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Want to learn Blogging? You are at the right place!

The Internet era has pronounced blogging as the medium to communicate with masses in this virtual driven Aeon. The youth is going gaga to learn Blogging. They use it everywhere, to express, to awaken, to inform or to persuade. Today, a blog is the most descriptive and powerful medium. With the texts you write, you can take the reader to places. Texts are much more powerful than we understand them to be. Enhanced with images and other kinds of illustrations, you can mold the minds of the readers as you want. Isn’t this just so fascinating? Well, the beauty of words is understood by someone who either loves to read or write.

learn blogging

What is a blog?

However, when you decide to write your own blog, one thing that must be cleared beforehand, is the purpose of the blog. Are you going to write professionally or write for self-expression? Begin with a clear objective in your head as to why are you doing this, specifically?

A self-analysis before beginning a task is a must, you should always jot down the points in order to have a clearer vision of the tasks you are going to undertake. This will guide you throughout the task, if you’re going in the right direction or not.

A clearer perspective is also required because when you start working on your blog, you are supposed to write and please take a note, the blog expresses your views on a particular topic. There is no scope for it to be copied from any site at all. In the case of plagiarism (copy), your readers will be able to easily find it out.  This will dent your reputation. And I am sure, you do not wish to go down that lane. Now, let’s begin with understanding the concepts from the base.

What is Blogging?

Simply put, a blog is a regularly updated website which may be handled by an individual or a small group of people who update it on a regular basis. The blog follows an interactive and informal style of presenting the content. This content is particularly framed, keeping in mind the ways to increase the user engagement on a website. You may call it, an intended freestyle communication to achieve various objectives.

One particular skill set required to begin blogging is: good writing skills and a desire to learn and grasp things quickly. Once you learn the basic functioning of a blog. Soon it will be piece of cake for you to begin working on your own blog and in no time you will begin earning from the same.

How to blog?

The process where you begin with your blog does not involve many efforts. A few concepts to be implemented and understood and you may begin. Here, let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow to have your blog started.

1.) Theme

Decide a theme for your blog. The theme of the blog should be in consideration with the audience it is focused on dealing with. The theme further narrows down the audience of a blog. This can be purely understood by the normal human tendency of being selective about what information they wish to receive. Thus, pick a theme you wish to write on. A theme can be anything from travel, poetic to aesthetic. Accordingly, promote it on suitable medias which cater to your audience.

learn blogging

Theme of the Blog

2,) Content Of the Blog

Now once you have decided the theme, you need to decide what kind of content will you be posting in your blogs. A theme, say food, is a broad topic, you can further narrow it down or keep it wide. It all depends on you. The content of a blog is an element of blogging which must be kept at utmost priority. It plays a crucial role in the SEO of your blog and obviously the visitors on the website also largely depend on the quality and category of the content. Thus, it is advisable that you pay extra attention to your content and at any given point it must be kept at utmost priority.

You can further decide what does your content aim at. It can be anything from informing, educating, entertaining to persuading. Well, that is for you to decide.

3.) Review a few similar Blogs

Once you have read a few blogs which are similar to what you are thinking of building, you get an idea of what efforts and inputs are required on your end. Also, you get a glimpse of the overall layout and the presentation style. This will let you have an overview of everything you need in order to go ahead.

Also, these are your future competitors. So, keeping that in mind you must pay close attention to their activities and posts. Follow them on social media to get their updates. These are the effective ways of keeping yourself updated.

4.) Purchase a domain name

Think of a suitable name for your blog in accordance with our theme. Check the availability and purchase the domain name which is catchy and relatable. After you have your domain name, choose a platform to host your site and use their traffic to leverage your blog. Websites like GoDaddy and WordPress are the most popular amongst all other websites that allow hosting. Now, this is again your decision which Site to pick to have your blog hosted. However, a point to be considered here is that whatever site you pick will have a great impact on the SEO of your blog.

learn blogging

domain name extension

What is a Domain name?  

Your domain name is the name by which your site will be searched over the internet. example- www.

What is hosting?

