Learn Email Marketing | Step by Step Beginner’s Guide

by Satyendra Tewari | Updated on: January 8, 2020 | 8 Min Read.

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet the most relevant segments of Online Marketing Campaigns. Email Marketing Campaigns use emails for developing relationships with potential and existing customers to ensure lead generations and conversions. To learn Email Marketing, it is important to comprehend what Email Marketing is, why email marketing plays a significant role in Digital Marketing, and how you should incorporate it in your Marketing Strategy.

To answer all these questions, we have come up with this 8-Step guide to learn Email Marketing. So let us go through below given 8 Steps and learn Email Marketing Online.-

8 Steps to Learn Email Marketing

1. What is Email Marketing?

Learn Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

  • Email Marketing can be understood as a promotion of businesses by sending emails and newsletters
  • Marketers need to connect with their target audiences in a conversion driven manner and using personalized way is must for this. Email marketing ensures that personalization for marketers
  • Email Marketing helps you connect with your prospects in a highly targeted way and it delivers ROI and revenue back to the business in the most affordable way possible
  • Email Marketing is one of the oldest ways of marketing campaigns and no other marketing category has the longevity that email marketing has

2. Components of Email Marketing Campaigns

Next important thing to learn Email Marketing is to know different components of Email Marketing. Below given is the list of components of Email Marketing-


Learn Email Marketing


  • Newsletters are the informational letter used in Email Marketing campaigns that is used for describing a periodic publication
  • Newsletters are distributed by e-mail marketers to get an opt-in list of subscribers and it is used by companies to communicate with their users
  • Targeted ads can also be sold within the newsletters and to make your newsletter convincing enough you should let your newsletter content be 90% educational and 10% promotional


  • To learn Email Marketing it is important to know how you can announce a new product or service via Announcements
  • Questions that your Announcement emails should address are-
  1. What is it?
  2. Why should I care?
  3. What is included?
  4. How do I get it?


Learn Email Marketing


Events and emails complement each other. The best way to promote any event is using Email and you need to learn Email Marketing to know the best ways to promote your event and invite guests. Different components of Event Emails are-

  • Subject
  • Logo/Company Name
  • Reason
  • Event Details
  • Call to Action

3. Getting permission for Email Sign Up

Getting permission for email sign up is must to run successful Email Marketing Campaigns. When you learn Email Marketing, you need to pay heed upon the tips that can help you get the permission of your prospects. There are marketers who offer something free while others simply offer a product update or newsletter. You need to know what your prospects expect from you and below given list of questions will help you gauge the expectations of your target audiences-

  • What will I get after giving my email address?
  • Will you spam me?
  • How frequently will you email me?
  • Am I going to get discounts?
  • Am I going to get any first crack at your beta?
  • Am I going to get relevant offers or more junk?
  • How valuable your offers are for my professional success?

This is where you need to use powerful CTAs and having good copywriting skills is also important when you are going to learn Email Marketing. Some of the practices that most of the prospects prefer to subscribe are-

  • Email Series
  • Free Downloads
  • Free White Papers or eBooks
  • Update Lists (New Issue Notifications, Product Updates, New Releases)

Paying heed upon these points will help you be whitelisted that will help you be added to the recipient’s address book. You can do this by giving instructions to do so at the top of each email. You should do this with your initial thank you mail or with first follow-up email.

4. Email Marketing Content & Landing Pages

To learn Email marketing it is must to know the right kind of content for your Email marketing Campaigns. Paying heed upon copywriting and addressing below given points will help you craft the write kind of content-

Learn Email Marketing

Role of Subject Line

  • Know the Right Subject Lines
  • Understand the Importance of the “From” Address
  • Make your Email Content Relevant
  • Include a Call to Action in Your Email
  • Always send Personalized Emails

Including lading pages in Email Marketing will add elegance to your Email Content. You put Landing pages on your website that your target audiences can link to from your email. These pages have more detailed image about your Email Marketing campaign with more info, purchase options, better images that can inform and convince your prospects. Different roles that landing page content performs are-

