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Learn To Leverage Inbound Marketing For Lead Generation

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In the last 5-10 years concept of marketing, business is changing dramatically. Now, almost every business, whether it is small or big have their own website. Now even small store owners can sell their product through India’s most popular eCommerce companies like Flipkart, snap-deal, amazon, etc. Online shopping, online trading is the part of our day to day life. But it is not easy for small eCommerce companies to stay in the competition. If they want to fit at the competition, then they have to learn about content marketing, lead generation, contact nurturing, etc. Inbound marketing is one of the most effective method of marketing, which can really help these eCommerce businesses to stay in the competition.

Before discussing Inbound marketing let’s look to the common mistakes made by the eCommerce businesses which highly affects their ROI. Often it is observed that many eCommerce sites are able to attract significant traffic to their website. But they have very low lead to customer conversion  rate. Why? What is the reason? Do they don’t have a quality product? Do they don’t have proper content?  No, this is not the reason. Many times apart from quality product, the best services, quality content online businesses failed to achieve target. The reasons are lack of proper Call-to-Actions, landing page, inquiry forms, contact nurturing, lack  of personalized approach, etc. Another big mistake is retail sites typically captures leads at the bottom of the sales funnel. But what about top and middle level lead? They left the page without filling any information which is the huge loss for the business. These sites can gain information or they added to customer database only once a shopper has checked out. Only customers whose details are present in the company database will get offers and latest update about the company. High ranking SEO helps to drive more traffic into the site, but mostly on the category page (middle of the funnel) and  product page (bottom-of-funnel ) many visitors leave  the page due to lack of guidance or device or time limitations.

Inshort for these eCommerce businesses, cycle look like this-

  1. High ranking SEO is driving good traffic to the website.
  2. Ignoring the visitors who are not ready to purchase.
  3. Maintaining information about only those customers who made purchases.
  4. Ignoring the potential customers who are in the middle or top level of sales funnel.
  5. Overload the existing customers with offers and coupons.
  6. Spend a lot of money trying to fill the top of the funnel to gain more and more traffic.

This may diversify your existing customers to your competitors.

download (7)How to avoid this? Many marketing experts suggest that Inbound marketing approach in business can bring considerable changes in ROI. Inbound marketing is the strategy in which the right content is created for the right people at the right time. In short Inbound marketing focused on creating ” Personalized content” for lead/customers/subscribers. Given the sales funnel briefly described about inbound marketing.

Let us see how Inbound marketing can affect the  ROI and overall image of the company.

  • The first mantra given by the Inbound marketing experts are “Stop competing with the big eCommerce giants like Amazon and other competitors.
  • Design the person based content marketing campaign to acquire the email addresses from high potential leads. It can do easily by offering them the right content at each stage of their buyer’s cycle.
  • Instead of sending computer generated automated email, try to send email having personalized touch. You can make a robust automated system that makes personalization easy.
  • You can create an automated contact nurturing emails which are triggered by certain events like shopping for particular items, abandoning their shopping cart, downloading your ebook, etc.
  • You can use tools like “Rapportive”to understand your customers more deeply. With this you can aware about customer’s /prospect’s social media presence, their likes, interest. This will helpful for you while creating personalized content for your leads.
  • Blogging, Webinars, videos are some smart and intelligent ways to aware your prospects about your brand. Try to follow Timezone with sharing any content with people. This will help to build authority about your brand among people.
  • One thing you should always keep in mind that Inbound marketing is the practice of gaining traffic to your website without buying it or interrupting people to get it. It mainly includes organic search, social media, personalized content, personalized emails and much more. It is powerful because it mainly focuses on what people are looking for.
  • Include appropriate call-to-actions on every page which can guide and help prospect in their further decision. Proper CTA’s, landing page, right content will help prospect for sales decision.
  • Inbound marketing experts suggest that focus on buyer centric approach, which involves attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting the leads into the potential customers from wherever they are in buyer cycle.
  • Correct inbound marketing tactics not only helps for lead generation but it also helps to build long term relationships with prospects.

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