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Learn To Invest In Social Media Marketing The Right Way

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Having social media profiles in possibly every platform and not realizing how to invest on them is similar to having read Shakespeare and not knowing he was a phenomenon in literature from 16th century! You cannot not know the nuances of investing in social media if you are having social profiles. Now, the word invest always associates with words like “money”, “charts”, “calculations”, “cost”, “capital”, “budget” etc. However, the most important aspect of “investing” goes unnoticed every time –  TIME- which we have very little on our hand, so to speak! In Social Media time is money; the more you spend (intelligently, of course) time with your social media presence, the more reward you will receive. In this article we will learn how to “invest” in social media which simply means how to invest our TIME as well as budget in social media the right way. Let us do that.


Spending time on social media for your marketing can start with determining the right direction for your research. For us, right now, finding out the trends for 2016 on social media could be the exact point to start as the year-end is at doorstep.

Trends 2016 cannot ignore on Social Media Marketing

If “Change is the only constant” then social media platforms are the living truth of the saying! Strategies that worked last year may not come handy in the coming years because of the ever-changing nature of social media. Let us check out the some of the important trends that are going to rule 2016.

#1: Buy buttons

Facebook and Pinterest are the first to introduce buy buttons and certainly they are not going to be the lasts. Eventually, more social networks will try to increase sells through their platforms. Mobile users now do not have to leave the app to purchase anything that they like on Facebook or Pinterest. Definitely there will be more selling on social in 2016.

#2: In-the-moment updates

Now it is a well-known data that Periscope users collectively watch 40 years of live video each and every day. Platforms like Instagram, Snapchats offer on-the-go live updates which are far more effective in comparison to a video taken at some point and posted later.

#3: In-app functionality

Social media channels are evolving in a way so that users do not have to leave the app anymore. In 2015 Facebook introduced Instant Articles, in-post search engine (to find articles that you are referring to) and videos that plays while you are scrolling through your page. All this is to engage their audience more with one platform.

#4: Competition for organic visibility will increase

With Facebook’s changed algorithm in 2015 marketers are forced to go for paid advertisements more than ever. With social media marketing becoming more accessible to people, competition for gaining organic reach will most likely touch a greater level.

#5: Rise of video in marketing

With channels like Vine, Vimeo or Instagram where one can create 10 seconds videos, 2016 might thrive with short but interesting video posts as part of marketing.

Investing right way in social media would require taking all these changes into account and then plan the strategy for the coming year.

Paid vs Organic

It is true that social media might evolve towards “Paid” more in near future. The reason is, however, simple; they also have their share of bills to pay! Paid and organic campaigns need separate strategies as they are very different in nature. If you are going Organic you have to be utterly unique and great in order to stand out among billions social media presences; you have to invest your time and energy into it. On the other hand, if you are going Paid, you need to invest your money on professionals who will deal with your content.

How to Invest Social Media Marketing

Now, there are only so much way you can spend your money on, contradictory to the popular belief that it can be very many!

# Find out the areas where progress is lacking regardless of the efforts put. This may mean that you need professionals to hire.

# Find out the task that takes most of your time and hire somebody else to do the job.

# Invest your money in such a way that you can have more money as your budget next time.

As per one of the researches, the average budget for social media marketing varies from $200 to $300 per day outside India. In India, most of the social media savvy companies spend 1% to 5% of their total marketing budget on social media.

Budget  Breakdown

Let us now see the heads that need investing money.

#1: Visual Branding

One can never ignore the importance of visual branding. On social media it refers to the cover photos of various platforms, the professional profile picture (head-shot for individuals; company logo for companies), photos and icons that are used as contents.

There are many free tools with which one can achieve the desired effect without having spent any money. Networks like Instagram have different kinds of effects that one can use to enhance the images used. However, if one really wants to go professional then there are places like IconFinder, Fiverr or Death to the Stock Photo to invest your money on.

#2: Paid Advertising

Paid advertisement is a tried and tested method. Now, with Facebook trying to force people more and more into paid ad, it could be a good time to start. One can always opt for Twitter and Facebook paid ads.


#3: Social Media Scheduling

There are many tools that can help you with your social media scheduling, which eventually, can turn out to be one of the best investments. Places like Buffer can get you discounts even if you are a non-profit business.

#4: Sharing Buttons

One can always boost their social media marketing by adding a sharing button on to their website. Tools like Flare and SumoMe can offer help in minimum budgets.

#5: Investing in Education

Investing in educating yourself can never backfire! Save a tiny amount of your total budget for books that can really enhance your idea of social media marketing as a whole.



Now that we have a basic idea about investing in social media marketing, let us start right away with the fundamentals. Having said that the future of social media marketing is with “Paid” we must admit that a lot can still be done organically as well. A good, ahead of time scheduling with free tools, a completed profile on each social page that you have for your business and a solid visual plan for your posts are also part of investing in social media marketing the right way. We just need to be careful enough not to miss the changes that are always taking place in that virtual world around us.

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