LaTienda Used Web Analytics To Gain 70% Increase In Conversion Rate

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latiendaAbout LaTienda:  

As the name suggest LaTienda, a Spanish name with family’s name, its passion for food from Spain is located in Williamsburg, Virginia and specialises in serving Spanish food both on the counter and  online orders. This is a family owned company producing handmade products using sustainable and free range resources with extra love and affection. They introduced, an online platform in 1996 operating from Williamsburg, Virginia. They have a production and warehouse in Williamsburg, through which the company trasports thousands of orders throughout worldwide including Europe, Canada, United States etc.

LaTienda’s Business Objective: 

Laitinda’s core operating team was aware of some products to be get shipped demands slightly higher and expensive shipping methods if the destination is too far from Virginia’s original warehouse. Thus this was the challenging job for them to analyse and compare various shipping rates for this category of products. Thus LaTienda’s goal was to:

  1. Firstly increasing online sales especially within key regions.
  2. And secondly, to determine what is the reason behind high shopping cart abandonment rate.

Approach / Strategy adopted by LaTienda: 

Online orders were the great point of success for their business, however they wanted to grow up their sales with higher margin. Under the assistance of Web analytics and strategist team located within Virginia, LaTienda decided to implement web analytics decision making tool for its business.

LaTienda formed two groups of customers according to regions: Region A consist of customers who were nearer to the warehouse and always get affordable shipping costs. Region B rest of the customers for whom more expensive shipping method was the only option. To measure impact on sales LaTienda installed Event Tracking to the “Add To Cart” button on every page where product was displaced. Then to separate visitors in Region A and B, they used Advanced Segments Custom Reports and drilled down to view performance according to product category. After this, following are the two major tasks carried out by them:

  • To track most important Ecommerce features using Event tracking and e-commerce tracking tools.
  • To analyse the exact relationship between geographical location of customers with respect to product purchase.


LaTienda implemented a less expensive model which was flat rate shipping model at the same time in Region B and promoted sales so as to combat the effect of costly shipping charges. This leads to increase in 70% increase in conversion rate at which Region B customers used shopping cart. The Region A rate also got increased but with smaller rate of 3.4%.


LaTienda’s wanted to evaluate the sales impact whenever any key product gets placed in the cart. With the help of Event Tracking, Advanced Segment Custom Reports, the performance of both the regions got tracked effectively. They were able to point out that Regions B’s involvement regarding purchase of key products was 48% less even if they place product in cart which was reason behind higher shipping costs. Tim Harris, CEO of LaTienda, himself says that “for many years they were spending thousands of dollars for various analytics techniques & other options for getting best results, but with Google Analytics they were able to analyse data that they needed to execute “” website that too for free and with actionable results.

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    Good post. Only I’ve found few editing errors and format of sub-headlines.


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