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Learn To Analyze Whether A Link Is Good Or Bad

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Link building is a very important aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The online authority of your website mostly depends on number of backlinks that your website is having. This is why many companies are specifically hiring SEO experts to help them get done with link building. The process of link building comes under off-site optimization technique of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). More often link building process describes an off-site optimization process. Even you have a good amount of quality contents and a huge number of pages, your ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) will not be at better position unless you care about increasing the process of link building of your website.

Technically, the process of link building refers to getting external pages to link to your website. Link Building is the process of putting links of your webpages to some other websites, so that Google crawlers and have a smooth travel during the indexing process. Few years ago, External link building wasn’t as difficult as today. There were link firms which help you to just put down your webpage URLs to just increase the number of backlinks for your website. For those who don’t know what a link firm is, it is actually a website consisting of directories of different categories, which holds website URLs accordingly. Those link firm were free for all to post there URLs. Few of them which are still in extensive use are Craigslist and Yellow pages. The essence of link building for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), gave rise to hell lot of spamming on many sites. Black Hat and Grey Hats started spamming Guest Posts with all URLs from various site. As result few irrelevant websites started coming up at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). This was quite a drawback for people seeking information from Google started getting bad user experiences of the search engine.


Then came the Penguin Update. The Google Penguin was extensively designed to scratch out all those websites, who have built up there ranks by extensively building there links through link firms. Most of the link firm were penalized by the Penguin update and many websites dependent on Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO practices were penalized or blocked out of search engine database. So, you see now the process of link building is a serious task, not to be taken lightly by spamming your URLs everywhere. If you don’t stay updated about the recent guidelines of Google you can be in trouble.

This why it is very necessary for you to know how to judge the backlinks, for, it is not just the backlinks that Google looks for but also the quality of links that you are using for link building. It is better if your backlinks are from the same industry that your website is, for, those will have more value. Not just that, now even the online authority of the websites that you use for backlinks matters a lot. In terms of link building Google checks the authority of a website by checking the quality and quantity of backlinks on them. Quantity denotes the total number of backlinks on them and quality is the number of use and Natural Links in the website. In order to judge whether to use the website for link building or not, there are various tools to learn about the online authority of the website. Given Below are few of them for your use.

Tools for Backlink Analysis

Checking out every website one by one and look out at their pages individually is tough task to handle. But there are tools that are made for this specific purpose to check both internal and external links. This tools will let you know which websites are having better link building than that of yours. You can use this analysis report for checking relevant website for link building or even checking your competitor’s website. After all you have to do better than your competitors to move ahead of them in SERP ranking.

  1. Ahrefs


This tool is specifically designed for people like you who care about their link building process. Other than checking backlinks, Ahrefs tool can also help you in various other process like analyzing keywords and keeping notified about the brand mentions. But the best part is there site explorer tool. You can just click on to “Site Explorer” Tab. You just have to type the URL of website that you want to check. Ahrefs will give a detailed analysis of the site rank and the Backlinks.

  1. SEMrush


SEMrush is another such tool which you can use for checking the number of backlinks of a website and how well they are doing there. SEMrush will provide you a detailed analysis of the authority of the links which are actually doing some good in keep u the website rank. It also gives the traffic report of the website.

  1. Majestic


Majestic is one more backlink analysis tool which can show you how relevant the website is for building your link. It has a unique feature to rate the website in terms of Link Building. The two parameters saying quality and quantity of backlinks decide the overall online authority of the link build of that website.

How to Analyze Whether A Link Is Good Or Bad?

Now there you might be confused about the clear terms and conditions that can make your backlinks good. So, here are some points that might be good for you to mug up before you go for a link building process. It is not just that you go and randomly put your link in some other websites, you might get penalized if you don’t plan for a Good Link Building Process.

  1. Get Backlinks from the webpages that are Relevant to your website

If you are really look to take advantage of the link building in ranking your website up in the SERP. You should consider to look carefully at the website where you are putting your URLs. Google Crawlers will care more about the links when it is relevant to your webpage. If your page is about serving food and beverages and you are getting a backlink from IT company website, it will make no sense to the Google Crawlers. So, choose the same industry sector of the similar topic of discussion as that of the webpage, before posting the links.

  1. Choose a Trustworthy website for Link Building

It is very necessary to ensure that the website that you will use for link building should be trustworthy. Trustworthy in the sense that it must not be some kind of spam site. Google Penguin update is looking for all those spam sites which keeps a directory of various URLs, specifically for link building purpose, this are also known as link farms. But this links farms are not more a good idea for you to use as a website for link building.

  1. Content Hyperlinks


Relevant Hyperlinks in the contents makes a big different in SEO ranking of your website. It is also often helpful even for visitors to look into those links to get some detail about the text or topic in it. But it must look natural to the users and more importantly the crawlers. The extensive use of Hyperlinks can be harmful. If it seems like a link forced in line with the content, your link won’t matter much in SEO ranking. In order to ensure White Hate SEO process of link building. People often make use of hyperlinks to their website while posting in Guest Post Blogs.

  1. Importance of Dofollow and Nofollow


Dofollow and Nofollow are the HTML codes which allows or disallows Google crawler to flow through the links in the website. Dofollow allows Google crawlers to flow through the link. This might sound link a good idea to let the Google crawler to crawl through every link for getting more number of link counts. But it will not be a good idea to let the Google Crawler flow through outgoing links or the links pointing to other website as it will look like a Link Farm.So you must make use of Nofollow for such links to avoid Crawlers to go through such links. The attribute rel=”nofollow” will help you to ensure this. Plus, use of a mix of Nofollow and Dofollow makes link building looks natural.


  1. Domain Authority and Page Authority

The tools that which was list earlier will be helpful in this process. Google takes more notice to those backlinks which are placed in a website with Higher Domain Authority. A domain which has a long age and expiry date will be more preferable. The specific page where you will be posting your links must also be analyzed as the page authority is also a one of the main factor for getting a relevant backlink.


As of now you know well, how to stay ahead of your competitors using the process of link building. If someone was wondering why your website is not at the top of SERP when you search for it, then this might be the one of the reason for lower SEO ranking. So, next time when to go for link building, you should be able to plan in a better way.

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