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Learn To Find Time For Social Media Marketing Activities

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social-media-marketing-time-management-tipsIn today’s dynamic world of cut-throat competition and the ever changing taste of the consumer, it is very important for the brands to constantly keep themselves upgraded to be ahead of the race. This requires lot of investment in terms of monitory, manpower and of-course time resources. This leaves one with a challenge to squeeze out time for social media marketing. As we all are well aware of the power of social media in the recent time in reaching and connecting with the consumers, it will be outlandish to ignore it. Trying to arrange and fit it in an already packed agenda can thus turn out to be an uphill task. Keeping this in mind, following are few ways how you can schedule your date with social media marketing in your daily work schedule.

Committing to a particular time for social media efforts daily

social-media-time-001Unless you have a concrete plan in place for accomplishing your goals, it is quite likely that you will move without any direction and ultimately all the plans will fall by the wayside. That is, more or less the reason for people’s failure at their resolutions, for e.g. daily exercising. Usually these people lack a clear-cut plan for achieving their goals. charting out daily time commitments can help to keep yourself accountable, and this will also stop people from procrastinating but actually working on their social media goals and strategies.

social-media-industry-report-stelzner-time-commitment-march-2009-resized-600To decide what should be the time that you actually spend each day on your social media marketing efforts, the best approach here is to keep it realistic and reasonable. One should be careful in setting goals for himself/herself. Goals that are set without any proper strategy or which are way too lofty, often results in failure. Instead it is better to make small commitments on daily basis for e.g. tweeting couple of times a day or sharing one article or single piece of content on Facebook each day. It is generally small investments in social media marketing efforts each day that can actually help your brand and can accomplish feats that you could not have imagined.

You need to be little steadfast with regard to the time that you wish to give to social media on your daily calendar. You need to block out that period of time for social media and be strong about it. You can set up a reminder or an alarm or on your mobile phones. The idea is to what come may, you should make sure that you have an uninterrupted period of time which is completely dedicated to your efforts on your social media marketing objectives.

Adopting the KISS method

kisssocialmediaMore often than not, the reason why the brands fail to take out time for social media marketing because they tend to over-think it. The best approach when you are starting out is to simplify your plans for the social media marketing efforts, this will ensure that you at least have a stable and continuous flow of relevant content. Remember, it is not required for you to become a social media marketing expert overnight. The key here is to concentrate on your target market i.e. customers that you are marketing to and at the same time put your efforts in building content that appeals and provides value to your audience.

Doing all efforts by yourself is not required

15Social media is more or less ubiquitous and huge. Practically, It is possible for you to handle each and everything all by yourself, this is even more difficult when you are having limited time to devote to it daily. There are plethora of tools present on web which can be utilized. These tools can assist you in maximizing your time and carrying out your work with less efforts and even when you are short on time.

Instead of spending hours in finding relevant content that can betoolbelt (1) shared with the your target audience, it is better to consider using few online tools such as Feedly, Nuzzel or Swayy to discover top content, top news stories and articles. Well another good strategy is to follow someone on the social media platforms, but finding relevant social media leaders or influencers may be tedious task. Tools like TwitNerd come into play here, they assist you by taking out all of the guess work as they provide a “Follow by” keyword feature which allows one to input any phrase or keyword and identify Twitter leaders/influencers.

Taking out time from your daily schedule for social media marketing is a real challenge, but once it is in flow the benefits it reaps are sure worth the efforts and the investment. As per a Nielson report, 33 percent of customers prefer social media rather than phone to contact companies. If any brand is not investing in social media marketing, then they surely are missing a great opportunity in getting more customers and subsequently enhancing their brand presence and growth. Thus it is absolutely essentials for brands to take out time and invest in their social media marketing efforts.

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