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Learn How PPC Advertising Brings Small Businesses In Competition With Big Brands

Learn How PPC Advertising Brings Small Businesses In Competition With Big Brands


PPC, or pay-per click, is an advertising model in which advertiser and publishers display ads to the users of search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. The user enters their search terms – also known as a “query” – into the search box, before being presented with results relevant to their search. Text-based Ads and Display Ads are often displayed to users of search engines, and whenever a user clicks on one of these ads, the advertiser is charged, hence the term “pay-per-click”. PPC is primarily used as an online advertising strategy – and a fantastic lead generation method – that has the potential to deliver very targeted and segmented leads to your website.

It is one of those techniques, if used properly can turn around a business very quickly and effectively. There are varying degrees of profits and investments which one has to incur in order to successfully run an effective Adwords Campaign. There are key factors such as Keywords , Bid Costs and Targeted Audience which one has to strategize upon in order to start with the AdWords Campaign. Bid costs can vary widely depending on a range of factors, and the competitiveness of a keyword is one of the most important. Keyword competition can be assessed primarily based on two variables: how many times people search for that keyword on average in a given month, and how many advertisers are actively bidding on it.

Small Business Vs Large Business

Today Small Businesses and Large Corporate Houses today are using the AdWords Campaign to effectively build upon the various requirements of the Business to reach out to their Segmented Audience. Theoretically , if one has more investment then one must be able to reach a larger audience and acquire more market share. And a small firm will should not be able to compete with Large Corporate Houses. However, today a lot of Small and Medium Scale Businesses are competing directly with their ‘Big Brother’ in order to take the sizable and highly profitably revenue which can be earned through Online Promotions.

Here are some of the ways one can achieve the same:

1.) Pick your Channels and Targeted Audience Wisely : There are a few different Channels which can be utilized to varying degrees to acquire the targeted audience. One has to research adequately the keywords and the target market. Since this is a new field with new leads generated everyday , one can always acquire new audience.

2.) Competitors Campaign should not be Targeted : One might find a lot of so-called experts on the internet suggesting to target various keywords and Bid on the company’s Highest paying keywords. One should never bid on their larger Business’ competitors keywords as , there is a very high probability of searchers landing up on the competitors website.

3.) Make Attractive Offers : Chumbak, was a trend-setter in Google Adwords in India. It was a typical rags-to-riches story of a company who had limited resources but carved a niche of their products through PPC techniques. Something similar should be attempted by the Marketing Manager in order to attract new customers.

4.) Setting-Up of Limited Budgets : A very important aspect of PPC strategizing is not overspend on Internet ads, as there can be a lot of wastage of resources, if not used wisely.

5.) Make your offer too good to refuse: If you’re competing against big brands, you’ll need a strong offer to make up for your lack of brand recognition for their PPC. Something like 30 percent off the first order or two for the price of one will make search engine users pause and take notice. A strong offer is the best way you have to improve click-through rates.

6.) Laser target your audience : You can target your ideal customers by controlling what geographical locations will see your ads, allowing small businesses to only target potential local customers.

7.) Products having the “Deadline Factor” : PPC can be an ideal advertising choice for products or services with the “deadline factor” as the customers are more primed to purchase rather than just browse. Wedding suppliers, new school term supplies, last minute anniversary gifts or products that are seasonal in nature all demand that a purchase is made within a specific time frame letting you reach your target audience at a time when they are already mentally prepared to spend money.

8.) Set-Up Re-Marketing :  You may have noticed how ads seem to follow you  around the Internet. This is done through re-marketing. You can easily do this with AdWords and PPC

First, you need to add the re-marketing tag to your site. Then you can build a display campaign and target the re-marketing audience you created. This way your ads will only show to people who have been to your site previously.


Then again, it really all depends on your business, what you’re offering, what your goals are, and where your starting point is. PPC advertising isn’t always right for every company, but we will gladly speak with you about your options and your specific situation. And of course, there’s no obligation by calling us or reaching out.

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