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Know the best days to send business emails

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Before sending any email to our audience, we usually do a lot of research on the content and promotion tactics that have to be applied to make it the most appealing for your audience. Moreover, you also work with a designer in order to ensure that it is created in best possible manner. Overall, you put a lot of efforts and hard work to make your email marketing send effective.

When you are ready with all the content and design requirements of the email and tested it several times to ensure an impeccable quality, you are now stuck on the question, ‘what day should I set it for to get maximum open and click rates?’

Today, in this post, we will discuss the best days to send your emails.

Effective email marketing usually comes along three most important elements, which are:

  • Content to be sent – This includes creating a kind of content that will best suit your audience and get them to act.
  • Audience you are targeting – Should you send it to an organically grown opt-in list, a segment or a partner’s list.
  • Best time to send the email

Weekends bring least effective response rates

According to a research done by Marketing Sherpa, it was found that Saturday and Sunday were the least effective days. However, Tuesday was nominated as the most effective day for sending emails.

However, before you give your email marketing a day of rest, it is essential to keep these three factors in mind while considering the best timing for your emails.

  1. Testing the most effective days – Different kind of businesses receive varied responses on their emails depending on the days they send them. For example an ecommerce store might receive the best response on Sunday while a business dealing in software services might receive an equal response on any of the week day.
    Therefore, it becomes essential for you to test your emails with different days of the week and plan your email marketing accordingly. It is important for you to test to know what works best for your business.
  2. Before testing, you should be able to measure – It is quite obvious that before you start testing, you also have to ensure that have a testing methodology in place that can help you to learn from your tests. However, if you are not able to test, you should ensure that you are atleast tracking your email marketing performance.
  3. International considerations – Email marketing would had been simpler if we all would had been living in the same time zone. However, since this is not possible, it is important to understand the impact of the geographical spread of your audience on your send time.
    Moreover, it is also essential to understand the cultural difference throughout the regions that you serve.
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