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Kolaveri Di Phenomena – How Social Media Revolutionalised A Simple Song

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Before writing this blog I have watched around seven videos of Kolaveri Di- original version, Punjabi version, Exam version, Kids version, chipmunk version, Gujarati version, Malyalam version……list continues. What is magic behind this song with strange Tanglish( Tamil-English) lyrics? How this song anthem of nation overnight?

In words of famous lyricist Javed Akhtar- “Kolaveri is an ordinary tone with substandard singing of insensible lyrics” but yet it has been most searched video on Youtube in India and You tube has honored the song with a ‘Gold Award’ for receiving large number of hits in a short time period.

This song had to be released officially on 16 November, 2011 by Sony Music, it was released solely as a recording version of song had already reached internet much before(around 31 October). But this fluke became a blessing in disguise for its Music composers as this song became an overnight hit and is most viewed song on You tube, with around 3.79 million views in less than a week and remained trending topic on twitter for three days. [UPDATE: Now this song has more than 50 million views on Youtube!]

See the impact of Social Media, despite linguistic constraints it became chartbuster song in Bollywood too. No other song from Kollywood has received so much adulation from whole nation. Social media experts have rated Kolaveri as one of best examples of Viral Marketing.

Viral marketing in simple words would be “word of mouth marketing”-something that compels person to transmit it to other, the compelling factor can be- interesting, provocative, motivating, luring with gifts etc. In case of this peppy song it was strangeness of language-Tanglish (Tamil and English) that rose curiosity among people even when I clicked on to view this song url (which was widely circulated on internet), I googled word ‘ Kolaveri Di’ to figure out what was this song about. No TV or print media promotions or promotional tours could have won so much popularity to song what viral marketing has done.

But since tendency of this phenomenon is viral, its outbreak can turn you upside down also i.e. it can turn negative too. I would share an old example of Starbuck– Starbuck’s started a campaign for friends and family efforts. The coffee chain sought to entice friends and family of employees to come into the store for free iced coffee, but when word got out about the offer and the response was bigger than expected, corporate headquarters had to nix the promotion.

However all turned well in case of Kolaveri, and it has become a youth anthem. In order to analyze its success it is being studied as case study by students of top business schools of country including IIMs. From my side Thumbs up for Kolaveri, and all the best to movie 3!

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