7-Step Beginner’s Guide to Learn Affiliate Marketing in India

by Manish Singh | Updated on: December 2, 2019 | 9 Min Read.

Have you been hearing a lot about earning easy money by referring people to Snapdeal, Flipkart or Amazon and thinking what actually it is? How in such a competitive world can people make Passive Incomes? – Then the first thing that you need to know is- It is neither a trick nor magic- Generating passive income in this way is a well-organized marketing system- That you too can use, but for this, you need to learn Affiliate Marketing. Before learning how to start affiliate marketing detail, first, let us learn Affiliate Marketing basics by delving into what experts say about it-

According to Pat Flynn (Owner of Flynndustries, LLC and podcaster known for his website Smart Passive Income)-

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Pat Flynn

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.”

I hope this would have helped you understand how Affiliate Marketing is processed. In the beginning, I mentioned about the Affiliate Programs of Snapdeal, Amazon & Flipkart- So, now let us see what Co-founder of Snapdeal, Mr Kunal Bahl says about its Affiliate Program-

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Mr. Kunal Bahl

“Snapdeal Affiliate Hub is a referral program where you can earn referral fees by advertising products sold on Snapdeal and referring your users to us. You will earn a referral fee each time a user visits us through your affiliate referral link and makes a purchase.”

40% of marketing professionals quote affiliate marketing as the most desired digital skill.

Now, we will go into the 5 steps to learn Affiliate Marketing basics, how to start affiliate marketing and understand how you can use it to generate passive income, so let us go through those 7 steps-

7 Steps To Learn Affiliate Marketing|How To Start Affiliate Marketing

1. Understand The Difference Between Affiliate Marketing Merchant & Affiliate Marketer

To learn Affiliate Marketing online & know how to start affiliate marketing, the first thing that you should know is the difference between an Affiliate Marketing Merchant and an Affiliate Marketer. The product creator or seller in Affiliate Marketing is known as Affiliate Marketing Merchant, while on the other hand Affiliate Marketer helps in marketing those products by using different platforms.

Learn Affiliate Marketing/ How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Model

(i) In case you have any product or service that you want to sell to more audiences and for this, you use some publishers/promoters/advertisers and ask them to do this for a fixed incentive via an affiliate program then you are an Affiliate Marketing Merchant.

(ii) In case you want to generate some kind of passive income and you are good at marketing and advertising skills then you can accept the offer of an Affiliate Merchant and can advertise an item for him or her. This will help you earn money online and for this, you need to actively advance, promote and advertise the products or services of your Affiliate Merchant through an associate/affiliate system. If people purchase the product of your merchant because of your promotion and you gain some commission then you are a successful Affiliate Marketer.

2. Know The Common Terms Associated With Affiliate Marketing

Learn Affiliate Marketing/ How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Working on Affiliate Marketing

Once you are aware of the difference between Affiliate Marketing & Affiliate Merchant, next thing you should pay heed upon is different important terms used in Affiliate Marketing so as to know the best terminology on how to start affiliate marketing-

(i) Affiliates

Affiliates are the publishers or Affiliate Marketers who use affiliate program links for promoting products and making sales.

(ii) Affiliate Marketplace

Different marketplaces like Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank that act as central databases for affiliate programs in particular niches are Affiliate Marketing Places.

(iii) Affiliate Software

Different Software and tools used by companies for creating an affiliate program such as iDevaffiliate are Affiliate Software.

(iv) Affiliate Link

This is a tracking link provided by your affiliate program for tracking the progress of your Affiliate Ad.

(v) Affiliate ID

It is similar to the affiliate link that different affiliate programs offer as a unique identification number that you can add to any page of your product site.

(vi) Payment Mode

Different payment modes in Affiliate Marketing are Cheque, PayPal, wire transfer and others.

(vii) Commission Percentage/Amount

This actually amounts or percentage you will receive an affiliate commission from every sale.

(viii) 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing

In this way of Affiliate Marketing, you let others join your affiliate programs and then you will receive a commission when your sub-affiliate makes a sale and this commission is termed as sub-affiliate commission.

(ix) Landing Pages

This can be understood as unique product sales or demo page, the main purpose of which is increasing sales.

(x)Link Cloaking

This helps you use a technique like URL shorteners, so you can turn ugly URLs into URLs that are readable.

3. Choose The Product Type You Want To Promote Via Affiliate Marketing

Now you need to be aware of the product types that you can successfully promote via Affiliate Marketing. You can visit the Amazon site and choose a category, which you find best suited for you. It is just here to choose a topic you are familiar with.