  • It adds more explanation beyond your email copy
  • It displays your products
  • It gives your recipients tip lists
  • It draws in the recipients to your Website
  • It tracks Campaign traffic towards the landing page
  • It analyzes the success of a campaign

5. How to avoid Spamming and being Black Listed

To learn Email Marketing and execute successful Email Marketing campaign, it is important to know how you can avoid spamming and being black listed. Let us start with the tips that will help you avoid being marked as SPAM –

How to avoid being Spammed-

  • Never use phrases like “Click here!” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity!”, plus, do not use exclamation points (!!!!!!!!!) and All CAPS Content
  • You should not use bright red or green colored fonts, bad content, along with Creating an HTML email that’s nothing but one big image, with little or no text
  • Never use word “test” in the subject line, plus, do not send same test to multiple recipients in same company
  • Do not send inactive lists, stale lists
  • You should use a Text version of your email in case you are sending HTML emails
  • How to use Spam checkers before sending your emails, how to maintain a Google Text to Image Ratio and making sure your DKIM, Sender-ID, SPF, and Domain Keys are set up properly are important practices to Learn Email Marketing
  • You should not use large attachments and some specific attachment types

Now, delve into the tips that will help you avoid being blacklisted-

Practices you should include to Avoid Being Blacklisted-

Learn Email Marketing

Opt in Example

  • Single Opt-in
  • Double Opt-in
  • Opt-out
  • Subject Line
  • Sender’s Address Content
  • Accurate Send
  • Don’t Bluff Spam Filters

6. Know best Email Marketing Automation Tools

Email Marketing Automation helps you automate the channelization of Email Marketing Campaigns. To learn Email Marketing, learning some of the top Email Marketing Automation Tools and their use is must. Email Marketing tools help in scheduling and tracking Email Marketing Campaigns.

10 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools are-

  1. Sendloop
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. MailChimp
  4. Gumroad
  5. Knowtify
  6. Infusionsoft
  7. AWeber
  8. GetResponse
  9. ConvertKit
  10. HubSpot

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7. Segmentation and Role of Email Marketing Metrics

To learn Email Marketing, it is important to understand Segmentation and other metrics that will help you gauge the performance of your Email Marketing Campaigns. Let us first understand Segmentation-


Segmentation can be understood as an art of splitting your Email list into different groups that you make as per the prospects who have similar characteristics. This helps you get better response rates and aids you make your campaign be more relevant, hence, these appropriate campaigns get better results. Four ways to segment your list are−

  • Geographical Location (Your business wants to offer Hair Care in your locality)
  • Age (you want to target a specific age group)
  • Gender (Promoting Hair care products to Females)
  • Interest (Send emails to those who are Marketing Experts)

Metrics related to Email Marketing Analytics & Tracking will help you define whether your email list wants to hear from you or not.

Some of the notable Email Marketing Metrics are-

Learn Email Marketing

Email Marketing Analytics

  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Bounces
  • Unsubscribe
  • Forward
  • Complaints

8. Understand the role of Email Marketing Follow Ups

When you learn Email Marketing, you should always try to understand how you could strengthen your Relationships with your audiences. Email Marketing Follow Ups help you make strengthen your relationship with your target audiences and by following below given tips you can do this more effectively-

Follow-Ups Email Tips-

  • Keep lines of communication with the customer’s open and know the stages of customer loyalty
  • Provide customer support and always ask for customers’ feedback
  • Personalize your emails and send greeting cards

Final Words

Aforesaid 8 Steps will help learn and execute Email Marketing Campaigns that not only connect with prospects but also convince and convert them as loyal customers.

To learn Email Marketing in more comprehensive and practical manner, you can join Email Marketing Course that will help you learn-

  • How to ensure deliverability of your emails
  • How to create effective Email Content
  • How to acquire customers using Email Marketing
  • How to Effectively using creative in Email Communication
  • Nurturing & Automation of Email Marketing Campaigns

What tips you are going to include in your next Email Marketing Campaign- Update me in comments.

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