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Learn Marketing For Tomorrow, Not Yesterday at GMAW 2015

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Global Marketing and Advertising Week (GMAW) was held from 18-20th February in Delhi. The basic motivation behind the event was that marketing is no longer what it use to be a few decades ago, one side doing all the talking, now technology is an important complement of marketing -Data and Performance Marketing, Content Marketing being integral part of marketing these days. Customer is the king, and customer engagement the new rule of the game. Customer engagement is no longer limited to marketing function alone, its the overarching objective of the whole organization and its success determines very survival of the business. The marketing community needs to learn from each other and this GMAW provided this very opportunity. This collective learning power that this platform provided is not only going to enrich marketers professionally but also help them in pioneering the new art and science of creating a meaningful ‘customer engagement’ in today’s business.

Here is an excerpt of one of the sessions- Marketing for tomorrow, not yesterday by Zain Raj:

Zain Raj is a visionary leader, business accelerator and industry futurist, combining innovation and creativity to create new models for the future. He is the founder and CEO of Zednext, an ideas incubator that takes a disruptive look at issues to help marketers and business leaders to realize their full potential in data-driven, digitally led insight-driven world. Zain is also Chairman of Shapiro, a leading research and insights company and CEO of Spyglass, a boutique publisher for eclectic authors. Most recently, he was CEO of Epsilon Agency Services, the largest CRM and digital agency.

Zain in his lecture emphasized that marketing environment has changed 360 degrees, and the ones who realize it the earliest will be the new hero of the present age. He expressed that his experience in the industry points out that the change is well perceived and marketers are in the process of adjusting themselves to new challenges of our times, which comes along with its opportunities. Digital Marketing has a huge role in this change and we are now citizens of global villages rather than individual stuck in their native places.

Marketing is evolving and is in the Cambrian period. Cambrian period refers a period marked with spectacular change- prior to Cambrian period living organism were unicellular, small and simple. After Cambrian period, living organism became complex and multi-cellular, much as the world we know today. He highlighted that we have entered Cambrian period of marketing where the environment is becoming increasing complex and ever changing, larger amounts of data being available, constantly evolving technologies, continued fragmentation of channels and touch points and unbelieving demanding consumers with ever rising expectations.  This evolution has created a new kind of marketing model and definitely a need for a new marketer.

Zain was of the opinion that now-a-days marketers need to capable and competent in ten areas within the marketing ecosystem- digital, social, data, mobile, experience, creative, engagement, analytics, strategy and equity. Marketers need not be experts in all areas, but ought to have enough knowledge so as to put the pieces together that delivers measurable business results along with building value in the brand. He professes that a jack of all trades is better today rather than a specialist in one.  Being able to use all these tools in a cohesive and complementary way is now the key.

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