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Learn To Leverage Video Content To Generate, Qualify & Score Leads

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Video Marketing

We have perceived till now that images creates a great impact on our audiences while posting on social media. But do not forget that now Video Content has better engagement rate compare to  text posts. Now a days the approach towards the way of marketing is changed. Including  Video in your post  is a way to success. It  creates a great impression on your audiences. If you want to stand out then you must Learn To Leverage Video Content to generate, Qualify and Score Leads. By including videos in your post you have an excellent chance to involve your audience in a more entertaining way and successively generate new leads. Here are some tips to follow for video content marketing and convert into leads.

Collect Information

There are number of strategies within which you can collect the information like what proportion your video is watched, what number distinctive views are there, what number are the returning visitors.

Set up the funnel


From the information that you get relating to your video views of what proportion an individual has watched your video, audience has watched your full video or has left in the middle, where they have left looking at the video. Set up the funnel for all this to measure where your audience is leaking and do the analysis of that information in-depth.

Identify your prospect lead

In-depth analysis of data can additionally facilitate to spot the prospect lead and take corrective measures. As an example, there are 2 viewers of your video Mr. Jack. and Mr. Jill. Mr. Jack has seen your entire product video, however Mr. Jill has only watched your video for say ten second and left, then you initially follow-up with Mr. Jack as he has seen the complete video and he could be more curious about your product compare to Mr. Jill. Thus, video promoting is letting you to extract the information in detail. There are applications like YouTube or the other video hosting apps that can enable you to look at the data of how your video content is playing among your audience and can ease to spot your prospect lead.

Set up your e-mail gateway

After identifying the prospect lead you must set up your e-mail gateway for promoting, however the question is how can you recognize the e-mail id of your customers? Here is the solution – you can ask user to input their e-mail id either at the start of the video or within the middle of your video. You can generate a lead as soon as the prospect shows an interest in watching your video. If you have got the e-mail gateway within the starting of the video then probabilities may be there that as soon as you ask e-mail id  your audience would possibly lose interest in watching the video. The more better approach will be asking to input e-mail id in the middle of the video, this ensures that the prospect is 100 percent curious about your product, and so  he wishes to look at  your complete video and thus when he place e-mail id and you’ll track your prospects. As your audiences increase it might be difficult to track all these insights, and  analytical data. It requires great effort, hence it’s better to integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) it will ease out your promoting job to a good extent.

Video Ending ought to be smart

Don’t finish your video with a black or blank screen, don’t let it fade it out. One of the golden rule for video promoting is you must not finish your promoting video with a blank screen. If the audience view your video till the end, give them some clue on where they ought to click next. you can offer relevancy them for the other videos, build them easy to share the video that they watched or maybe offer them a link to similar case studies or a product demo. Your audience  should feel as they are passing through some voyage and you are providing all the connected road maps.

Notice your regular or returning customers engagement

returning customer

Once you recognize who are your regular prospects, who view your video regularly. Keep a close watch on what they have looked and accordingly follow up with them. Your main aim is to have a call to action, therefore once you see how your content is been viewed by the audience, plan how can you follow up by prioritizing in line with the foremost potential prospect that has more likelihood to be converted as leads. For example if Mr Jack watched your several videos about your product then you can automate to send him a sales e-mail as soon as he finished looking at your video. This is often a good strategy as talking to your potential customers after they are following your video post. This increase the possibility to convert them into leads.

Observe frequency of your returning customers

One of the factors to prioritize your follow-up ought to be also to look at the frequency at which your customers are looking at your video. As an example if both Mr Jack and Mr Jill are looking at your video often however Mr Jack is looking at once in 6 months and Mr Jill is looking at in 7 days, then Mr Jill is more interested compare to Mr Jack, thus Mr Jack ought to be prioritize to  follow up.

In Conclusion – Video content is a powerful data

Video engagement needs additional investment compare to Text and image content, however you may undoubtedly earn the great returns through the video embedding in your post. Measure in depth of what proportion of viewing video is your audience interested and can simply take up the decision with the analytics’s data that you will get for an ideal marketing strategy. It will let you know whether your content is functioning well or not. You will measure the information of your text content  or e-mail in terms of it is been viewed or not, however you can’t measure to the level that video content permits you to measure, you cannot measure of what proportion content is read , where are your audience dropping off, that is in the middle or in the beginning or where they have stop reading your content. however video content will provide you with additional insights, additional details and additional hints  through which you can simply generate, qualify and score on your leads.

Image Credits: squarepromoting, business2community, Sanjeevspakota

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      Osvin Web Solutions   /   Reply

      Great article. This post tells about the importance of video content with the help of which we can get leads and can enhance our business reputation.

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        Thanks, I am glad to help you through my blog. All the best for your future endeavors…

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