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Learn To Easily Analyze Your Competitors Keywords

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When you make posts content in any platform, it’s really cool to see a double digit or more than double digit likes or visitors, when you wake up next day. Some among you might have experienced that feeling of accomplishment, when you really measure how effective your piece content. It is beautiful to see a number of people engaging with your creativity.

But, are you wondering why some of your contents posted in internet gets that huge number of engagement but some are not even bothered by anyone to look at? Do you know your mistakes for which people did not like your content? What are the things that made you that popular overnight but made you lost among others in the next content?

Any result oriented person, who would like to measure their success in numbers, will love to see all the above questions answered.

By now most of you might be trying to figure out all those answers. But, fact is most of you will be looking at the wrong place for answers. We all try hard to make our content so attractive that we forget one most important and basic measure that we should take into consideration. Here, we will discuss about that very important element of any content, which makes them to be seen over social media, blogging and search engines, at the very top of the list – and that’s none other than the effective use of ‘Keywords’.

Word might have spread over by now that how effective is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the internet. Guess what? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is mostly about effective use of Keywords in different on-site elements. Here, you will learn how to stay ahead of your competitors by not just effective but also efficient use of Keywords. Your analyzed Keywords must have to show their effectiveness by adding to the number of visitor for your content, and along with that you must know how to extract those Keywords which stands out of the crowd. But, before giving you any tip regarding all the stuff about the use of Keyword, you must know what you need.

How to use Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool?

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool is proved as one of the best tool to assist you in getting your relevant Keywords for your content. Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner is really easy and free of cost. You will just have to login with your Gmail Account and Voila! You are ready to use the Keyword Planner. The interface provided by Google Keyword Planner is really easy.Keyword panner 1

When you login into your Google Adwords Keyword Planner account, under the ‘Tools’ tab you will be asked ‘what would you like to do?’ under Keywords Planner in the left hand side panel. There you should click on ‘Search for keyword and group ideas’.

Keyword panner 3

Latter part is to just put down your preferred content type or ideas in the space provided under ‘your product and ideas, and target according to the sum of people that can be your potential readers. Google Keyword Planner gives advantage to target by different demographic and linguistic options. You can also opt to allocate the data range of the search results of each keyword ideas that will be shown as a result. When all is done, just click at the ‘Get Ideas call to action button. You will also find a downloadable list all the Keyword ideas generated with different parameters to judge their relevance for further use.

How to Easily Analyze Your Competitors Keywords?

Now, hoping that you all have tried atleast once to take a look at the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool and tried to figure out it uses, as of now, let’s assume that you have learned to use the keywords planner. So, now the question is how to make best use of it to beat your competitors?

Keyword panner 2

Let me walk you through the most important points that you must try out in order to make effective and efficient use of keyword. This points should help you to minimize you competition by a significant level, so that the performance of your keywords can give you a positive effect on the number of visitors that you receive from your content.

Analyze Competitors Landing Page

This is one of the most interesting technique to keep up with your competitors. This technique is of more use with all the business that lies in the Market Follower group in a particular market. Assuming that you have listed down your business competitors in your market, you should be able to find out their high performing page.  Now how to do that?

You should take a look at all those webpages and blogs in of your competitors which have a significant number of visitors. This can be found in the top results of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Normally when you type your keywords in the search engine, top performing pages are shown.

Now, that you have figured out how to get the list of all high performing pages of competitors, what you are waiting for? Go and check them one by one in Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool also gives an option to extract the Keywords form your landing page. Now, instead of the url of the landing page of your own website, make use of all the list of high performance webpages of your competitors. This will provide you all the relevant keywords which should be used in your webpage to keep up with the competition.

Use of Long Tail Keywords

Next interesting tip for you is to use Long Tail Keywords. For those who don’t know that there are two kind of keywords, Long Tail and the Short Tail Keywords.


Short tail Keywords are those that are made of single word and Long Tail Keywords are those that are made by two or more than two words. Although, Short Tail Keywords tends to have more number of search than Long Tail Keyword, but it is advisable to use Long Tail Keywords. It is easier to make Google Understand what kind of information you are trying to provide by using meaningful phrases rather than a single word tag, and this is why use of Long Tail Keywords are more relevant than that of Short Tail Keywords.

Analyze Competition of Keywords

When know that you have competitors that are doing quite well, it is always advisable to choose the Keywords wisely according to the competition that you might face. This can also be found by the ideas generated by the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. This tool also gives the detail about the competition that you can face by using that particular Keyword.

So, while analyzing your Keywords opportunity, you must watch carefully, that the Keyword that you are choosing should have lower or moderate level of competition along with a high number of search per month.


Well, you are now wiser than ever. I bet making a content next time you won’t forget to good some research. This can be a bit of pain for few, but this pain is worth it. Rather than wasting a beautifully created content by not seeing through the use of Keywords, you should take some time in analyzing your keyword opportunities before publishing the content straight way.

Make use of all those points and let us know how good it is working for your content. We are always there to help you in case you are stuck in any step.

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