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Learn Google Adword Keyword Planner For Better SEO Results

Learn Google Adword Keyword Planner For Better SEO Results

Google Adwords:

To create PPC (Pay Per Click) ads i.e. the ads that are present at the top and at the right side of the page when a particular keyword is searched we need to take help of Google Keyword Planner.

The phrase used for searching you product in Google search is called Keyword. Your search result will depend upon the keyword that you give. To obtain accurate search your keyword should also be accurate. Hence deciding what keywords the users would be using should be brainstormed. Now it is necessary to know the average number of searches for that particular keyword in the given / required region in a particular span of time. For this we have a tool called “Google Adword Keyword Planner”.

For this, type the link, if you are already an existing user of Adword then click on sign in or if you need help form the support team then press “Get started now” button on the page.

To create a Adword account you can use your existing Gmail, Adsense, Google+ or Youtube account details. If you don’t want to use any of these accounts then check the “I do not use these other services” checkbox and create a new Google account for the purpose of Adwords. Fill in the required details and create an account.

If you are willing to use your existing accounts details then check the “I have an email address and password I already use with Google services like Adsense, Gmail, Youtube or Google+” checkbox. You will be asked “Would you like have single account for all Google services” if you are willing to use the details of your existing account for Adwords then check “I’d like to use my existing Google for Adwords” checkbox and enter the credentials and sign in otherwise check “I’d like to choose a new login name and password just for Adwords” checkbox to create new credentials for Adwords.

Now the next step is to “set time zone and currency” select the country and the time zone and choose currency. This time zone and currency data will be used for reporting and billing. Now press “Continue” and Verify account page will open. Check your email id and sign in to your Adword account.

To start with creating the ad Sign it to you Adword account and in the “Tools analysis” tab click “Keyword Planner” and click on “Search keyword and ad group ideas”. Now enter one or more keywords in the “Enter one or more Dialog box”. Here we have written “magic trick, magic trick “. Now under Targeting you will have to select the details of the targeted group. These are details of the people whom we are Targeting who will see the ad or people who are searching for the keyword. Hence select appropriate location and language. While selecting the location click on the pencil diagram and type the requires city or country in the search box and select the location from the drop-down list. Use “remove” button to remove the countries that are not required. Negative keywords mean the keywords on which don’t want our ad to be seen or searched. after filing in appropriate details click “Get Ideas” button. And go to keyword ideas tab. The page will show keyword details like it average monthly searches, competition, average cost per click etc. Google will also suggest some relevant keywords with average monthly searches, competition, average cost per click information.

Average monthly searches means that what was the search for that particular keyword in a month. The example shows 6600 searches which means the keyword “magic  trick” was searched for 6600 time in a month. the graph button near the search will show the 12 months data for the searched keyword. Average CPC depicts what amount does the client has to pay to Google for that particular keyword. In the example $0.27 needs to be paid.

Similar data can be obtained for different keywords. If we type “Mothers day gift” then we get the data as average monthly searches 90500 and CPC $1.11. and the graph for monthly searches for 12 months can be seen. The graph shows the monthly search was 0 for some months for the above keyword and the max point is observed in the month of April.

Towards the left hand side we have Include/exclude tab. This will help Google to suggest the keywords that have the word entered in the include the dialog box and Google will list the keyword containing that particular keyword in the suggestions. While using exclude Google will not list the keywords that has the exclude word in the  phrase. This can act as a filter.  In the example if we write exclude “cheap” word than the suggestion phrase in which cheap was there will be removed and if we write “best” in the include dialog box than only the phrases having best will be listed and suggested by Google.

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