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Learn To Make Better Decisions Using Social Media Analytics

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Social Media Analytics is the practice of gathering data from blogs and social media websites and analyzing that data to make business decisions. Social media analytics can also be referred as social media listening, social media monitoring or social media intelligence. It is a term covered by Social Analytics. Digital Media sources for social media analytics include social media channels, blogs, forums, image sharing sites, video sharing sites, aggregators, classifieds, complaints, Q&A, reviews, Wikipedia and others. Social media analytics is an industry agnostic practice and is commonly used in different approaches on business decisions, marketing, customer service, reputation management, sales and others. There is an array of tools that offers the social media analysis, varying from the level of business requirement. Logic behind algorithms that are designed for these tools is selection, Data pre-processing, transformation, mining and hidden pattern evaluation. As businesses feel the pressure to gain new insights from social media, they require the analytics expertise to transform this flood of information into actionable strategies. IBM solutions for social media analytics help organizations take control of this data so they can improve customer satisfaction, identify patterns and trends, and make smarter decisions regarding marketing campaigns.


Everyday more and more companies are turning to Social Media Analytics for answers. In this case, IBM has been on the forefront of delivering qualilty business analytics products. IBM is going further by combining sophisticated proven analytics and community action. Through this, you can discover social media insights and in the mean time take focused action to make the most of real-world market opportunities. Now, this post is all about “ How to make better decisions using Social Media Analytics  and it also adheres to the ” Social Analytics Solutions from IBM “.

Social Analytics Solutions from IBM

Introduction :
  • These services lets the solutions help your organization harness the power of social analytics to develop a new and deeper understanding of the targetted audience and employees.
  • By analysing sentiments, these solutions helps in understanding that why behind behaviours, these solutions can help you drive business worth by connecting the right resources and experts to respond faster.

 Accomplishments from the solutions

  • Marketing : Marketing can use them to create more comprehensive customer profiles. So, its easier to craft          marketing offers with more individualised offers.

  • Sales : These solutions help sales organizations better understand customers and focus on the opportunity that would create more profit.

  • Product Development : They can also help product development team by  innovating better products by capturing and focusing on real product requirements.

  • Customer service groups : These groups can proactively address customer needs and complaints before they become bigger problems.
  • Human Resources : They can develop profiles to help improve the corporate culture and enhance talent management and encourage corporate growth.

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How easy is it to use Social Analytics Solutions from IBM and the powerful insights they can bring to your business?

The process begins by capturing the snippets of the texts then the solutions analyse the sentiments of the feedback to let your explore attitudes towards your brand, products and services at a macro level or even you can drill down deeper into the actual conversations. The solutions make it simple to distribute information to the right people across your enterprise interactive dashwords or customised reports.

Predictive Analytics usage on social media

For predictive usage of analytics on the social media data, you just acquire the solutions that allow you to analyse the customer behaviour helping to both attract new customers and increase sales opportunities by combining the snippet inside with survey results, transactions and other data sources you can uncover hidden patterns and associations present in your audience to help predict future actions like buying attentions. This deeper inside lets you check offer and messages to reduce and mitigate customer concerns before they create problems. It helps the customer segements you want to keep remaining loyal yet profitable. The solutions use business intelligence software to deliver the integrated dashboards, score cards, reporting, analysis and planning and budgeting capabilities you need to act quickly on social media insights. So, your organization can make smarter decisions for better business outcomes.

IBM Connections

The solution also incudes IBM connections – an open and secure social software platforms that helps you share critical business processes and information that can unlock creative collaboration whether used across apartments, divisions or geographies, stake holders shall have access to business critical data so that they can take action promptly and with greater clarity. Now, it’s possible to develop products and marketing to meet personalised customer needs and keep your entire organization in touch and up to date.


Moreover, Social media analytics solutions from IBM can help your business :

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