum number of properties on your website so as to enable search engines to get to know the data well. The more the markup, better will be the SEO of your website. You can even include schema along with social media tags to improve the SEO of your website and provide more content for the search engine crawlers.

Local SEO and Schema

Many local businesses do not have a proper online presence and those that have websites do not show detailed information. This way they lose out on potential customers to big brand websites. Thus, local websites that want to attract more customers should use Schema markup and rich snippets. With schema they can show information like location, opening and closing hours and reviews etc. Local businesses need to show the geographical information like locations, directions and nearby landmarks on their schema markup as this will help potential customers to locate their stores. Local businesses can also add contact details, email, helpline numbers and even something very important like acceptable mode of payment. By using schema markup, even local businesses can boost their SEO performance.

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