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Learn To Evaluate Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Learn To Evaluate Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Social Media Case studies are those which act as a knowledge hub for  social media enthusiasts, brand managers, entrepreneurs. Case studies are basically stories that are written based on a research on a brand campaign or the brand success/failure or any incidents that act as a lesson for others in Social media.This case studies can be based on Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Google Plus/Instagram which is known to be market leaders in social media.It is not necessary that your case studies need not be theoretical always,it can be either a video/pictures with motion text (Facebook’s Canvas) and trust me that will sure work out for Mini case studies. 

Social media case studies

How does someone develop Case studies?

art of social media case studies

Each new client, each new campaign educate us something valuable Knowledge advances by sharing so by writing the past as case studies one can provide a range of lesson for those who wants to master in Digital marketing. A case study  is not limited to describe  any marketing challenges faced by the brand , effectively working  digital marketing techniques,   ways to unite online and offline marketing efforts  and many further things can be involved as a theme for  writing up the Case studies.When  you come up with a new brand, campaign Case Studies are needed to evaluate carefully as they have so many parameters stuffed in and one need to identify the essential aspects to learn the subject out if it!

The art of Case studies

The genuineness and soundness on the subject should be revealed for the one who is reading ,if  you feel that you don’t own the skill never hesitate sin hiring / referring an internal subject matter experts.Storytelling works a lot in social media which helps your case studies to be the most engaging stories. There are some exceptional social media producing Case studies on their own and archive them for readers use. They help in  an appreciable way of initiating a social interaction instead of writing something very generic analyzing the chosen topic efficiently to bring the clear picture out of it. Get into the evaluation of Case studies to find the better one which has good click rate, view rate and so everything  which make us inspired irrespective of which platform you use.

Evaluating case studies involve lots of parameters we will discuss the parameters one by one.


objectives for case studies

objectives for case studies

We need the reason for the anything to be started out so start exploring the objective part of any case study  that will let us know what the case study is all about for what purpose it is written to get the fruitful recognition. Specific objectives are needed in order to understand the case study in a much better way.

SEO and Content Strategy:

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy

Marketing is useless without the quality content and appropriate use of SEO and even case study needs to follow thumb rule in order to gain readers even though you have very great objective and strategies by jotting down a healthy content  gets better value.plan a detailed content strategy that drives traffic to your post also focus on keywords that your audiences love to hear from you.set the time frame to get those contents if you don’t keep a strict check in time frame you’ll end up writing too  much than needed.

Target audience:

Target audience
Setting out for the case study ? First, we need to identify the  target audiences (customers / prospective employees / influencers / market analysts etc and they really in need of such case study to solve their real -life  problems or the upcoming need to have the general characteristics and pain point of them in mind also, how are you going out reach out those with the case studies i.e by which platform that also need to be decided prior. if you want a better visibility from your audience you need to write on those platforms where your audience is present.

Engagement level:

The engagement level proves us something that strategies we have adopted is working out by showing the result as numbers, figures, graphs you can conclude it is working how well the brand performs after the decision/campaign/changes/implementation of strategies how well the customers perceived the brand and whether they are  engaged in thoughts or the content shared? do they get  a chance for building any conversation?  whether they met the basic objectives that were identified before setting out?
The investment for preparing the case studies such as manpower (if not written by internal resource) and the publishing platforms or the application investments and payment for any white papers or articles to grab the quality content sourcing need to be considered and should be aligned with the estimated ROI.if the investment is made on any social media agency for writing they should be aware of outcomes and carefully guided in achieving the results.
It is the very crucial part of any case study may be we can say this is the factor where your target audience love to read from you whole case study for the effort that is put down learning part will act as the success factor.  the learning part will make the reader evaluate the case study information presented and then evolve a thorough assessment of the situation, which makes them acquire a great knowledge /timely solution from the learnings.

Final Notes:

Case studies provide an extraordinary way of learning resources through other experiment and intelligence so with the proper usage of new learning one can test the results immediately by applying it the real life problems they have.But evaluation of case studies needs to be done before applying  that so precisely make note of the above points to get the success in your hand!

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