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Learn To Use Clicky Web Analytics Tool

Learn To Use Clicky Web Analytics Tool

Clicky is one of the web analytics tool, that helps to track everything about the web traffic to your website. It’s more over a real-time analytical tool. Clicky web analytics gives a detailed report on each segment of visitors in detail, enabling us to know what is working and where we need improvement. This tool helps us to analyse every visitor and their actions individually. Hence, we get the details of every individual visitor who completed a specific goal. Every individual right now on your website is known to us with Clicky Analytics. With many unique features Clicky is one of the best web analytics tool available.

What Clicky gives and How?

When you log on to Clicky you get a page similar to this

Clicky home page

The various metrics can be analysed with ease with Clicky analytics

  1. Dashboard – Dashboard gives the overview of the real time behaviour of visitors. The overview of various reports like Visitors, Searches, Twitter, Locations, Content, Traffic etc can be get from the dashboard.
  2. Visitors – Visitor section tells us the behaviour of visitors to our website. Detailed visitor behaviour can be known from the sub sections under Visitors tab.

clicky visitors

  • Visitor log – Gives the summary of each visitor. The time of visit, location, time spent on the site, source of traffic etc are detailed.
  • Action log – Here we get the information of user like location (with Google map pin), IP address, browser platform etc.
  • Engagement (actions) – The number of actions each user did is briefed in this section.
  • Engagement (time) – Gives the time spend by each visitor on our website.
  • More Active Visitors – Based on the number of actions taken, we can get the IP address of most active visitors using this metric.
  • Traffic Sources – The visitors can be tracked based on the traffic sources (Advertising, direct, social media, links etc)
  1. Content – This section helps us to know performance of web pages. Detailed report on content can be reviewed using the following sections. clicky content
  • Pages – The number of pages the user visited and the actions of visitors is tracked here.
  • Entrance – Gives the details of every landing page.
  • Exit – Gives the details of the page or point of time in which the user left our website.
  • Downloads – The details of all downloads from our webpage is detailed in Downloads.
  • Events – Other actions like clicks, share etc can be tracked using this.
  • Media – Track the performance of videos or other media uploaded in the web page.
  • Domains – Tracks page view of each domain name in the dashboard.
  1. Searches – The various methods to track searches are

clicky searches

  • Keywords section identifies the keywords your content is being found for in search engines.
  • Engines section tells about the search engine from where user visited.
  • Local searches will display search terms that the user uses in the internal search engine of your site.
  1. Links tracks the following
  • Incoming -The links that brings traffic to the site.
  • Domains – Shows the root domain of incoming links.
  • Recent – Shows the most recent inbound links.
  • Newest Unique – Unique links that brings traffic
  • Outgoing – Tracks the outbound links
  1. Platforms – Helps to track the issues in layouts with different browsers. Also tracks the visitors based on the operating system, screen resolution and the hardware that the visitor used to visit your website.
  1. Locale – Locale helps to find the region from which the visitors comes to your website

clicky locale

Based on the Countries Specific regions, cities, languages etc we can track the behaviour of visitors.  Global map is an interactive map of traffic locations all around the world.

  1. Goals – Tracking the Goals are important, as this gives an insight into how much we are able to convert. Clicky Analytics gives the details regarding the completed goals, the conversion rate, number of visits to a goal, and time.
  1. Campaign – In clicky we have the opportunity to track various promotional campaigns.
  1. Up Time – This track the down time of our website if any and sends us the alert. The notification is send to the dashboard in times of any error or site down time is detected.
  1. Spy – This is the most exciting feature in Clicky. Spy enables us to watch the click by click interaction of each visitor of our web site.
  1. Big Screen – This gives the real time behaviours like the number of visitors online, time spent on website, bounce rate, traffic sources etc.big screen
  1. Twitter – This is a unique feature that Clicky offers. We can track the opinion of people about your brand that visitors post in the Twitter.
  1. Alerts – These are the notifications that we receive. When online the notifications are send to the dashboard.

The real time analytics features and the unique feature has made Clicky one of the popular Web Analytics tool.  As a user friendly and informative analytics tool, Clicky is professional tool to follow your visitors.

Image Credits: Clicky

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