Landscape Leadership Used Inbound Marketing To Expand Its Client Base By 10 Time

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download (1)About Landscape Leadership:

Landscape Leadership is an inbound marketing agency for green industry companies, offering website design and development, content marketing, search engine optimization services and social media management. Founded in 2008 by Chris Heiler, Landscape Leadership is committed to being the leading inbound marketing service provider in the green industry. Company’s approach is focused on increasing awareness for your brand, by generating qualifying leads and building customer loyalty. Landscape Leadership’s services include inbound marketing packages with plans. Company also offers project based services, such as website development, e-newsletter design, copy-writing and graphic design.

Business objectives of Landscape Leadership:

Landscape Leadership’s president and founder, understood the value of top of the funnel marketing activities, so they focused on them with below business objectives:

  • Company was looking for an all in one marketing solution, to track their marketing efforts.
  • With the help of new business strategy and advance technology, company wanted to package their services and deliver them in a structured way.
  • Company want to re-brand them-self s a green industry inbound marketing agency.

Strategies/approaches adopted by Landscape Leadership:

Looking at the value of top of the funnel marketing activities, company focused on their initial marketing efforts on social media and blogging. But were unable to measure the impact these marketing efforts had on Landscape Leadership’s bottom line, because they were using many separate tool. So in order to solve these issues company adopted following strategies:

  • Company expanded their service offerings beyond social media and blogging to help their clients in implementing a full inbound marketing strategy.
  • Company made a marketing software to run it’s own business. Now company had a better insight into it’s own marketing efforts.
  • They used lead management tools to efficiently manage their pipeline.
  • Company also used analytics tools, to understand how successful their marketing efforts are by channel and where they can prioritize their future efforts.

Results achieved by Landscape Leadership:

Inbound marketing strategy changed the way Landscape Leadership was doing business. In addition to their marketing and sales success, company also started growing their team to scale with it’s expanding retainer’s client base. Following were the other results achieved by Landscape Leadership:


  • Within the first two years, monthly traffic increased three times more.
  • Company’s lead increased by two times.
  • Landscape Leadership’s retainer client base increased 10 times more.


In this case study of Landscape Leadership, there are many things which came out as learning, such as:

  • Inbound marketing helps you to re-structure your business and makes your efforts less.
  • Great ROI and all in one solution can be expected with inbound marketing technique.
  • Giving a complete solution to your customer, makes your customer stick to you.

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