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Lead Nurturing By Engaging The Prospects To Make Them More Interested

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Lead Nurturing is one of the important phases in Inbound Marketing. This forms the trigger for a sale to happen. It is all about building the relationship and having an emotional bonding between the customer (PROSPECTS) and the brand. This is an on-going process built over a period of time with a series of actions / activities that provides information and educates the customers and prospects about the products / services offered. Lead Nurturing also helps to lessen the sales cycle as it brings more quality leads at a lesser cost.

The customer has a very good control over the web now and it is very critical to reach him and engage him in a meaningful manner. The ‘interaction’ should be a tailor made approach and go to the next level every time with the help of new content. Nurturing should be a slow and smooth process by taking one step at a time in engaging with the right audience through the various digital channels, but not by bombarding them with unwanted details. Instead, develop the relationship by sharing additional information at the right time with their area of interest and engagement levels. This can be done in the form of blogs, podcasts, social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Case Studies, Success Stories, Chats, etc. Lead Nurturing can be put as – being at the right place at the right time with the right content through the right channel.

Let’s take a classic example of Reebok’s Facebook Page – It caters to a large audience from a different language / demographics / age group, but the same message is sent to all from a single landing page. Reebok uses this page to keep in touch with the users from running new campaigns, exercise tips, product updates, special offers, etc.

The prospects of the brand should be prioritized with the relevant information and invite for comments / feedback from readers. Landing pages need to be more personalized, informative and create more interest in the product / service than the previous one.  It is all about getting more eyeballs on the brand. Many of the prospects go ‘cold’, if lead nurturing is not done at the right time.

The Jaago Re campaign from Tata Tea is going viral on the Facebook Page, especially with elections around the corner. This states that it is an ‘active series of conversation’ rather than a one-way communication. The users connect well with the brand when it is a two-way communication and this helps in the buying process.

There are many small players who use only the social media to ‘keep in touch’ with the customers / users by providing the right content / info and attracting the right prospect’s business. Customer loyalty increases in this nurturing process and generates good ROI at a lesser cost when compared to outbound marketing.

Lead nurturing process should always be dynamic in nature and have a scope to change as per the need of the hour according the tastes and preferences of the customers.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      How far an active series conversation on facebook page will remain restricted to two-way communication. Rather it may get the form of group conversation and then a grape vine.

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