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Learn To Become A Story teller On Social Media

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shutterstock_206767921Storytelling has always been a crucial step of how people’s living and connecting with other people. This consists of entrepreneurs who find it important to tell stories about the history of their  company,success story, products, employees, and marketplace so on and so further. The social media platforms have awarded us the convenience in the path of communication, story telling of course is one of the most powerful weapons to inculcate your customers to know your brand. people generally do not read ads, but rather what would intrigue their likings or interests.

With the arousal of the Digital evolution and the advent of popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it was the only question of how you would be able to grab the interest of your prospective customers. And the answer to it was none other than visual story telling.


A quote from the book – ‘Story telling: The story making machine and formatting minds’

“People don’t buy products, but rather the stories that these products represent. Nor do they buy brands, but rather the myths and archetypes that these brands symbolize”

An innovative example of Visual story telling should definitely be mentioned which is by big businesses such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Starbucks released a recent advertisement which revealed why and how its baristas intentionally made a spelling error in the name of its customers. The stratagy of Starbucks was to make the customers want to share their experiences on social media, and it definitely did with an effect giving a boost on the promotion of the brand name. It was effective very effective; baristas kept getting your name wrong, and you still kept posting it online.

Why You Need to Become a Story teller

1. It helps to build a relationship between you and the target audience.

To Unite an idea with an emotion, and  being able to feel back,  allows the concepts, ideas, statistics, dates, colors, and all that comes with the story, to be stuck and retained creating an impact in our mind. Your story would make your brand a ‘human’.

2. It would make the conversation more engaging and entertaining.

The average attention span is incredibly short. It is very important to atleast get a few minutes of focused attention before someone in the boardroom begins engrossed into something else. You shouldn’t waste their precious time by passing around the latest reports before your meeting. You should entertain your audience rather.

3. Gain a competitive advantage

story telling is a low-cost communication tool. Your money should not be wasted on ads that talk at your customers. Instead, talk with them and create a dynamic conversation. One way to do this is to post interesting stories and pictures on your social networking sites.

4. Stories simplify complex ideas.

The best advertising agencies know that complicated strategies can be difficult to explain. So they don’t talk about the details when  they pitch a product to a customer,they tell a story.

 Deliver an effective storytelling that would boost your brand

 1. Set your stories apart from others

Offer them the engaging stories to make them feel at ease and your brand accessible to them. It is quite obvious that you will want the stories you tell to stand out from others. You must challenge conventional thinking. Apple are successful in everything they do because they always remember to include what had always been ignored. One of its taglines, “Inclusion Inspires Innovation,” worked effective on many levels.

Keep looking for stories everywhere

2. Look for Stories Everywhere

Collect story ideas about your product, customers, competitors,  marketplace etc. Be like a reporter, who is looking for the stories that are new, interesting, intriguing, different, or provocative. It is not guaranteed that every idea will become a story, but it makes a lot easier for us having lots of ideas for good stories to emerge. In other words, it is necessary to be open to new story ideas as they emerge.

3. Make the story inspiring

It would create a good impact on the minds if the story is inspiring enough. Innovation starts from those who wish to start it. You must have the power to create and inspire innovation with the products you would like to sell and the stories you would like to tell. Apple has a very inspiring message that goes: “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels… They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

4. Think about the needs and interests of your target audiences

As a story teller ,connecting with audiences, is an important role so stories have to be customer-centric and focused upon their needs and interests. Ask yourself what stories would they prefer to hear, as opposed to the stories you want to tell them? McDonalds, for example, is very successful in telling short but sweet stories that every time would catch the attention of the viewers.

5. Reinvent your stories

Make your old stories new; avoid cliches when you know that all stories have already been told, and that there is nothing new anymore. Everything has just become a copy of a copy. you could always mix and match different styles that would generate something new. For the new is always ready to be born.

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