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Learn To Manage Twitter Accounts Through Radian6

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Twitter accounts that are specially managed by super users through the engagement council. What kind of Managment? Well it could involve sharing accounts with team members or project members internally and applying workflow options to tweets. This workflow capability only existed with Radion6 topic tax and my tasks tax in the past. Now with twitter managed accounts, you also have the ability to apply workflow to direct messages which you previously could not do in a personal twitter stack. if your company is recieving feedback from twitter customers, you can now share this with your team. You can monitor threads and conversation between yourself and customers. this makes managed accounts a great fit for customer support staff as support often communicates using direct messages. Steps to learn  to manage Twitter accounts through Radian6.

You register a Twitter account in the Radian6 council ( the same as you would for a personal twitter account).

Click File———-Accounts or Radian6 engagement council on a Mac

radian 1

One of the options if you are a super user is Managed Accounts.Click it.

radian 2

Click edit twitter managed accounts

radian 3

Click edit managed account

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You will be directed to social account manager. enter your Salesforce Radian6 Credentials.

radian 5

Click add new account. Facebook and Twitter options will be given. Facebook registration is not available as of now. Select twitter from the drop down menu.

radian 6

Enter the Twitter username that you wish to integrate into the platform. Log out of, if you are already logged in. Select authorize app.

radian 7

You will be directed back to the social account management site and in here you will see your newly registered twitter account. To make it a managed account click register next to your twitter account.

radian 8

As a super user, you have the option to set the visibility for this account. Managed twitter accounts can be configured so they are visible only to specific Radian6 users or everyone in the organization with the Radian6 account.

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Public:- This makes managed accounts useful for distributing official company announcements via Twitter. Specifically the visibility options are public. All users in your marketing cloud client will be able to use this twitter social account in the same manner as you. The content selected above will be retrieved and stored within the marketing cloud platform.

Private:- only you will be able to access and use the social account through the Salesforce marketing cloud services. The content selected above will be retrieved and stored within the marketing cloud platform in order to provide access and use.

Project:-  All users assigned to this project will be able to access and use this twitter social account in the same manner as you through the Salesforce marketing cloud services.

radian 10

Project access can be managed via the configuration settings in the analysis dashboards. the content selected above will be retrieved and stored within the marketing cloud platform.

You have options to choose what feed to include such as direct messages, my tweets and mentions. Frankly, there is no need to exclude any of these. Once satisfied with your account options, click Save. Click logout to leave the social account management site. The Twitter account window within the engagement consul, click done.

For this account available to use, you need to refresh the posting palette by clicking select accounts, then the refresh icon and click done. A managed account icon will work at top of your workspace, next to your topic stack icon.

radian 11

Simply open up a managed account stack you have created and choose the account by clicking on the field. On the configuration side of the stack, the available filtering options are Real time monitoring with sec refresh rate, specified date range, media types and many more.

radian 12

Click Save and view stack. Once the stack loads, you will see upto 20 tweets on a single page. The tweets flowing into this Twitter account stack will appear the same as any tweet flowing into Radian6 topic stack. You can even add notes to the Twitter posts.

radian 13

You can use the Radian^platform to manage Twitter accounts. Creating a managed accounts adds all Radian6 workflow capabilities to all of your posts.It gives you the ability to update your status and respond to other twitter users.

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