Knowledge Source Leveraged Search Engine Marketing (SEM) To Increase Its Revenue By 50%

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About Knowledge Source:

Knowledge Source is the leading source for delivering healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses with information and analysis reports by conducting research. Knowledge source develops content with a competitive edge and provides syndicated and custom research for their clients to help improve their sales effectiveness. Knowledge source puts together information to make it effortless for busy managers who seek market knowledge. 

Knowledge Source Business Objective:

With the paradigm shift in this highly competitive internet world, search engines have become the number one research tool for busy executives to download data instantaneously. Knowledge source, an internal research department of information lacked the expertise of expanding its business over the Internet. To meet its goals, it needed to rise on top of the search engine results by using specific keywords to drive traffic to its website and reach out to healthcare executives to build relationships and make its data visible to increase sales.

Approach Adopted By Knowledge Source:

Knowledge source approached ECNext for its new e-commerce website. ECNext, began working with knowledge source by separating and repackaging the content into more marketable pieces of information. Each report was divided into hundreds of segments and each segment was merchandised on ECNext’s product web pages.  Specific keywords and phrases on each product page delivered first page ranking in Google and other search engine sites. Separating the reports enabled knowledge source to boost web sales by exposing greater volume of content to search engines and by improving sales and conversion rates through attractive price-points. Knowledge source has gained a platform for cross-selling and up-selling additional products by retaining ECNext to manage and integrate e-mail marketing in its overall strategy. With the help of ECNext, knowledge source sold about 125 different market reports and it now employs an ECNext’s publishing tool for its product offerings on the new site.

Results Achieved By Knowledge Source:

  • Within 6 months of the new site launch, knowledge source sales rose to 50 % compared to 20 % in the past.
  • Knowledge source has sold 75 % of its data to pharmaceutical executives and has also penetrated in new markets.
  • From 30 % of total revenue, now the total sales from search engine and email campaigns have increased to 60 %.
  • The site traffic on search engines, increase by 600 % in the last 3 months. The pages indexed by search engines expanded by 400 %.
  • Within 3 months 200 % revenue was increased from new customers. The overall revenue boosted by 40 %.


Knowledge Source has taken the right step of approaching and partnering with ECNext. With the help of ECNext, Knowledge source has been benefiting timely results. President of Knowledge Source ‘John Santilli’ concluded by saying, “With our ECNext-powered e-commerce site and search marketing services, our healthcare business information has reached the hands of more executives who value a competitive edge.”

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