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Learn How To Innovate On Demand At GMAW 2015

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Global Advertising & Marketing Week (GMAW 2015) was held from 18-20th February in Delhi. The event had plethora of catalyzing sessions for marketers of every species. The had duly emphasized on the role of innovation and technology in marketing and underlined the fact that technology is the fuel of creativity in a world that is increasingly digital.

Here is an excerpt of one of the sessions- How to innovate on demand by Alfred Arambhan:

Alfred Arambhan is a Mumbai based first generation serial entrepreneur. He has a successful track record of 30 years of promoting and running several businesses including Transnational Supply and Service . He is Chairman and Managing Partner at SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking) India. He has been guest lecturer at some of India’s finest business schools- IIMB, IIML, ICFAI Hyderabad and ITM Management Institute.

SIT is an innovation company dedicated to help businesses generate new value by making the potential possible. Sit believes that given the right set of tools, anyone can come up with trans-formative innovations, and the tool at the core is Systematic Inventive Thinking.  Teaching how to innovate is key part of SIT’s ethos.

Innovation is the only way businesses can have an edge over their competitors, reduce its costs, minimize negative impact on environment. The speaker highlighted that innovation comes when business’s are willing to move away from their deeply established belief system and consequently the way business’s think. We humans are by nature constrained to think in the already established molds, and innovation requires not just the courage to think differently when everything else remains the same, it sometimes is so dramatic that social acceptance of it comes much later. But that should that become an obstacle in the journey to innovate.

For marketers, he highlighted that customers do not ask for innovation, but it is in the marketer’s role to come up with innovative ideas and implement them rather than looking for approval from customers. Results are the only benchmark which decides which innovation worked and which did not, so do not let customer’s fear block the process of innovation. Besides innovation comes using business’s present resources-system and operations and manpower skills, thinking inside the box, nothing outside of it.. Innovation is no magic, no blue skies and no brainstorming. Innovation can be learned, applied and managed just like any other process in the company, innovation is broken in to simple steps which can then be easily applied by businesses in their organizational structures which helps to create new products, become more productive, reinvent business models. Novel ideas are converted into clear action plans. Innovation does not float on surface, it lies much deeper like pears in an ocean which need to searched. SIT provides search engines to help bring innovation to the fore. Innovation story does not end with coming up with great ideas, its equally about implementing them. Innovation requires not just right capabilities, but also right structures. And innovation is best perceived when its results are clear and out. The speaker was also of the view that if jugaad, the Indian mentality of achieving results by twisting the rules and the existing system were to be replaced by Systematic Inventive Thinking, it would definitely transform the business environment up-side down. Innovation culture has to integrated into business environment to be able to sustain innovation and reap its long term benefits.

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