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Lead Generation Techniques: Top 25 Most Effective Tips

Lead Generation Techniques: Top 25 Most Effective Tips

People continuously search for effective lead generation techniques but end up blindly following the trends and techniques.

What will you get by the end of this blog?

  • Importance of lead generation
  • Most effective lead generation techniques
  • Lead generation myths

Let’s get started…

Importance of Lead Generation

With the technological advancements, the buying process has changed and the marketers are finding new ways to reach customers by cutting through the noise.

lead generation techniques

buying changes

Rather than finding customers with mass advertising or email blasts, marketers should focus on being found and learn to build decent & effective relationships with buyers. How are you going to do that?

Top 25 Lead Generation Techniques

Since the buying process has transformed, therefore, we need to transform the techniques we use for lead generation. Here are the most effective lead generation techniques:

Lead Generation Techniques: Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing the landing pages act as effective lead generation techniques. Some of the ways to do that is:

1. Create Product Video

65% of us are visual learners.

If you explain the offering in a way that speaks to the majority, it is easier to generate a lead. When a video is made right, you can generate leads at a high rate.

2. Don’t Include the ‘S’ Word

According to Michael Aagard of Unbounce showed that using the phrase “100% privacy – we will never spam you!” on a signup form decreased conversions by a full 18%.

lead generation techniques

Lead Generation techniques

I get you want your customers to be assured of privacy, but try doing it in a fun way without using the word ‘spam’. You can run A/B tests to be sure your signup forms are optimized for conversion.

3. Does your CTA Pass the Squint Test?

Squint your eyes and then look at your website, does the call to action button stands out?

A travel website tested a CTA in the left column against a more contrasting CTA that passed the squint test. Result? There was a 591% increase in leads.

4. Offer Lesser Choices

According to Hick’s Law, fewer choices mean less confusion…and less confusion means more leads. Therefore, you should have a single CTA.

For instance, MySiteAuditor decreased the options on a free trial signup page from six to one and saw an increase of 25% in their conversion rate.

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Content Marketing Lead Generation Techniques

Content is the king and content marketing is one of the best lead generation techniques most companies look forward to.

5. Ask for Email for Extraordinary Downloadable Posts

Quoteroller created a list of SEO directories in Australia which received more than 800 visits in a month but wasn’t generating leads. However, after adding a download option in a PDF format after filling up an email address, the post peaked at 5 new leads/day and resulted in 200 new email subscribers so far.

6. Pay Attention to About Page

Your ‘About Us’ page is very important to your business because people see what you are about and who are you. It is also a great place to have a call to action.

You can include solid value proposition in your headline and break up copy into manageable chunks. You should also have a compelling CTA which gives your visitors a clear idea about what’s next.

7. Blog.. Blog.. Blog!

Said and done millions of times before by millions of people. However, this is still by far the most effective way for generating leads. Despite all this, not many companies have consistent and strong content strategy.

If you are built up the traffic to your blog, your job isn’t over. You still have a lot of work to do! Make sure you have relevant traffic coming to your site and add compelling CTAs to your blog posts. For instance, if a reader wants to read about a  PPC blog post, there are chances they will be interested in the ebook also. Probability is high that they will exchange their email address for those resources!

8. You MUST Work on Evergreen Content

In-depth posts are time-consuming but they give a good result. Therefore, if you frame them correctly, they can turn your content strategy’s backbone and you can use it to draw traffic even long after they are published.

There are a lot of opportunities for lead generation with evergreen content. But how would you identify evergreen content? After doing a content audit to determine which posts continue to draw traffic, you should update the popular posts with CTAs that triggers lead generation.

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Social Media for Lead Generation

Here are some of the lead generation techniques from social world:

9. Use Followerwonk to Identify Leads on Twitter

lead generation techniques


On Twitter, some leads are ready to use while others are prospects that you have to nurture. With Followerwonk, you can distinguish between the ones that are feasible for you!

