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Learn To Run Facebook Competition Through ShortStack

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Running contests on Facebook is a very efficient way to get a large number of users on Facebook to participate in the contest and this leads to gaining higher visibility of the banners advertised in the contest. However, it has been found that the rules that one need to follow to run a Facebook contest is not very clear and the marketers find it confusing to follow the same for their campaigns. It is important to understand that to run promotions on Facebook, one needs to understand how the apps installed on Facebook work and how one needs to use these apps to run the contests. We shall discuss some easy ways in which one can run contests on Facebook to promote one’s product.

In order to do promotions on Facebook, one must administer these promotions within the Apps provided on This can be either on a Canvas page or an app on a page tab.

ShortStackLogo-300x259There are various third party apps which can be used to create and run contests on Facebook. One of these apps is called ShortStack, which is found to be a very convenient and user friendly tool. Let us discuss some tips to use this tool.

ShortStack Templates

This tool provides templates which can used as a starting point to create a contest. As shown below, from the home page, click on “Create tab from template”.

ShortStack provides 8 templates of which we can choose the one we want for creating a contest as per our requirement. Most of these templates are similar to use, but with some slight modifications. The 8 templates for running various types of contests are as follows:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Fan Reveal Promotion
  • Photo Promotion
  • Photo Vote Contest
  • Video Voting Contest
  • Share Your Story Promotion
  • Vote to Enter Sweepstakes
  • Essay Contest


Let us look at one of these templates and how to use the same to create a contest.

Photo Vote Contest Template

Step 1 : Make Tab

Open the template and click on “Make Tab”.


You will now see three columns as follows:

  • Add Widgets (here you can add the widget of your choice to the tab)
  • Edit Widgets (here the existing widgets in the tab can be edited)
  • Live Preview (here one can see the preview of the tab based the edits made)

Also, there are various widgets provided in the template which can be used to edit and customize the contest as per one’s requirements:

  • Arrow: This is simply a graphic image. One can also add a different image by using the edit icon.
  • Like this Page: This is the copy feature. This also can be edited to fit as per the requirements by clicking the Edit icon.
  • Image: Here, ShortStack uses a generic stock photo for a header image. One can replace this with one’s own (778 pixel width) image or completely remove it clicking the “Delete” icon.
  • Promotion: Here, the settings of the promotion form, rules, and other basic settings can be edited.
  • Vote for your favourite photo below: This also can be edited using the edit icon to suit one’s needs.

In order to do further styling of the contest template, there are 44 themes from which one can choose using the drop down menu. In addition to this, one can also further customize the look and feel of the tab if one has the expertise of programming using the CSS editor.


Step 2: Install Your Tab

Once the creation of the tab is completed, the same needs to be installed. To install the tab, click on the “Install tab” button at the top. Depending on the type of ShortStack membership, one can either see a Quick Publish option or both Quick Publish and Custom Publish.

Assuming that one has the higher version of ShortStack with the Custom publish option, the next step is to click on Open Graph Developer App. This will open up a new window for the Facebook Developer. Next one needs to click on “Create New App” and provide an App Name. Next click “Continue” to proceed further. Fill in the requested details, that is, the App ID and App Secret from the app.

After this, a list of pages to be managed will be shown and one will need to select the one on which this tab shall appear. With this, the installation of the tab is completed.

Step 3: Facebook Customizations

In this step, one can make the required customizations to the app. For doing so, one needs to go back into Facebook Developers, click on the app on the left and then click on “Edit App”.

Next, click on the “Edit” icon and select a square icon (not bigger than 111 * 74 icon size). This can be used when the tabs are expanded on one’s page.

Next, using the Page Tab width, customize the Page tab Width to 810 pixels from the default setting of 520 pixels. Then, click “Save Changes”.

Final step is to go to one’s page and expand the tabs. One can also change the placement of the tabs by swapping.

Step 4: Manage Contest

Click on the link for customizing Forms & Promos at the top of ShortStack. Here, one can easily view and customize all of the promotions and entries for one’s promotions. Also, ShortStack can randomly select a winner for the contest.


To sum it up, one can create various kinds of contests on Facebook using the different templates provided on ShortStack. These templates have been designed in such a way that a user can use them very easily to create contests. ShortStack also provides options to customize and edit the tabs with its user friendly GUI.

Image Credit: jonloomer

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