(i) When you choose a specific topic to promote via Affiliate Marketing then it alleviates the process of targeting specific audiences for a particular kind of affiliate marketing campaign.

(ii) In Affiliate Marketing, choosing a product type is termed as selecting a ‘niche’.

(iii) You can check Amazon and Flipkart or other sites to know the commission rates of different products available on them.

(iv) Click here to see Flipkart and Amazon product commission rates.

4. Create A Website & Signup For An Affiliate Program

Next step to learn Affiliate Marketing online & knowing how to start affiliate marketing is knowing how to make a website that can assist you in channelizing your Affiliate Marketing Campaign. Creating a website is considered the most powerful way to promote affiliate links. You need to have a site that not only targets audiences but also informs them in the most credible way possible.

(i) Establishing a relationship on the ground of credibility will help you create anticipation in the mind of your audiences regarding the products and services you talk about and because of the credibility factor, they would prefer choosing the products and services you recommend them to buy.

(ii) Next thing after creating a website is signing up for the affiliate program. When choosing for an Affiliate Program, you should always go for the one that offers higher commissions for the product category you have selected.

(iii) For the Amazon Affiliate Program, you need to sign up here while for Flipkart, sign up here.

5. Know-How To Add Your Affiliate Link To Your Blog/Website

Once you signed up for an Affiliate Program, the next step to learn Affiliate Marketing free & knowing how to start affiliate marketing is adding your affiliate link to your blog or website. You can do this by following below given steps-

(i) First, you need to Login to an Affiliate Program e.g. Amazon Affiliate Program.

Learn Affiliate Marketing/How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Add your Affiliate Link to your Blog/Site

(ii) Then you need to search for a product by entering a keyword/search term/product name.

(iii) You can also navigate to the ‘Links & Banners’ drop-down menu and then can select ‘Product Link’ for selling a product. Now you need to enter the search term of the product you want to promote.

(iv) If you find the product of your choice, you just need to click on the ‘Get Link’ button and you will get the link of the product.

(v) Now for a Text Only Amazon add, you should copy the link and paste it in the HTML editor of your site.

Learn Affiliate Marketing/ How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Copy the link and paste it in the HTML editor of your site

  6. Write Content About The Product

You can also promote the product via Affiliate Marketing by writing content about the product. Different types of content that you need to know when you learn Affiliate Marketing free is-

(i) “How to” articles & tutorials

(ii) Review articles

(iii) Comparison articles

(iv) Content Curation

(v) Offer or Discount articles

7. Build Relationships With Audiences & Get The Targeted Traffic

When you learn Affiliate Marketing online & know how to start affiliate marketing, it is must to know different ways that can help you build the relationship with your audiences and then you should patiently follow them before generating money online. Creating and maintaining relationships with partners will help you get targeted traffic for your marketing campaign. Below given are some methods to attract potential customers for your Affiliate Programs-

(i) Free Advertising

In this, you can place ads and links on free websites for driving traffic to your website. This will let you and the free site earn via Affiliate Marketing when individuals click on your ads

(ii) Paid Advertising

This will allow you to run visual ads that are highly clickable and for this, you can take the assistance of Google AdSense. PPC Ads are one of the most important factors of Affiliate Marketing and you should always try to create powerful Ads to generate sales and increase ROI. You PPC Ad should-

(a) Address a problem your consumers normally face and then you should attract them with a befitting solution.

(b) Add certain keywords that drive traffic and your keywords should be reflected on the main landing page.

(c) Add the call to action that can give direction to the pitch you have created for your PPC Ad.

(iii) Email Marketing

Learn Affiliate Marketing/ How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

In this way, marketers can embed a form for email subscription for the visitors who come to their site and this will let you get the names and email details of your visitors that help you in maintaining a long-term relationship with them.

(iv) Article Marketing

To learn Affiliate Marketing basics, you should know how to do Article Marketing that can ensure a higher ranking in search engine results. Different sites like Ezine Articles, HubPages are used for publishing articles.

Final Words

On the concluding note, I think you would have understood how to start affiliate marketing, how to set up your Affiliate Marketing in India, how you can promote products using your affiliate link & have a complete understanding of how affiliate marketing works. Generating quality traffic for your affiliate link is more important than having many affiliate links and that is why you should always go for quality.

You can use all the over-mentioned steps on any e-commerce site such as Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart Affiliate Marketing, etc.

I hope this post aids you learn Affiliate Marketing free and kickstart your own affiliate marketing campaigns. Knowing the exact ways to add value to your readers will alleviate the process of attracting traffic and generating conversions.

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