10. Tweet Promotion

Krave Cereal ran a test and the result was that the customers exposed to multiple promoted tweets are 12% more likely to have an intent to purchase.

Although tweets are a form of sponsored content, they should resemble typical tweets you see in your feed. It is important that you keep the tweets fun and relevant to your audience. Steamfeed put together a list of the types of tweets brands should focus on to remain relevant. Few of the tips are:

  • Share trendy news
  • Share information that is useful
  • Guide your followers what to do

In order to maximize the potential of promoted tweets, you should link it to a landing page that is relevant to that tweet. In the lead generation campaigns, this will help continue the conversation and thereby, increase conversions.

11. Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Pulse is one of the most leveraged upon platforms for attracting leads. As per a study by HubSpot where they surveyed 5,000 small businesses, LinkedIn vastly outpaced other social media platforms for lead generation.

lead generation techniques

LinkedIn-best social network for lead generation

Remember: Getting your post read on LinkedIn is one task. The other task is to offer something great and pairing a relevant landing page so that it captures the leads.

12. Heard of Twitter Cards?

With Twitter, you can easily capture leads in the activity stream via lead cards. Here, the Twitter is equal to the signup box that you would see on most of the blogs.

13. Quora Answering

lead generation techniques

Quora statistics lead generation

Quora has gained immense popularity in no time and no can deny that. With Quora, you can create a profile with links back to your site or landing page. By answering the queries, you are directly exposing yourself to the leads who are looking for answers.

14. SlideShare Will Get you Lots of Traffic

With over 70 million monthly visitors on SlideShare, if you aren’t using this platform, you are missing out on your slice of the audience.

Even if you don’t have capital to invest, SlideShare is still one of the best ways to generate leads. Also, you can link to a landing page in the description, landing page in the presentation, and your SlideShare profile.

15. Do Social Listening on Twitter

Just a quick search on Twitter will give you a list of people who wish to know what you are doing and what you are offering. You will not only get real-time information but it is also an amazing opportunity to engage with people who have a problem you can solve or are mentioning your products.

Services such as TweetBeep will help you set Twitter alerts that work in the same way as Google Alerts.

How Social Media helps generate leads?

16. Google+ Communities

Similar to LinkedIn groups, Google+ helps bring people with common interests together. Their communities offer opportunities to reach potential prospects to drive conversions and become an influencer.

Offline Lead Generation Techniques

Online lead generation ways are desirable, however, as a business, you cannot miss out on offline methods of generating leads. Some of the offline ways are:

17. Television to Attract Customers

Have a unique position when you appear on television. The effectiveness of television lead generation efforts are the network they run on and the time of day spots.

If you get the right Television creative for yourself at the right time, you will get recurring revenue for your business.

18. Be a Speaker at an Event

lead generation techniques

Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya Speaking at an Event

For generating sales leads, if you are a speaker at a physical event, it will generate high-quality leads because as a presenter, you hold a position of authority. If the session goes well, you can expect a lot of leads afterward and you can use these connections to find even more leads.

Lead Generation Techniques: Using Reviews and Referrals

19. Pro Plans for Influencers

In the early stages of a company, having thought leaders as customers can drive hundreds of new signups. You should give away all of your product features to well-respected influencer and bloggers which will make their communities follow you.

What’s in there for you?

In return, you just have to ask for an honest review of your product. Since, 71% of B2B product purchases start on Google, therefore, if the first thing that comes up about your product is a positive review, there you get a lead!

Oh, remember one important thing that you have to establish a decent relationship with the bloggers before asking for the review directly. Otherwise, you will be blasted with bad reviews!

20. Is your Email Signature Right?

To get most out of your emails, give links back to your landing page or website in your signature. Here’s an example: the British Red Cross wanted to generate donations somehow. One way they collected the leads was adding links to donation pages in its employee’s email signature.

