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Learn To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan From The Start

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social media marketing plan

Planning is most important part in achieving success in any arena, same is also in the case while creating a social media marketing plan, in this article we will learn to create a social media marketing plan from the start.

Let us imagine the scenario of construction of a building, while constructing the building you cannot construct top floor first and then a pillar as it will fall because it will not be strong enough to stand, same is with the social media network, to create social media marketing plan which is strong enough, All the steps should be followed phase wise so that your social Marketing Plan is robust enough and First step Planning should be such that your social media marketing / networks have a strong foundation to stand enough.

Hence to learn to create a social media marketing plan from start we should go phase wise. First phase of planning the steps which you should follow are:

Step 1. Decide on which all Social media Network you should be connected

Choose smartly regarding the social media networks you will be connected, which one will work best for you, there are varied numbers of social networking sites available to promote your business,. While deciding you should keep in mind that as each individual is distinct in its own attributes so are the social media networks, they all have some or other different attributes.  There are various social media networks to choose from but the most popular ones or top 5 are:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Google plus and decision to choose which ones depends on many factors like no. of users, utility and resources, type of activity  provided by the social media networking site

Let’s take a brief of how these listed Social Media network can help you to choose for your type of business.

Facebook – It is the most popular site amongst the other network sites, it has various features available for individuals as well as business, It allows to post images and videos of your product describe your business in details.

LinkedIn – This site is mostly for the professionals of the same group, the professionals with the same profession connect themselves, share their personal experiences related to their professional fields, share their experiences and so on

Pinterest – This is like a social medium where you can post images for your products and people with same interest can view and share and can also take buying decision. This is for individuals as well as business.

Twitter – It is a micro blogging site where for individuals and business where they can convey their message, post their opinions, share the story in the form of tweets, Companies can share their achievements, special deals or any new promotion of their product in text for up to 140 characters.

Google Plus – It is useful listing your business locally and globally.

But all of them may not be relevant to you, you need not to create profile on each and every site, just keep in mind Quality matters rather than the Quantity, i.e. how much relevant your content is, whether strategy will be best fit on it and through this you will be able to achieve your goals or not, what type of activities do social sites offer and how many users use it which ease to take the decision or its reach,  rather than counting of numbers that on how many social networking sites you are active on.

Here is the list which can help you  to decide social media network according to its activity:

Type of activities

List of no. of users.

No of monthly users

Networking site stats
Step 2. Fill out your profile completely on all the network sites.

Profile consist of text and image for text part see that you Fill up all your profile details completely, You should be very careful in what information you need to provide, The information should be crisp, informative, to the point rather than descriptive, and if possible interesting to read, , it should be such that users can relate easily of what you are trying to showcase. Every social media network has its restriction on the length of profile creation, so it is a challenge for you to input and describe yourself completely within that frame.

For the image part on the profile you should see that on all the social media network you choose, profile should be created in same line, once profile creation is complete make sure that it is accurate and up to the mark,  For images, you should upload such photos that is relevant to your Business page or Profile, Also like text profile for image profile you should take care that your cover photo matches in Twitter and Facebook, Cover on Google+ matches LinkedIn, Also like each site has restriction of characters to be put on profile same is the case for image size, hence you should take care and upload good quality of photos which are not cropped as Images are the first impression to represent our Brand.You should also take care that your profile, bio, cover photos are always up to – date, then only you should proceed further for the second phase.

For the Second Phase the steps which you should follow are:

Step 1.  Posting Your Marketing Voice

In the post you have to clearly represent your product in case of company, you need to do branding in such a way that it is appealing to your consumers as well as build trust in them, if they will trust they will share with other friends in their groups. Try to boost your post with an outstanding ideas which engages the customer, Build a great content such that consumer likes it and share it. If you are representing as an individual then you have to be very concise in what ideas you are sharing or what content you are talking about, if you are talking about yourself highlight more on what you have done  rather than who you are.

Step 2 – Pick your posting strategy of how frequently will you post

For a good social media marketing, you should decide the time and frequency you need to post, Observe the trends carefully, different social media marketing networks have different time where users are active, there are many new tools available in the market which lets you know the trends of when users are more active and according to that can decide on best time to share.


Also to be always on the top of the mind of your consumers you should decide on frequency of how many times you should post, you will be posting one post in single day or 2, you will be posting once a week and so on, it again depends on the content you have.


social media

Consider following while posting on Social Media Marketing Networks:

  • Put lot of visual content – You should put Audio and video content into your post wherever it is possible, As images and videos are viewed more compare to text content it is more catchy , in short you get more likes, more views and more shares through visual content
  • Change the trends of posting – People often get bored with same theme of posting, like if you are a travel company and if you keep on posting same type of post like package deals than people will not find anything interesting, rather change the trend, you can put a contest where people share their travel story and you give them discounts, you can share some interesting travel quotes or interesting facts of some places. Some interesting and trending news regarding travel. Plan a ratio for posting like for every four deals post one different kind of content.
  • Plan for a good marketing strategy – A great posting strategy can be defined as having great content, perfect timing and ideal frequency, if you know how to blend all of the three then you are the king of Social Media marketing.

After First two-phase are implemented successfully then you should proceed for Phase 3 for next steps as follows:

Step 1. Measure and Analyse your post

There are various reporting tool available where you can get analytics of your post like  how many visitors visit on your social media networking sites, how your each post is performing, how many shares are there for your post,  who have viewed and liked your post, however some social media sites do offer basic analytic tools.

Step 2.  Experiment, Test and Apply

One need to always test of what best works for you. It is not necessary that the strategy which works best for me, will also work best with you, you need to experiment a lot for which type of strategy is working for you and to test it you need to Post more and more content with different variety from which you can discover which type of content is right for you, what timing and which frequency is right for your marketing strategy, once you come to know you can easily apply on your social media networks.

If you want to have an online presence then it is very important to be socially active on social media networking sites and to stand out you should learn how to create A good Social Media Marketing Plan From The Start

Image Credits: Social mediaarts, mproveserpranking

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