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Learn To Create People Centred High Ranking Content With Google

Learn To Create People Centred High Ranking Content With Google

There was a time when you were able to lure people into your website by using crappy content. Many hated it. Obviously, who would like to search for their urgently required content and land up in a website where they find something they makes them read till the end but not the actual answer that they were looking for. Or, may be as soon as they go inside those links they find nothing but usual promotional contents in it. Well, this can give you an increase in visitors but along with that you will also see an increase in the bounce rate of the analytics report of your website. The immediate impact on it will be on your conversion rate. The conversion of leads to sales, that won’t happen much with your crappy content.

For those who don’t know what is bounce rate, it is actually the percentage of the total visitors of your page that jumps out of your website just by looking at a single page. This shows how interested is your customer on your website. It also says how good is your quality of content, is it really relevant to your customer to make them atleast look at it. Ofcourse the increase in bounce rate is not just because of the quality of content, there other reasons too. But, certainly will not like to miss this most important element of your website that makes it alive. But first you must get a high ranking content.

After all, Google crawler really loves reading your contents, it’s not just for the humans, even Google crawlers have taste of its own in reading. This is why you must take extra concern in putting up your content. The Panda of Google search engine algorithm update, is looking to punch out the relevant content out of their database, so don’t give a chance. Panda wants the best possible solution to reach to the people, and that is why Panda puts only those at the top, who can give high quality and keyword rich content. This is the reason why many webpages have lost their Google page ranks. Those are some fakers, they wanted to bring in large visitors and they got it right, but it was before the birth of Google panda. Panda cares about the readers, fooling readers with crappy contents, is same as trying to fool The Google Panda. The big eyes of Google Panda can see all, with the help of his friend, Google Spider/ Crawler.


Do you want to be punched by The Panda? Guess what it includes? – A permanent banned of your account and taking away of all the credits related to the Ranking of your webpages, and not just that the worst part is you will be no-where to be found by your users in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). You want to be saved from that deadly punch of Google Panda? Here’s what you need to do. CONCENTRATE ON YOUR READERS! You must have plan better to make your reader feel that the content is for them. Rather than pushing yourself to write a content which focusing on a single keyword and destroy your quality of content. You should give a minimum pressure for the use of keyword and more on focusing into your customer’s interest. And in return you will find your content as the high ranking content in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Customer Centric Approach for High Ranking Content


Well. Well. It is well understood that the research work is a pain to deal with and now you need to write along, according to the research of keyword opportunities and customer behavior. Don’t get stressed, don’t you dare to jump alone, the work must have to be divided for better focusing. It is obviously hard to use a customer centric approach, but it worth it. Not a single amount of your time and energy in brainstorming will end up as a waste. You will find your content liked by many when you start implementing the changes that you will learn to do after analyzing your customer behavior. Much focus and hard work must be put into it, after all, at the end of the day, its website that will be taken called by Google Panda for a check.

Points to be Worked On for getting High Ranking Content with Google

Here are some points that you might feel comfortable with, to impress the Google Panda. It’s not actually a hard task when you can follow careful for implementing in for content marketing strategy for getting a high ranking content in SERP (Search Engine Page Results). This points can also be taken as a guide for you to optimize your content using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Every SEO (Search Engine Optimization) puts a great focus in making high quality content. It is because they know the wrath of Google Panda.

Good use of Google Analytics Data

Before making a good content, you must certainly take some time in deciding for whom are you writing. What type of customers are there the visits your pages often, that you need to know. If you just want to air your content without thinking of its outcomes, you can go on without following this step. But, when you care about the positive results and responses from the visitors you must have to go and take care of this end.

demographic-site-usage (1)

Google analytics is a great tool which can help you find out the type of visitors that are frequently visiting. You can also learn the interest of the visitors and what pages are most viewed. So, by that way you can figure out what kind of contents you need to put up in your website.

A Favorable Layout

People loves beautiful and comfortable things. So, don’t you think you should optimize your webpages according to that? After all, that’s the place where you will love people to see the content that you have prepared so hard. People must not feel, any sort of difficulty in accessing the information that you have provided. So, use of a layout free of popups and ads will really help people to go through your content without any interruption.


Providing Future Hints

How long readers will keep on usual stuff? They need something new. It is not just you that is looking for some, out of box keywords to using in there tags. But is it working for you? No. Right? So, here is a tip. People tend to click more on things that gives hints about upcoming things. If you can forecast, that’s the best info that you can use to add value for customers.

Use of Strong Words

It is believed that people reacts if there is an emotional touch in what they see and read. So, it is very necessary to take care of the emotions of the people in general. This can be done by use of some powerful words. Like Lovely, beautiful, amazing, magically, brilliant, incredible, etc. You can if working on it and find as many words as possible.

Optimize by Eliminating Unnecessary Elements

All the unnecessary elements that is unnecessary used in making a content must be avoided. Don’t make it that challenging for the person to read that he just moves way. If there is a pages which is not indexed or punched by the Google Panda. You should remove that page. Mostly you must avoid putting over-concentration on using the focused keyword. So just move ahead, with a cool mind and build an interesting content for your users. It must not be as if you are using that keyword forcefully into the content.

Use of Graphics

An interesting picture or infographics always helps. Customer insights says that people are more interested to a content that contents graphical information. Rather than making your content as dull as possible by excessive use of text, you should try using images and infographic. You must all have to be careful that it should not affect the page opening speed in browsers. So, it must be optimized wisely. Finally, everything will be counted as a return when you see your content as a high ranking content.



This is all that you need to do. So, is it that hard for you to go through all this points and use it for getting some good amount of visitors? If it’s the problem of remembering all those points that can help you create a people centered high ranking content, than need not to worry. This page is always there for your reference. You can bookmark it for further use.

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    Steven   /   Reply

    Great post, Bhaskar!

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      Thanks Steven. I am glad you liked it. Just trying to help others along the way 😉 . Let me know more, if you face some problem.

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