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Learn Customer Delight For Growth At India Internet Day (IID) 2016

Learn Customer Delight For Growth At India Internet Day (IID) 2016

According to NASSCOM, 2015 was the year for technology startups in India. Talking about the startups, India is at the third position globally with more than 4200 startups. You will be surprised to know that in 2015, there was a jump of 100% in the startups. The funding doubled to $5 billion. Out of this 5 billion US dollars, more than $700 million were invested in the early-stage financing.

Although, we saw a boom in the year 2015 with respect to startups in India but they have dropped steeply in the first three months of 2016 itself. This is evident from the fall of investment deals which was -35% during the first three months of this year alone. Therefore, in order to continue the growth with respect to smartphones, data usage, and internet access and the ways we can pull back investors will be the focus of India Internet Day (IID) 2016.

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) is one of the largest global non-profit community for entrepreneurs. The niche of this organization is the power of ideas that can change the face of entrepreneurship through mentoring, education, networking, funding, and incubating. To take this aim further Digital Vidya, Asia’s largest Digital Marketing Training Company amongst other brands like BookMyShow, Collegedunia Web Pvt Ltd, Digital Defynd, Indian Angel Network, Ah ventures India Pvt Ltd, Startup Grind, MotivateMe, Justdial, Tech In Asia, and DrumUp etc have become the media partners for the India Internet Day (IID) 2016.

Theme of #iDay 2016

The tagline of one of the India’s largest event, the India Internet Day (IID) 2016 is ‘If you are reading this chances are you have a stake in the Internet economy’ which beautifully explains the theme of this event. The India Internet Day (IID) 2016 is the largest Internet Conference of India with an aim of ‘Emerging from the Froth’. Some of the key areas that will be focused at this conference are:

  • What are the factors entrepreneurs should focus on to build and scale sustainability,
  • What are the tools and perspectives to focus on for creating a strong foundation,
  • What are the changing models of growth in Entrepreneur 2020,
  • New ways of efficiently doing mobile marketing, and
  • Benchmarking against the successfully scaled companies

Happening every year, India Internet Day is held by TiE at Delhi-NCR. This year, the India Internet Day (IID) 2016 is happening today, 29th April at Delhi, the capital city of the country. The event is taking place at the Leela Ambience, Gurgaon.

Some of the renowned names in the field of Entrepreneurship speaking at the India Internet Day 2016 are Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder, PayTm; Dev Khare, MD, LightSpeed Venture Partners, India; V S S Mani, Founder and CEO, JustDial Ltd;  Sachin Bansal, ex-chairman and Co-Founder, Flipkart; Ravi Adusumalli, General Partner, SAIF advisors, and, Kashyap Deorah, Author, The Golden Tap. This event is insightful and valuable for almost everyone especially working professionals, entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, higher class students, and college students. The awareness and learning in the field of startups are huge and you will get a lot of experience.

The list of the sessions at this conference will give you an A to Z knowledge of ’emerging from the froth’. Sessions like Panel Internet India Report: Connecting a Billion Indians, #iDayTalk, Entrepreneur 2020
Changing face of Indian Entrepreneur, Workshop Mobile Marketing and many more.

Amongst these, one of the interesting topics discussed is Panel Love Conquers All: Customer Delight for growth. The speakers in this panel discussion are Amit Chaudhary – COO & Co-Founder, Lenskart; Suchi Mukherjee – Founder, Limeroad; Nishant Patni – Co-Founder, CultureAlley, and Sanjeev Bikhchandani – Founder & Vice Chairman, This session was moderated by Sanjeev Bikhchandani who asked the panelist about their startup journey. He started off the discussion by making a line: If a product hits a hot button and you are able to solve a pain point then you don’t have to make much of the efforts.

Suchita Salwan, Founder Little Black Book

She started Little Black Book in 2012 while she was working with BBC. Little Black Book is a discovery platform for events, food, lifestyle, and culture. They curate and recommend listings in the Delhi-NCR region and Bangalore. The idea behind is listings should not be cumbersome, boring, and outdated.

When asked by Sanjeev how they are different from Time Out. She said ‘We are still surviving in the Indian markets’. Little Black Book is integrated with tech in the content sourcing and brand outreach. For users to come again, they look at ‘things to do’ as a category that covers almost everything. This the reason users come back to us again and again. The varied areas of interest are taken care by them.

She gave the advice that ‘When you start any company, go by intuition’.

On being asked how they can make decisions to deliver good customer experience is ‘use of data for customers to drive a lot of decision’ , ‘meet users to get feedback’ , ‘Give them something that totally surprising them’ , and ‘providing them the information they can’t find anywhere else’.

Sanjeev asked how do they intent to monetize? She said they are the market leaders in the cities they are operating namely, Delhi and Bangalore. Also, LBB garner over a million users. They make money by working with the biggest brands India. A good experience is when you keep a promise to your customers true and this boosts everything. Things like personalization, how you use service location, and past experience of the users are important to take into consideration.

Amit Chaudhary – COO & Co-Founder, Lenskart

Started by giving a gist of the company, Amit Chaudhary, COO and Co-Founder, Lenskart said it is a lifestyle brand trying to change how people buy eyewear and consume eyewear. The company was built because of bad customer service. From 2011 to 2016, the company has got into manufacturing and delivering as well. On being asked if company prefers brand loyalty or fast scalability and if discount is a pull or a push for them. Amit said they are a private company and therefore they have good enough profits even after discounts. The discount is both a pull and push. Their thrust is to get the first transaction.

Amit Singh, Co-Founder, Shuttl

Started by saying most of the India is still struggling to reach their destination. They are working for Delhi commute. Users can suggest route, pick the route, and pay online. As of now, they are working in Delhi-NCR. Their app suggests the closest match of route, where to go, and who to pick. They are focusing on retention and referral. They are solving a big problem and this is the agenda of their business.

On being asked if they are making profits they said not profitable as they are trying to scale fast. They focus on demand. Where is the pain? Is it in the short distance or long? According to the customers, 80% are for long distance. People don’t have any alternative and we are solving this. For the short distance, they are not making money. The key element is to identify customers who value you. They will keep knocking doors for your services and you should chase them.

Nishant Patni – Co-Founder, CultureAlley

They started with Hello English that allows India to learn basic English. There are 13 million learners and it is the most downloaded app in Asia. The app is mobile friendly and assesses their English level. They assess their journey that is like a video game. It is present outside India too

They Talk to customers before releasing the app on play store. Nishant and his team met 1500 people before launching anything. Before you do that ask if this makes sense to you! The key is also how regional language friendly it wants to get. Answer questions like what is working for them and what is not working for them. Primary job is to get a pulse of that product. How is it working? continuously improve. 350 different versions. in 18 months.

On being asked by the moderator if they have versions. He said they are continuously improving and they have 350 different versions in 18 months. The app makes it easy for other to join in as it works in the offline channel like over Bluetooth. This contributes majorly. Word of mouth plus search is important. Shuttl also customize the entire experience for businesses- paid solutions.

Amit Singh, Shuttl made the point when all the panelists were done with sharing their views that delight comes from

  1. You give them good results when the person is not expecting anything and
  2. Honesty about accepting mistakes and correcting the bad experience.

The moderator, Sanjeev closed the discussion by saying ‘in my view, customers money is always better than investors money may fall off but with investors money, customer money may or may not come’. Delight the customers is important and funding is not so abundant so focus on customer delight.

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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