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About Analysis Pro

Analysis Pro is Group of Professional Groups from different domains in the field of Analytics and Business Intelligence. The Members of the Analysis Pro believe in help people to get industry recommended Analysis Skill. We don’t teach like Day- to-Day class room visit. We trained the candidate by sharing the experience.What we are get from our Day-to-Day working. we always welcome people who wanted to share their Skill and experience that How the doing well. Our objective behind starting this trained more people.Analysis skill is very trending.

Analysis is everywhere these days. It’s common  and depending on your DATA Storage resource.Proper use of data called analysis skill.This surge in popularity is well deserved. Analysis Skill is a crucial component of measuring Business success.Analysis Skill will help business to get caught up in the past,current and future trends. Just because you can measure something doesn’t mean you should care about doing so. Analysis is art and science which find major and minor point.

Analysis Pro final objective is build strong Analysis Network across the Glob. The network work for each others. They help to people when they looking for Analysis Skill.Analysis Pro develop your analysis skill to think lot over logical DATA. Instead, determine what calculation metrics matter and focus on getting really good at measuring them is Analsis skills.

What is  Analysis Skill?

Analysis Skill is the mathematical and logical approach. A Modern Analysis Skill is  mathematical analysis is the study of infinite processes. Analysis skill help things to find out a reality behind the exemption.

Why Need Analysis Skill?

Analysis skill is the backbone of every business model. Analytics help business to find the logical insight over trends,Customer experience. The world is moving into Digital from Analog. Not only world. The Whole universe is fully depended on Digital. Digital Depend on Analysis. In common term of thinking Analysis is nothing but calculation skills. Now Day and our Business structure has changed.We can not make decisions by guessing things. where guessing didn’t work. Then analysis work to find out what is right or wrong for business. Analysis is the third eye in terms of deep behaviour experience. Analysis very important part of every function and sub-function.

How, when  and  where Analysis Pro Help Me to get Analysis Skill?

Analysis Pro Help learners at every. Analysis Pro help you on following major points.

  • Need Easy  Step or formulas
  • when you just going for interview For MIS,BI.

Special class for beginners. Step by Step Learning material for Beginners. Assignment for beginners or fresher.

Who should Join  Analysis Pro?

  • Fresher looking for job in the field of Analytics, Management information system.
  • Professionals
  • New entrepreneur didn’t have Knowledge of MS-office

Learner get from Analysis Pro.

  • High Level Skill
  • Industry recommended
  • Opportunities to Job Assistance
  • Latest Update for analysis tools.
  • Multi Media tutorial
  • Real time solution
  • Build reputation and
  • Increase your Corporate relationship circle.

5 Star Reason to Join with Analysis Pro?

  1. Free Learning Assistance
  2. Industry Expert Faculties
  3. 24/7 Query Assistance
  4. Online Led class
  5. Life time Learning Material

How re-present RAW to Rock Insights

Analysis Pro trained  you without changing anything. But there is some requirement needs from learners.


  1. Smart Mobile or Desktop
  2. Good internet connection
  3. Micro Phone (Optional)
  4.  Regular interest in Learning and Dedication

Our Faculties:

  1. Rajendra Kumar (Fonder). Mr. Rajendra kumar has more that 6 years of experience in the field of MIS. He is working for a world leading Telecom operators.
  2. Avinash Kumar (Course or Study material designer ). Mr. Avinash Kumar is Telecom Professional. He has lost of working experience over DATA analysis.
  3. Anup Sinha (Skill Development Manager). Mr. Anup sinha was a computer teacher. Now he is working for American Tower company.
  4. Vikash Kumar (Revenue and Planning). Mr. Vikash Kmar is Banking professional.
  5. Danish Khan ( MS-office Trainer).
  6. Harsh Jaiswal (Strategy Manager)
  7. Ajit Kumar (Motivational skill Manager).
Why we provides Free Learning ?

Analysis Pro believe in  Gain knowledge by sharing that. It is also known by an Indian “Gyan Baton Gyan Lo System“. Have you noticed? Analysis Pro Core members are working in various corporate world. When A fresher join with Analysis Pro they learn what the professionals actually working for. Similarly the other professional gain the more experience from each others through sharing the skill.

Placement Assistance?

Analysis Pro just referred the eligible candidates to relevant resource seeking.

Unfortunately as an human nature. we always wants to build network. Networking help us at many places. Guys have your ever experience about that? when someone introducing her/him self to a partially known or unknown person. The start with Hey I am xxxx relative of ABCD! Remember ? So friend start you analysis network. To join with us connect with us today! and start you journey to be a Mr. Analysis or help other to became them Mr. Analysis.

Why you are waiting.Sign Up Today with Analysis Pro. 

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