By hosting we refer to a service provider which enables the World to view your site over the internet. The service provider provides you with a space to make your website live.

Choose a platform for your site

There are several blogging websites which provide you with the space to publish your blogs and make them live. Currently, out of all the blogging websites available, WordPress is the most preferred of all, occupying 26% market share. I would suggest you, to begin with WordPress if you are a beginner and this will be your first blog. It is absolutely free, all the features, everything, free.

learn blogging

WordPress market Share

For getting your blog hosted, you can book your hosting plan with and there is no need to purchase a domain name. provides you with a free domain name on booking a hosting plan with them. A domain name is unique for every website. So, it can be difficult for you to find and register a suitable domain name for your website which is not already taken.

Guidelines for choosing a good domain name

The domain name works much like the brand name and follows a similar approach. Read on to choose a domain name that suits the below-mentioned criteria.

  • Easy to pronounce and remember
  • Check the meaning of the word in other languages as well- The Internet is the World Wide Web, anyone from all over the world can access your blog. So, be careful with the meaning of your Domain name in other languages as well.
  • Use the popular extensions i.e. .com, .net or .org
  • You can always vouch for your own name if it is not already taken. example:

You can simply visit the, to begin with your website, using your domain or get one from there itself and go live.

Well, now you have been introduced to the domain name and hosting which are the foundation of any website.

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Learn Blogging with free hosted Blog!

In the beginning, when you are not up for a professional blog and are looking forward to start a personal blog, you definitely do not wish to spend much money on that. So, let me give you the good news, you can get you blog hosted for free with Digital Vidya. A successful blog takes time, efforts and experience to reach a level where you begin to make money, blogging. To learn blogging online, there are several blogging courses available. Anyhow, why to spend money when you can learn Blogging instantly with these simple steps without any blogging course offered to you.

So, here you go!

Step 1- Learn from your competitors

Observe everything from content posted to their style, their tone, the kind of images used, and strategise how you can be better than them.

Step 2-  Narrow down your horizons by selecting a theme for your online blog

Your niche must be specified to give a direction to your work.

Step 3- Select the name of the blog, which will be your domain name and be reflected in your URL

The domain name must be unique and attractive.

Step 4- Began setting up your online Blog. Time to start Blog! 

Use our blog setup guide and go onboard.

Step 5- Select the layout- Give the desired feel to your blog

It’s all about the vibe.

Step 6- List the categories you will be working on

These categories will be used further while blogging.

Step 7- write your first online blog, this will be your first communication with the audience

Be creative, easy and relatable.

Step 8- Publish the blog

Go live!

Step 9- Begin the off page SEO, share your online blog to the social media now

Let the world know you have entered the game.

Step 10 – Learn about the metrics, you should know how to analyze your reach

Use tools like Google Analytics for this purpose.

Step11 – Learn the do’s and don’t’s of the Blogging World

Blogging ethics are crucial to last long

Let us now take a look at what and should you be possibly writing to get your readers hooked to your blog. 

  • Write unique and engaging content
  • Make use of Interpersonal tone to create a personal touch with your readers.
  • Use images to make your layout descriptive.
  • Choose a purpose for your writing and abide by it.
  • Update them with the latest information or grab their attention with topics of interest.
  • If you are using abbreviations or jargons, mention the details.
  • You can use striking quotes by famous personalities to enhance the value of the Blog.

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How to build an audience for your Blog?

The blog will be ready as soon as you are done with writing and formatting your blog. WordPress is quite user-friendly and thus, there will not be many technicalities which you will have to deal with. The final and most crucial step now is to inform people about your blog. the question here is, how to go about it? how to build an audience for your blog?

  1. Use your social media accounts to leverage your blogs.
  2. You can submit guest blogs on popular blogs to direct their traffic to your blog.
  3.  Ask your friends with popular social media accounts to share your blogs.
  4. Interview popular personalities of the related theme you are working on to further increase the traffic on your blog.
  5. Set your initial target at 100 subscribers: Ask all your knowns to follow and share, they will be your initial audience.
  6. Use Digital Marketing tools like SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, etc. to leverage the traffic on your online blog.
  7.  A blog with a massive reach helps you make money blogging.

