Knowlarity Used Facebook To Gain 40% Hike In Leads Generation

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Knowlarity is one of India’s largest cloud telephony private company. A cloud telephony service is where conventional telephonic equipment is replaced by a third party VOIP( Voice Over Internet Protocol). Cloud communications is being adopted by many businesses rapidly these days because of the simplicity and ease of use of the technology.

Cloud communications requires both hardware and software to be installed before it is being put to use. The businesses need not necessarily own the hardware and the software required for the service and may pay a monthly fee to the cloud communication service provider for the applications the business wishes to use.  Cloud communications is a way lot cheaper than the traditional phone system. Besides if the internet speed is optimal, the voice quality is far more superior than the phone system. Here the user decides which applications and services he wishes to avail from the cloud communication service provider and pays only for them only and thus it is efficient too.

Cloud communications provides a simplified method to stay in touch with business customers, employees,partners and suppliers. The process is faster and gives its users a lot of freedom. Another facility of cloud communications is of calling from one desktop or a webpage to the other at absolutely non cost. Present day examples of cloud communications are Skype and Gtalk. Both services have cloud communications as their foundation. Knowlarity came into existence in 2009, with funds being poured by American Venture Capital firms Sequoia Capital and Mayfiled. Its headquarters is in Singapore and has offices in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Mumbai. Knowlarity has marked its presence in 65 countries and has empowered more than 6500 companies in India as well as abroad. Products offered by Kowlarity are as follows:

  • 006SuperReceptionist– It is a cloud PBX. SuperReceptionist is a system that allows businesses to record, track, route or forward each and every call that the organization receives or makes. With a SuperReceptionist number, there is no need for the cumbersome EPABX machine. With SuperReceptionist, any call made at any time of the day, to the business is never missed for any reason. It also plays on the perception of the consumer who perceives the business highly by just a welcome message delivered to him every time he calls. Not only it provides call logs and call recording in one place, it even allows the business to monitor the various trends through a real-time dashboard. SuperReceptionist provides a personalized experience to every caller by connecting every customer with an agent who speaks his/her language or by forwarding important customers calls to experts or specialized agents. Then comes the best part, the business gets to choose his number- a mobile number, a toll free number or a land line number which works even internationally. and are few examples of organizations using SuperReceptionist feature of Knowlarity.
  • Smart IVR– It is strictly for business use cloud communications system. It records calls and is available for use later. It keeps a track of the series of interactions with customers. It even provides stable conference systems and enables teams sitting in different corners of the world to interact seamlessly backed by cloud telephony. It facilitates running multiple conferences on a single number. The system provides call status-starting time of call, call duration and rich analytics to study and understand consumer behaviour. Call logs can be integrated with the existing systems for better decision making. It  presents the opportunity to transfer incoming calls in a parallel, sequential or round robin manner and thus efficiently reduces call waiting time of callers. Another feature on offer is automated speech recognition, where the system captures inputs through voice and not just the key-press. Besides this, the system verifies voice for certain transactions.

Knowlarity’s Business Objectives

The objective of the company was to raise awareness about its existence and its services among SME’s and startups, which have become the lifeline of Indian business. To find leads and reach up to decision making authorities among SMEs was an implied intent of the campaign.

Strategy Adopted By Knowlarity

Knowlarity used Custom Audience on Facebook. Custom Audience is an audience that the brand knows offline but is not engaged with on Facebook. This feature of Facebook helps the marketer to reach the existing customer who is unaware of the brand’s Facebook presence. Under this marketing technique, the brand does not need to make an impression because these customers have used the product or the service before. Knowlarity targeted small businesses specially in real estate sector. Knowlarity used link ads and photo ads in desktop and mobile news feed. The content of the campaign was kept simple and clear so that potential users are not left confused and can quickly understand its importance. The campaign ran for 5 months from Nov 2013 to Mar 2014.

Results Achieved By Knowlarity

Knowlarity with custom audience marketing strategy was able to reach the right audience, decision makers of small and big organisations. Achievements of the campaign are as follows:

  • At least 40% leads came directly from Facebook
  • cost per conversion came down by 50%
  • 30% higher conversion rate than other channels.
  • 40% increase in the leads generated in the given time frame.

Key Learning

For any social media marketing campaign to yield desired results it is very crucial to target the right audience, by right it means that the audience that has previously shown some inclination towards product/service offered or expressed some interest in organisation’s products. As the famous saying goes; sell refrigerators to people who live in deserts and not waste time and energy on trying to sell refrigerators to Inuit. Target audience becomes even more important by the fact that if the target audience is not adequately recognized, then wastage of huge marketing resources will naturally  follow and besides the lost time is another disadvantage. Another major learning is the importance of delivering complex services in simple to understand messages. Small businesses who were not even aware of existence of such services were motivated to buy and experience services. This involves an enormous challenge which was clearly overcome in this case with plain communication.

Source: Google

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