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Learn To Track Data With KISSmetrics

Learn To Track Data With KISSmetrics

kissmetrics logoKissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a web analytics and conversion tool which was launched in 2008.

We will see some unique features of Kissmetrics which distinguish it from other players in the crowded space of web analytic tools.

Person based tracking system

Kissmetrics uses a person based tracking system rather than a sessions based or pageviews based system. Thus the analytics metrics are more accurate as multiple sessions on multiple devices by the same person can be attributed to a single user. This system works on a ‘User id‘ which identifies a unique user and ‘logging in‘ which establishes that that user is using a particular device. This feature is available with Google with their Universal Analytics. However, the person tracking in Kissmetrics is different than that in Universal Analytics.

Session activities before registration or logging in

Both Google Analytics and Kissmetrics assign an anonymous id to a person when he visits the website for the first time. In case of Google Analytics, the activities of the person begin to get tracked from the session in which the person registers. So all sessions of the person prior to the session in which he identifies himself are lost. In case of Kissmetrics, all prior sessions are also identified with the person through an ‘alias’. See the graphic below.

customer id tracking

Thus all previous sessions of the anonymous id ‘anon123’ are linked with the customer id ‘’ when he registers himself in Kissmetrics. In Kissmetrics, all data of a person’s previous sessions is assigned to an alias. This feature is not available with Google Analytics. Thus Kissmetrics captures records of a user prior to registration.

Sessions without logging in

In case a user forgot to log in in a particular session, Google Analytics will miss that session attribution as Google Analytics always requires a user id for user identification. However, in case of Kissmetrics, the device has cookies installed and the session is attributed to the user.

Multiple people using the same device

Assume that two persons used one PC- one without registering and the other with registering. Kissmetrics will attribute both the sessions to the person who registered and hence report erroneous data. Google Analytics will not report the session that was created without registering and hence will report accurate data.

Kissmetrics assumes that each visit from the same device is from one person, unless both of them log in with their unique ids. Google Analytics assumes that each visit should be treated as a different visit unless the users log in and establish their identities. In addition, Kissmetrics has got the feature of clearidentity call to somewhat mitigate the above problem. This clears the earlier person’s id on a computer when that person logs out and assigns a new anonymous id to the next person visiting the website from that computer. But this is limited only to logout events. If the earlier person has not logged out from the computer, the next visitors will be continued to be identified with the person already logged in unless they register themselves.

Detailed report about a person’s activity

Kissmetrics give a very detailed report about a person’s interaction with a website. See the graphic below.

kissmetrics tracking
This report gives a very detailed interaction report about the user interaction of a user( note the anonymous customer id.) It gives the source( cpc, google etc.), the device(web, android etc.), total revenue etc. of the visits of the customer.

Kissmetrics is preferred when individual persons are required to be tracked.

Kissmetric Products

Kissmetric offers two products

Kissmetric Analyse

Kissmetrics Analyse is the analytics product giving insights into effectiveness of website and campaigns, Funnel Reports, person tracking etc.

Funnel Reports

As discussed above since Kissmetrics uses person based tracking, the Funnel report in Kissmetrics is very powerful giving user behaviour data rather than sessions or pageviews behaviour data. See the picture below.

kissmetrics funnelThe Funnel report gives very clear insights into the user behaviour.  It gives the number of people who visited the site, viewed the signup page and ultimately signed up. Segmentation can also be very easily done from the drop down box shown in this picture. You can also create custom segments.

Person tracking from the funnel

One of the very useful features of Kissmetrics is that you can get a persons’ list from the Funnel report. eg. you can get a list of visitors who visited the signup page but did not actually sign up. This insight helps the marketer in targeting these visitors to sign up.

person list

By clicking on a person, you can get all his previous interaction history. See the picture below.

kissmetric event hits

Thus we see that the Funnel Reports in Kissmetrics are quite insightful.

Several other reports in Kissmetrics such as the Revenue by campaign report are very easy to use and provide good visualisation. Kissmetrics reports are very user- friendly as compared to some of the other web analytics tools.

kissmetrics reports

A/B testing in Kissmetrics again is powerful in which you can find a list of visitors who responded in a particular way to a test variation. 

Event Tracking

Event Tracking in Kissmetrics is quite easy to set up as is shown in the video below.

Kissmetric Engage

Kissmetrics Engage is an innovative paltform that helps create and manage real- time messaging with users based upon their behaviour. Based upon events, real- time messages are sent to users to motivate them to convert. The Audience can be easily segmented based upon campaigns, referrers etc.  See the message shown in the example below.

kissmetrics engage

These messages are also quite easy to set up.


Kissmetrics offers various levels of products and support. The starter model starts with only $2400 per year. The Pro version costs $24000 per year and the cost of the Enterprise version which supports customisation depends upon the scope of the project.


Kissmetrics Use Cases

  • If you want to track only visitors and visits, you may not require Kissmetrics. Although Kissmetrics can do this, full value of Kissmetrics cannot be derived if you only want to track this basic data.
  • Kissmetrics does not currently support Bounce rates, Time on page and Exits.
  • Kissmetrics is valuable for Funnels, Conversion Tracking, Event Tracking, Individual person tracking and A/B Testing.

Kissmetrics can be used in conjunction with Google Analytics deriving strengths from both the tools. While Google Analytics can be used to get sessions data, time on page and site and referral data, Kissmetrics is particularly useful into finding out customer acquisition channels, how visitors are using the website, tracking the acquisition funnel and documenting the A/B tests.


Each Web Analytics tool has got some strengths and special features. We have learnt some of the unique features and use cases of Kissmetrics and their advantages. Kissmetrics is very simple and user- friendly. It is better than most analytics tools for individual person tracking, Funnel reporting and A/B testing.

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