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Learn How To Do Social Media Marketing In 3 Minutes

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With the coming of internet, finding information about various things, people, business or services has become kids play, compare this with somewhere three-four decades back scenario where newspapers were an important source of disseminating information and news, to an extent that people had no choice but to safeguard the advertisements for future use. Old folks would have definitely used Tata Yellow Pages to know more about the suppliers and customers. Things have changed 360 degree with advent of internet. Digital marketing is very much a reality and marketers are increasing allocating huge budgets for it. Social media happens to be the largest component of digital marketing spending. Social media is nothing more than an online platform where almost entire planet seems to have an account. It is difficult to find people who do not know Facebook or for that matter Twitter.

Even country heads, like President’s and Prime Minister’s are active in social media platforms, this is a marked shift in their behaviours because these people are the last ones to embrace latest technology for their work. People no longer have the time to stay glued to their TV sets, people are always on the go. Earlier people had access to internet at their offices and a little later at their homes, but now people carry internet in their pockets, in their cars and what not. This change in lifestyle demands equivalent changes in methodology of doing business. This has particularly affected marketing, marketing is no longer restricted to newspaper ads, ads in yellow pages or in classifieds or to more latest radio and TV.

Social Media is the new entrant of the group. Several Studies have shown declining efficiency associated with traditional media, but the truth still remains that these cannot be eliminated out of marketing means. Social media has definitely managed to garner eyeballs of increasing marketing professionals and for reasons which are well understood. But social media includes a plethora of social networking websites and for new comers to the social media industry, almost everything, likes, share, tweets etc. can be confusing. So this article to reduce or perhaps altogether remove this confusion. One fundamental point to remember before a detailed guideline on social media is that we still deal with humans, who are more emotional than rational beings, who love to share their achievements with people and hide their weakness, flaunt their latest gadgets, clothes and hairstyles and most of all like to interact and build relationships.

4 steps to Social Media success:

  1. handshake1Find interested people– Social media has a diverse variety of people, interest groups, business and industries. For a particular brand, not everything and everybody has to be catered to. Doing this would simply mean wastage of resources.  For example, there is no pint in selling gold to saints or selling books to sports enthusiasts. The task is to find people who might be interested in brand’s offerings. This can be easily achieved through Facebook’s target marketing or through promoted accounts and promoted tweets of Twitter.
  2. content-is-kingDeliver quality content– People do not come to these platforms to look for ads, they come for leisure, for fun. So do not put commercials on these platforms, they are straightaway  going to backfire. Use these platforms to deliver as creative and innovative content as possible. Being original is the key. Coping what competitors are doing is not going to make you different from them, hence uniqueness of ideas is encouraged. Content, visual or text should strike with the audience at one go, it can be in the form of a story or it may take the form of an entertaining video, something which empathizes with the audience, resonates with their lifestyle and taste. It has to be like honey which attracts bees.
  3. Capture information of leads– Once people engage with the content and show interest in product or services, provide them with some tangible benefits so that they will part away with their details like name, contact number, e-mail Id. It is important not to provide any new details at this stage. No other links should be active at this page which might sway away the consumer.
  4. Stay in touch– Once the business has the details, provide leads with newsletters and regular mails to stay in touch for future business. Remember this should not be overdone, so that consumers do not unsubscribe the mails and it should not be irritating. Thus, care has be taken to appropriately time those mails and newsletters.

An point to be kept in mind is that brands do not earn with social media, but the earn through social media. Social media is prized asset to build interactions, conversations and hence relationships. Trust and loyalty are at play. We are again back to primitive times where word of mouth, relationships, beliefs, reliance and confidence on brands are more important rather than their size, market share or amount spent on marketing. It is just that modes of building relationships has changed. Physical presence and discussions has given way to online communities and instant messages. Social media is nothing like a foreign concept,it is simply adjusting  to the way our societies are functioning now; we are living in days of online banking, online applications for admission to various universities, online payment of taxes. therefor its essence remains the same.

Image courtesy: mktstmedia, susansolovic

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Social media is a great platform to share information which is really original. Nobody like to read copied content. Even we our-self delete repeat messages. It is important to share quality content with those people who are really interested in.

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