How to optimize your blog?

Once you have already published your blog, assess your blog at least after a month. To analyze the performance of the blog, one of the most leveraged upon tool is  Google Analytics. This will help you to understand and point out the notable optimizations which can be used to increase the SEO of the blog. On reviewing the performance of a particular blog, you can retrieve all the information as to how to leverage the traffic on the blog.

Read below to learn some easy ways to optimize the already existing blog:


Now that you are not satisfied with the result achieved by the existing keyword usage. You can always look up for the more searched upon keywords to increase the SEO of your published blog. Tools like SEMRush, Google keyword planner are extremely helpful when it comes to finding the keywords which can improve the search density of the blog.

The optimization accounts for changes that will enhance the overall SEO of the blog. One must take into consideration the unnoticed details to which we usually do not pay much attention. Some of them are listed below.


On the right-hand side of your WordPress blog page, there is an option for adding tags. All the keywords you have used in the blog along with primary and secondary keywords are to be added in the tags bar and are to be separated by commas. These tags will pop up your website higher when those keywords will be searched.

Learn Blogging

category tag WordPress


When you initially set up your blog you can refer to the online blog setup guide to add the categories you plan to work on in future. Therefore, every time you publish a blog, simply categorize it. This is another important SEO tool which is used by all the successful blogs.

Title and description:

Just below the writing page, there is a snippet section which allows you to add customized title and description. This title and description is the one which pops up on Google on being searched for on the same topic. The more striking the title will be, the more likely the person will click on the site. However, the description should be more informative in tone.

Note- Both title and description should comprise of the primary keyword. This is very important from the SEO point of view. 

Learn Blogging

focus keyword meta keyword snippet editor

Focus keyword and meta keyword

This lies just below the snippet editor. In both these sections, the primary keyword is to be mentioned. This is indeed an important tool to leverage the blog which is hosted by WordPress. Just below the meta keyword column, there is an Analysis of the blog by WordPress, you can refer to it for suggestions.

Keyword embedding in the URL

In WordPress, you can edit the URL of the link. You can ensure that the primary keyword is there in the URL. You should frame the URL with only the keyword for a better search result.

Sharing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram

Sharing on social media is undoubtedly the best option to redirect traffic to your blog. Your friends, family, miscellaneous followers, all get an update of the new blog posts each time you share something.

When you start updating your social media feed regularly with the blogs you post you give a daily reminder to your friends and your followers and at least 10% of the population is likely to visit your online blog. When you begin using these features of WordPress you will gradually learn Blogging and will soon become a pro.

Learn blogging

facebook share twitter google plus

On page SEO

Starting to learn Blogging, you need to be familiar with a few terms which will be extremely helpful to you and will also help you make money while blogging online. On page SEO simply refers to interlinking the pages of your site. For instance, simply embed the link of another blog in a text where it fits in properly in terms of relevance.

Off page SEO

By off page SEO, we mean to share, comment, guest blog submissions, tag friends etc. When you start to blog, you practice online blog publishing and this is how you learn Blogging practically. Off page SEO is equally important to leverage the traffic on your online blog. So, when I publish my blog I don not just leave it there, in order to gain reach I begin with off page SEO thereafter.

Learn blogging

Like, share and comment buttons

To conclude:

When you begin to learn blogging, you will realize that there are several things you are lacking in and how tedious it can get if you do not have the proper information.

There are several areas you will need guidance in the initial stage to becoming a blogger. This is the time wherein your mind will be flooded with questions and until and unless you have someone to guide you and answer those questions it can become really difficult. Thus, expert guidance is needed and recommended.

Knowing how to write case studies & including them in your blog can help you build credibility & gain the trust of the target audience.

You can enroll for our CDMM course which will equip you with the required knowledge and assistance in setting up your own blog. You can also undertake our tasks on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, get relevant followers on Twitter, start with your Google AdWords account, etc. These tasks will guide and inform you about the various aspects which play a crucial role in determining the success of your Blog.

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