The audience who engaged with employees using the modified signatures were 20% more likely to end up making a donation. It will definitely work for you!

lead generation techniques

lead generation techniques red-cross

To make these lead generation ideas more scalable, use an email signature that says “refer a friend to get 20% off”. This is how you can make you make more opportunities with this method.

Lead Generation Tools and Services

21. AdRoll

The audience who have already seen your website are warmer leads (if they had a positive experience) than those who have never seen or heard of your brand. Using AdRoll will allow you to ‘follow them’ around the web and get them to come back to make a purchase.

22. LaunchBit

With LaunchBit, you can choose from a curated list of sponsors and email newsletters that can help you reach your target audience. With sponsoring, you can advertise your lead generation campaigns in email newsletters that matter to your target audience.

lead generation techniques

lead generation techniques from Launchbit

LaunchBit screens all lists to make sure they are legal and handles all the transactions so that the experience is smooth for all.

23. Social Hubs

Social media platforms are probably the best ways to generate leads. You have to post on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter anytime but the lifespan of those posts is short. To be precise, 3 hours on average!

But you can always extend the life of your posts by embedding a social hub directly on your site. These hubs work by patterning your social posts into a grid. After that, you can insert CTAs within that grid to collect leads from your social content.

24. AdWords

One of the most leveraged upon lead generation methods is Google AdWords. It allows you to place forms right inside a search ad. Although this works for collecting prospective leads, but you don’t get highly-qualified leads as you get from a landing page.


One of the lead generation tools offered is owned by Salesforce. It helps you with streamlining your lead generation by spending less time and searching for new leads which ultimately gives you more time to interface with prospective clients.

Nucleus Research used to identify and filter new sales leads precisely and instantly. The result they got was an ROI upwards of 200% along with a massive increase in annual revenue!

Lead Generation Myths

Even after knowing everything, people do struggle with generating and controlling leads on a continuous basis. Although the lead generation ideas are quite simple, you are probably stuck in a loophole of myths! Your lead generation techniques will not work if your foundation is unclear.

lead generation techniques

transformation of marketing

Let’s bust your myths…

Myth #1: Lead Generation Can be Activated When Needed

Your business pipeline will quickly dry if you slow down or stop giving attention altogether. Therefore, you need to develop a plan of who you wish to target and follow it consistently!

Myth #2: Lead Generation is No Science But an Art

There are numerous methods to generate leads and some are more effective while others fail. There is no standardized approach that fits every business. But that doesn’t mean you take a completely free spirit approach with little organizational directions.

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Seeing which works the best and tracking ways to improvise lead generation methods will help you on a continuous basis.

Myth #3: Lead Generation Revolves Around Numbers

When you talk about lead generation, it is always towards quantity. However, you have to focus on quality if you wish to survive in the long-run.

Plan your marketing strategy in a way that it answers, resolves, and supplies information to your audience. This way, your target audience will be more reliable on you for any information.

Myth #4: Leads Will Automatically Come to your Website

“I have made a website and I will wait for leads to appear”

No! It was never this way… You have to offer something of value to your ideal customer and look to solve their issues. A good site is the one which is active and evolve with content relevant to its target audience. You have to focus on a structured lead generation process.


Lead generation is one of the most critical components of your organization and it does require constant efforts! With some planning and focus, you can achieve everything that your business is potential of.

Lead Generation is the heart & soul of any business and Digital Marketing complements it in the most perfect manner by providing endless lead generation opportunities.

Are you inspired by the opportunity of Digital Marketing? You may also enroll for our Certified Digital Marketing Master Course to create a strong Digital Marketing strategy.

Let us know which lead generation techniques work for your business!

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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    How do you think offline marketing contributes to SEO and online strategy? I am sure Google is not looking at offline tactics used like mailbox drops.

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    I think social media and content marketing are the best techniques to generate leads. Lead generation tools like Leadfeeder,Leadformly, AeroLeads etc are also good in generating leads because they will save our time in finding new leads.

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