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Learn To Create Viral Content That Generates 2.5K Visitors Per Day

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Number of visitors that your website receives totally depends upon the type of content that you put in there for the audience. Creating a viral content is a boon itself. The key to make your website or your blog popular overnight lies in making a content that goes viral. Interestingly, many big websites fail to get an audience to looking into their content. No doubt to make such a content that goes viral over different platforms in internet, needs a person who is really skilled and creative in writing. But, that’s not all! Here, I will let you know some interesting facts and tricks that you need apart from being a good writer.

What does Viral Content actually mean?

Surely you all must have experienced the nuisance created by virus in your laptop once in a while, in your life. You must have noticed how that virus get hold of your desktop or laptop in few minutes. And not just that, it have a tendency to reach even other desktops and laptops when something is shared from the virus affected laptop or desktop via internet medium or any flash drives.virus

So this is how your content must react when they reach out to the people. Virality of the content is the instance when your content spreads and multiplies like a virus over different platform. Virality can be achieved by increasing number of likes and tempting people to share it, more and more.


Challenges in making a content viral

Making a viral content is not an easy task. For many it is just a dream to achieve even a 3 digit number of likes or even a 2 digit number of shares of their contents. If someone is new to content writing, challenges increases. On the other hand we can see contents that have reach more than 25000 likes and hundreds of shares over the social media platforms.


Ofcourse social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, twitter, Instagram etc. have made the chances of making a content viral higher, but in the same time it have made it even more challenging. Can you imagine how difficult it would it be to find your content when there is 50 billion photos per day, 130 TB logs every day flowing over Facebook. Do you think your content can reach out to all the 500 million active users over the Facebook?

An eye catching content can reach millions of users overnight but that content have to drive them to like it and then share it. One of the biggest challenge is to make people read your content, unless the style of writing and logical facts used is not relevant enough, soon the reader gets bored and checks out other contents. Sometimes the reason for not liking or sharing a content also lies in the negative way of a writer to reach out their reader.

Tricks to make content viral

Despite of being a good writer, many bloggers find it difficult to reach out to the readers. As result they fail to get even a decent a number of visitors for their blog or website. This piece of information that you are reading now can efficiently take care of such challenges.

The video of the song “PSY Gangnam Style” was a great success. It went viral over the internet in different platforms. They got a crowd of 1,320,940 visitors in their Offical Youtube Video. That is really inspiring number of visitors, mostly a dream count for many.

PSY Gangnam Style

Then there is another video of a song “Why This Kolaveri Di” released on 2011. Surprisingly they got an awesome number of people, which reached interesting 96,513,293 views till date from all over the world.


On Jan 31st, 2014 a very creative and interesting content was published by BUZZFEED. Surprisingly, the number of viewers rose dramatically and reached 18,615,792 views till date.


The whole point in all those cases that has been stated above is the introduction of the driving factor that put them in a place where they can attract a significantly large number of people to like and share their content that makes it to go viral over the internet platforms.

The content that have reach that large number of visitors have 3 most important driving factors in common. In order to bring in a large crowd over the internet to read your content, you must have to take care of all this three factors along with a creative and factual content.

  1. Triggering emotions:

The videos like “PSY Gangnam Style” and “Why This Kolaveri Di” have created a unique experience for the viewers that made them happy. Gangnam Style triggered certain emotions that made viewers to watch it and like it. They even wanted to make their friends have the experience of emotions that they have received from that video, and this drove them to share as many times they watched it.

So, it is very necessary for a content to trigger emotions deep inside there mind. It can be a sense of happiness, a sense of pride, sympathy, etc.

  1. Positive Message:

The content that you produce must always produce a positive message for the reader. This makes it easier for a user to click on the like and share that message to different social media platform to earn the credit of letting others aware of the positive message of your content.

  1. Practically useful content:

Your content will only be read further only if the facts and logic used in the content is relevant and practical enough for the user. The content published by BUZZFEED in the above case have the used the practical nature and interactive way to make the reader read the content. This led them to get such astonishingly high number of visitors that can only be a dream for many.


Now you all know the factors that can drive the reader to make your content go viral over the internet. The importance of making a content viral is not just for the bloggers. Anyone indulged in digital marketing have a great use of it. In fact, content marketing is one of the most important tools to make your website visible to a number of visitors and bring in a large number of traffic.

Image Credits:, youtube, wpcurve, aduaba

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    • 4 years ago

      sastroke   /   Reply

      As a student, I am interested in digital marketing. I have noticed the examples you have shown before. and i also believe that the main aspect of any content to become viral is creativity. in the examples you have told, i have heard the song kolaveri di. the creative aspect was what attracted me. I know many Digital Marketing Agencies in Singapore, where I live. They are researching on this topic, so those can be implemented as a digital marketing strategy.

      • 4 years ago

        Bhaskar Saikia   /   Reply

        Yes Sastroke, its trending. Uniqueness is the trick to virality, but it seems their is more than just uniqueness in those examples, and that’s what, different agencies are trying to find out.

        • 4 years ago

          Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

          Sure Bhaskar. Yes, Uniqueness (and actually if there’s an element of Unexpectedness) encourages receives of any content to share it further. Btw, you should check this SUCCESs Framework from popular ‘Made to Stick’ book:

          • 4 years ago

            Bhaskar Saikia   /   Reply

            Thank You. ‘Made to Stick SUCCESs model’ of 6 Principles are amazing. One must try them to get better results.

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