Konga Leveraged On Mobile, Display, Pay Per Click And Seo To Increase Traffic And Revenue

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Image Konga was launched in July 2012, with a mission to become the engine of commerce and trade in Africa. Konga.com is regarded as the largest online mall in Nigeria offering products in ranging categories which include Clothing, shoes, Computers and Accessories, Electronics, Phones and Tablets, Music, Movie and Games, Automotive Accessories and Industrial Supplies, Home Appliances, Books, Healthcare Products, Baby Products, Beauty and Personal care, Food and Drinks etc. Konga.com serves a retail customer that continues to grow exponentially with range of services that are designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction. Konga is Nigeria’s largest online shopping portal. Boasting the largest internet population in Africa and ranking 8th worldwide, Nigeria is a market showing dramatic growth in the Ecommerce world.  In 2014, Nigeria’s largest shopping website, Konga worked with agency to grow their business through innovative mobile, display, paid and organic search campaigns.


To increase traffic and boost sales and revenue through integration of Mobile, Display, Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization.


The global agency was taken on board to play an integral part in the dramatic growth plans of the company. Their focus was to implement their methodology to Display, PPC & SEO to significantly increase traffic and revenue. An aggressive acquisition strategy to dominate the marketplace in an emerging market was adopted. Alongside paid activity, a sustainable digital strategy with a comprehensive SEO plan was adopted to cost effectively dominates the SERPs. A renewed drive in display, mobile and search helps Konga boost online sales paving the way for ecommerce businesses in Nigeria, a thorough customer-centric behaviour analysis was carried out. Data-analysis formulated for the over-arching search strategy. This meant first identifying the types of ecommerce shoppers using the site, to focus all optimisation to appeal to their method of product researching and buying. With the brand’s relentless growth, best-practice SEO techniques was employed across the full marketing team to ensure all channels naturally worked towards the collective goal of increasing traffic, orders and ultimately revenue. Through the innovative and advanced SEO tactics undertaken, traffic from organic generic keywords increased from 14% to 39% whilst organic search traffic increased by an impressive 232% year on year in just 21 weeks. As part of the on-going on-site improvements, critical on-page metrics have also improved. Bounce rate has improved 77% pages per session have improved 96% and conversion rate has also improved 94%. Proving a successful strategy of replacing existing traffic with more relevant keyword coverage. Increased digital reach Konga boost revenue 451% via SEO. The SEO work for Konga.com was recognised for driving a 317% year on year increase in revenue through paid search and increasing revenue by 451% through organic search.

Black Friday Promotion

Image Yakata

Task was to align the campaign with Konga.com’s demand for growth, Evidence of the scale occurred in Konga.com’s December “Yakata” promotion based on Black Friday sales, where meticulous planning led to 670% increase in new buyers, trending on social media for 72 hours plus 53% of sales via mobile devices, during the two-day Yakata campaign. During Yakata (the Nigerian version of Black Friday) Konga got a 1440% year on year increase in online revenue.


Image Discount

Understanding the high mobile penetration in Nigeria looked to optimise for mobile devices, increasing transactions by an impressive 1,361%. To encourage mobile app installs, Paid ads targeted to activate devices, indicating a high propensity to download apps. This led to thousands of downloads in the first month exceeding target by 396% at a cost per install 66% lower than the target. 53% of sales made via mobile devices


  1. Traffic increased by 232% year on year
  2. Revenue increase by 451% year on year
  3. Orders increase 430% year on year
  1. 670% increase in new buyers, during the Yakata campaign, with 53% of sales made via mobile devices.
  2. Mobile SEO increased by 110% whilst revenue has increased 571%.
  3. Over the two days of Yakata, a record breaking 1440% year on year increase in online revenue was recorded – with 500% more items sold than Konga.com did in the whole of the previous year.
  4. PPC traffic for the period year on year increased by 121%
  5. Cost per acquisition fell by 55%,
  6. Mobile traffic grew 157% Year on Year, whilst transactions grew by a huge 1,107%


  • Konga’s use of the relevant keywords helps to optimize search result.
  • Adequate understanding of mobile penetration tactics in Nigeria gave rise to tremendous growth in mobile traffic.
  • Display network was leveraged on by Konga to generate huge traffic, which in turn results to increase in sales and revenue

 Image credit – Konga

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